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Renewable Energy Investments In A Transitioning World. Clean Power Published on October 5th, 2016 | by Roy L Hales October 5th, 2016 by Roy L Hales Interview with Laszlo Varro, Chief Economist of the International Energy Agency Originally published on the ECOreport. Although most of the world’s energy investments are still in fossil fuels, their iron grip is weakening. The largest source of power investment was the $313 billion put into alternate energy sources like wind and solar. According to Laszlo Varro, Chief Economist of the International Energy Agency (IEA), last year there were more renewables coming online than the entire growth of the energy sector. Energy Investments In A Transitioning World Coal usage is on the decline outside of India and Southeast Asia. Half of the world’s supply is currently consumed by China, where demand has been declining for the past two years. . “2014 might turn out to be the all time historic peak of Chinese coal demand.

The Impact of Solar and Wind “Wind and solar are doing very well in North America. Electricity | Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. Download the data tables Data tables for electricity [XLSX 518KB] Welcome to the Electricity Information Portal. From here you can access all historical electricity information published by the Modelling and Sector Trends Team. Information is available on New Zealand’s electricity supply, demand, and transmission and distribution. Electricity generation in New Zealand Hydroelectric generation has been a part of New Zealand’s energy system for over 100 years and continues to provide the majority of our electricity needs. Geothermal generation has, for a long time, been an integral part of New Zealand’s electricity landscape. Wind generation has grown quickly as a source of electricity in New Zealand.

Electricity generation from the combustion of coal, oil, and gas provides baseload, backup and peaker electricity supply. Electricity demand in New Zealand Around a third of New Zealand’s electricity demand is from households and over a third is from industrial sectors. “Yes We Can!” Symposium | Bioenergy Events Booking. Date of event: 31 May 2016 Use these links to navigate down the page Who's Who of Attendees booklet - (includes the symposium programme with links to presentations, videos and group discussion notes)Webinar - Understanding NZ's GHG emissions profile - (presented by Waikato University prior to the symposium)Support material - (suggested reading material provided by syposium contributors) The energy efficiency and renewable energy associations have identified that a significant component of the Government’s climate change targets agreed in Paris are achievable within this sector alone.

Businesses are also looking to what immediate opportunities they can adopt to make them low carbon. Attendees were invited to test how realistic the opportunities are and to contribute their views on what would be required to achieve the targets in the timeframe proposed. The theme of the symposium was "Yes We Can! " Symposium attendee material: Webinar Symposium support material: Efficient energy utilisation Solar. Simon Upton - Upton online. International Energy Agency. Environmental Studies and Sustainability - School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences. We live in times of drastic environmental changes triggered by human actions. These changes have the potential to have a profound effect on the future of our species and countless others.

Our research group examines a wide variety of different policies and management tools that seek to mitigate the impact that human actions have on the environment. This research centres on three main themes: climate change mitigation, urban environmental sustainability, and human dimensions of biodiversity conservation. Climate Change Mitigation and urban sustainability Human-driven climate change is starting to disrupt our planet, and our research focuses on how to reduce that disruption, through mitigation policies.

(For those more interested in adaptation, see the Climate Change Research Institute.) We work with the Victoria School of Government and other universities, especially as part of the NZ Centre for Sustainable Cities, on climate change mitigation research. Current Research Students and Projects. Untitled. Vaughn K Buntain, managing director of RE Solutions and matchmaker between investors and project managers of large-scale solar plants, believes that 'suppliers to the solar industry have historically been order takers. The new environment requires suppliers to re-learn how to sell and develop business to help stop their drop in revenue.' This sums up the situation manufacturers and suppliers need to adapt to in order to be successful again.

It is not only in their interest; the entire industry would benefit from competition and production capacity for modules, inverters, and mounting systems staying high. When manufacturers and suppliers learn how to sell by changing towards solution-based selling they could, together with other initiatives, slow the current downward spiral.

Solar manufacturers see themselves under totally new circumstances that seem very threatening. For quite a few this has already meant bankruptcy. Solar Matures [Native Advertisement] Solution-based Selling The Results. Wind Farm Operation & Maintenance | GE Renewable Energy. Managing Your Farm... As a leading wind turbine manufacturer no one knows wind turbines better, and our team uses this knowledge to help you manage your entire portfolio. Our technical experience, backed by data-driven insights and industry-leading trouble-shooting practices, support smart maintenance and repairs while prioritizing lifecycle costs and guaranteed availability. GE can be your one stop shop to help you meet your profitability metrics.

Offerings include: Asset Management Comprehensive planning and execution, prioritizing holistic farm performance Operating Plan • Cost modeling and efficiency identification • Budgeting, bookkeeping, and reporting • Interfacing with community, grid operator, insurance, warranty, and contractors NERC Compliance Support • NERC 693 and Critical Infrastructure Protection v5 standard regulations Park Management Effectively lead site operations and maintenance Electrical Balance of Plant • Substation maintenance, remote monitoring, and troubleshooting. Wind Farm Optimization Software | GE Renewable Energy. Wind Farm Optimization Software | GE Renewable Energy.

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