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Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co. RHS Home Page / RHS Gardening. The Curated Eight: DIY Herb Gardens - Inspired by CharmInspired by Charm. Okay.

The Curated Eight: DIY Herb Gardens - Inspired by CharmInspired by Charm

Seriously. Mother Nature, I am completely ready for spring. Love, Michael I don’t know what things are like in your neck of the woods. The winter chill is still in the air here in Central PA. Natural Wood Raised Garden. Garden. Gardening. 101 Gardening. The Mountain Rose Blog. The Curated Eight: DIY Herb Gardens - Inspired by CharmInspired by Charm. Johnny's Selected Seeds - Superior Seeds & Gardening Tools. High Mowing Organic Seeds - 100% Organic, Non-GMO Seeds.

Logee’s Plants for Home & Garden. Sustainable Energy: Thermal Banking Greenhouse Design. Building a Greenhouse. Mikes BackyardNursery. No Outdoor Space? Try Gutter Gardens : Vegetable Garden. Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program - Grants and Education.

Tomatoes: Pruning, Fertilizing & Mulching. Grow The Easiest Garden on Earth. Outdoor Lighting. Cheap Patio idea - Sunset Mobile. An outdoor "area rug" of stained concrete pavers replaced a tired lawn in the back of our 1930s bungalow in Santa Monica.

Cheap Patio idea - Sunset Mobile

And it solved a major, if temporary, problem. Because the back entrance of our house leads to a home office, lots of foot traffic had trampled the lawn. And our dog, Stella, regularly tracked grass and mud into the house. We needed a level, durable patio that would blend with the surrounding garden. Outdoor Concrete Pots - The Wood Grain Cottage. Well, we’ve had a few days without the wind.

Outdoor Concrete Pots - The Wood Grain Cottage

Plan Ahead: Make Candle Planters For Your Patio — Family Chic. Home Improvement Ideas, Photos and Answers. 3 Composting Techniques Everyone Should Know. We all know by now that composting is important to the environment.

3 Composting Techniques Everyone Should Know

It allows natural waste to return to the earth, while adding a nutrient rich material to our gardens. Here is a break down of the top 3 most common techniques for composting for the home gardener. Hot Composting – Open Bins Hot composting is the most intensive method, but also the fastest way to get finished compost. It involves building compost piles that have a balance of green material (nitrogen), oxygen, water and brown material. Build or buy three, side by side compost bins. Bin #1 will be for brown materials…kind of a holding area for things you want to compost. Bin #2 is where all the action happens. Fabulous Ways to Beautify Your Window Wells. Window wells are a necessary sore thumb….or are they?

Fabulous Ways to Beautify Your Window Wells

They certainly don’t have to be. We chose to dig out our window wells and landscape around them in different ways. Now we only have one window well “below ground”. Of course you have to be wise about it. Depending on you r slope, the amount of run-off and other factors, it may not be possible. Digging out and grading back can open up a daylight basement and add the glow of natural light. A Colorful Screened-In Porch Makeover. As I write this post, I am sitting in the most colorful space in my home.

A Colorful Screened-In Porch Makeover

I dare you to step into the screened-in porch and not be happy. Double Triple Dog Dare You. And if you do step out here, and you aren’t happy, I’ve got a cheap beer for ya and a kid is bound to turn the corner at any moment riding a plastic pink flamingo. Anderson + grant: Creating a Summer Flower Display. I wanted to create a tall flower display in a urn as you walk up onto the porch.

anderson + grant: Creating a Summer Flower Display

The pot is in the sun all day long so I needed plants that could handle those conditions. Adding a variety of types of plants in different heights and textures makes for a pretty planting arrangement, whether in a pot or in the ground. I bought four types of flowers: Grow Lavender Anywhere, How to Grow Lavender. This combination of lavender and Mediterranean plants is designed by David Salman, who gardens in New Mexico.

Grow Lavender Anywhere, How to Grow Lavender

Details of the plan are shown at the end of this article. Plan Ahead: Make Candle Planters For Your Patio — Family Chic. Recycled Tin Can Flower Caddy. While I’m really trying hard to accomplish some of my indoor projects, it is just way too hard as my attention is drawn outdoors to the warm summertime weather that greets me each morning.

Recycled Tin Can Flower Caddy

I hope you’ll stick with me through a few more garden projects before I’m forced to tackle my indoor to-do. I was thrilled to find out this weeks CSI Project was a Martha Stewart Inspired Challenge. {not to mention the guest judge this week is the Martha Stewart Craft Department – how exciting!} Photo Credit {}I choose to make a flower caddy inspired by this Tin-Can Caddy posted on Martha Stewart’s website {here}. While the concept is basically the same, I altered the steps and materials since I plan on using my caddy outdoors.

The materials needed for the flower caddy are;6 Lg 4 inch Diameter Tin Cans {emptied and cleaned}A Scrap Piece of 1X6 Pressure Treated Deck Floor Board {cut to 9 inches long} To make the handle I used a 2 1/2 inch Hole Saw Drill Bit.