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Keeeb – organize and share inspiration like never before! Home - Bag The Web. Zimilate. Zimilate: Free Website to Save, Organize Web Content, Notes, Images. Zimilate is an amazing free online service that lets you save practically any digital content for future reference.

Zimilate: Free Website to Save, Organize Web Content, Notes, Images

You can use Zimilate to save images, notes, links, simple files, and even entire webpages. Zimilate. Outil de curation visuelle. Introducing Zimilate. Takes Bookmarks Into The Cloud And Makes Them Beautiful. - Smart bookmarks. – Smart Bookmarks. Better Bookmarking With Even with all the advanced technology available, there is still one thing that hasn’t changed about the way we explore the Internet and that is bookmarks.

Better Bookmarking With

Whatever the reason, we still like to keep a track of the things that really catch our interest. Traditional bookmarks are not that social and are not optimized for easy and organized viewing. You can actually do this without relying on the default bookmark manager in your web browser. makes it possible to bookmark websites, pictures, articles, and videos from the web in a more pleasant manner.

Recommended Reading: Enhance Your Chrome Bookmarks With Dewey Getting Started. Developers — Developers — The API uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol for simple, but effective authentication and authorization.

Developers —

The one thing to keep in mind is that all requests to the API must be made over SSL ( not Do you need to authenticate? Some API not require authentication (public collections or public bookmarks). However, other requests require authentication - specifically requests made on behalf of a user. Authenticated requests require an access_token. Receiving an access_token. Launches New Bookmarking Service. All about researching + sharing online information. Smarter online research - annotate, organize & collaborate on web pages. Wibki - Unlock the Web: A Homepage for your Bookmarks! Pocket. 10 StumbleUpon Alternatives 2013 - Technodator. What is StumbleUpon?

10 StumbleUpon Alternatives 2013 - Technodator

Pinterest Pinterest is a new competitor of StumbleUpon in content discovery sites.Unlike SU,pinterest focuses on images,video,graphics than articles,text.You can create your new category known as “pinboards”(known as list in SU) and “pin” button works as like button.But it have some limitation compare to StumbleUpon.It don’t have vast amount of interests like SU.Check out official website at for more more information. Nextstories Nextstories is works through a “bookmarklet button”.Add their bookmarklet button into your browser’s favourite bar,go to your favourite website and click on bookmarklet button and get amazed.It will change the view of article/news site and allows a reader a more comforting reading experience of particular site.But again it have limitations like you can’t discover new websites through it or submit your own links.Again more information can be found on their official website.

StumbleUpon - The One True Simple Way to Organize Your Online Reading. Ever heard of StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon - The One True Simple Way to Organize Your Online Reading

It’s been around for quite some time (you can Google it if you are truly an information freak) and, according to my humble opinion, StumbleUpon’s value is underestimated by everyone. Also Read: StumbleUpon for Business: An Introduction The site defines itself as is the easiest way to find cool new websites, videos, photos and images from across the Web. StumbleUpon A Success Story. StumbleUpon. Delicious. A delicious bookmarklet that works with noscript.

This is technical, so unless you’re a do-it-yourself programming/javascript geek, you will not find it interesting.

A delicious bookmarklet that works with noscript

I was trying to solve this problem: Custom Single Key Shortcuts in Firefox using KeyConfig - Sridhar Katakam. Keyconfig is a fantastic add-on for Firefox that lets you set custom keyboard shortcuts for every possible action/task in Firefox incl. launching bookmarklets.

Custom Single Key Shortcuts in Firefox using KeyConfig - Sridhar Katakam

In this article I share how I set single key shortcuts like ‘z’ for going back ‘x’ for going forward ‘a’ to switch to left tab ‘s’ to switch to right tab ‘t’ to open a new tab ‘c’ for closing the current tab ‘r’ to refresh ‘i’ to start inspecting webpage elements with Firebug ‘u’ to copy URL of the current tab ‘l’ to focus address bar ‘d’ to bookmark in Delicious ‘v’ to view source ‘p’ to open Page Info window With these and a few other add-ons like Search Keys I fly in Firefox with keyboard, not point and click. Most of these shortcuts were what Opera used to come with (I guess, it still does – but then do you know anyone that still use Opera?). Delicious JavaScript for Keyconfig FF extension. Firefox tips. Firefox. Pinterest. Historious.

GoCinchy. GiveALink features a search engine which, given a URL, finds other Web pages that people bookmark together with it (i.e. similar Web pages).

The search engine also supports keyword search and the results can be personalized based on the user's submitted bookmark files. In addition, users can view, organize, augment their bookmarks online, as well as download their bookmark files to several computers. All of the (anonymized) data at GiveALink is available online to other researchers and Internet users. You can download the URL collection, matrix containing similarity values for pairs of URLs, and the output from several ranking algorithms.

Search results can be obtained in XML format through an RSS feed, to help you integrate them into your own applications. GiveALink uses the existing hierarchical structure in bookmark files (folders and subfolders), as well as collaborative filtering techniques, to measure similarity between Web pages. External links[edit] See also[edit] Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research. UPDATE: As of 2015 the GiveAlink project has been archived and the website is no longer operational.

Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research

Link analysis algorithms leverage hyperlinks created by authors as semantic endorsements between pages, while social bookmarks provide a way to leverage annotations by information consumers as a source of information about pages. This project explores a novel approach that is a synergy of the two: soliciting annotations from users about the content of pages, in a way that implicitly forms networks of relationships between and among resources and tags.

These socially generated relationships are then aggregated to build bottom-up, global semantic similarity networks. Algorithms are developed to construct, analyze, and mine these networks in support of search and recommendation applications, exploratory navigation interfaces, resource management utilities, tag spam detection, and incentive games to accelerate the achievement of critical mass. Project Members. Faviki _Social bookmarking tool using smart semantic Wikipedia (DBpedia) tags. Wiki. Enciclopedie online. Semantic web. Diigo - Better reading and research with annotation, highlighter, sticky notes, archiving, bookmarking & more. RebelMouse: Let Your Content Roar. TheBrain. Web content curation .bak (selection) ★Bookmark Gold Best 25 Manual Social Bookmarking Service (PR10-3)★Login Info★Free Reviews★

50+ Leading Social Media Networks and Bookmarking services. Whether you are a blogger, marketer or a social media professional, social media is a gateway to connect with customers and seek innovative business prospects.

50+ Leading Social Media Networks and Bookmarking services

Sharing content on social networks and bookmarking websites gives good ranking in search engine results and allows you to avail high quality back links for your website. Start promoting your productivity on the following 50+ leading social networks and bookmarking websites.