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Etude sur l'usage de la TV connectée. Losses force Logitech to drop Google TV. Logitech’s Revue set-top box for Google TV was a ‘big mistake’, according to Guerrino De Luca, chairman and acting chief executive of Logitech. During an analysts and investors meeting in New York, he said the company has pulled the plug on Google TV set-top boxes, saying consumers just aren’t ready for the device which merges television and the internet. “Google TV or the child of Google TV or the grandchild of Google TV will happen. The integration of television and the internet is inevitable, but the idea that it would happen overnight in Christmas 2010 was very misguided.” Although Google TV has the potential to completely disrupt the living room, Logitech has decided to pull out after losing well over $100 million in operating profit (the $100 mmillion is not attributed to just Revue – it also includes the EMEA region).

Last year, the set-top went on sale in the US with a $300 price tag, the price later dropped to $99 due to disappointing sales. Broadband TV Views. Yahoo! Connected TV: The best of the Internet on your TV. Téléviseur ou ordinateur -Propos de Pierre Bélanger. Web-Enabled TVs Leading Home Viewing Revolution. Americans are becoming more and more comfortable with alternative ways of viewing long-form video, and online viewing of full TV episodes is on the rise and accounting for an ever-greater share of online video viewing.

Web-Enabled TVs Leading Home Viewing Revolution

With these changes in viewing habits, video viewers will increasingly look to enjoy these experiences on a big screen. Despite disagreement on the absolute numbers, two forecasters project dramatic growth in sales of internet-enabled television sets around the world as the digital home becomes a reality. iSuppli Corporation estimated in July that 28 million web-enabled TVs would be sold worldwide this year, more than double sales in 2009. By 2014 the firm forecasts a 428.6% increase to 148 million units sold. DisplaySearch released a higher estimate of sales for 2010, at 45 million units worldwide, and a more conservative projection for 2014, of 119 million. Keep your business ahead of the digital curve. 5 Reasons Connected TV Could Flop in 2011. Jeremy Toeman has worked in the field of convergence between computers, the Internet and TV for more than 10 years.

5 Reasons Connected TV Could Flop in 2011

He is a founding partner of Stage Two, a consumer technology product experience firm in San Francisco, and can be found blogging at Forget Google TV scrapping CES, the biggest challenge smart televisions face in 2011 is overcoming customers’ FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt). Up until the early 2000s, buying a new TV was easy.

The bigger the screen, the better the television. Sure, some televisions had more bells and better whistles, but in the era of standard definition and cathode ray tubes, bigger was better. When high definition flat screens became affordable in the middle of the last decade, consumers still felt pretty comfortable buying a new television. Now enter smart TVs and 3-D TVs. Why is this happening? 1. For average consumers, the thought of hooking up the Internet to their television set sounds confusing. 2. 3. 4. How connected hom can deliver triple play 2.0 connectedtv-1 for web.pdf (Objet application/pdf) Connected TV. Connected TV. Social TV.