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L'ampleur de la gamification

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» Why Gamify and What to Avoid in Library Gamification ACRL TechConnect Blog. In my last post, “Applying Game Dynamics to Library Services,” I presented several ideas for applying game dynamics to library services.

» Why Gamify and What to Avoid in Library Gamification ACRL TechConnect Blog

After the post, I have received a comment like this, which I thought worthwhile to further explore. What about the risk of gamification – the fact that it can deprive people of internal motivation for serious activities by offering superficial external rewards? We tend to associate the library with learning, research, scholarship, and something serious. By contrast, games make us think of fun. Gamification: How Can We Work It? Les dossiers de l’été – La gamification solidaire. Le 06 / 08 / 12 | Posté par Mickael Soria [Tendance] Les dossiers de l’été – La gamification solidaire La solidarité est en train de prendre le virage du jeu.

Les dossiers de l’été – La gamification solidaire

Reality. Editor's note: Seth Priebatsch, founder of mobile companies SCVNGR and LevelUp, is an expert on the way games and game mechanics are changing life in the real world.


(CNN) -- On October 20 in a small town in Louisiana, there will be a rodeo, complete with the prerequisite boots, bulls and Marlboro-man doppelgangers. But this particular rodeo will take place not at a fairgrounds, but at the Louisiana State Penitentiary, also known as "Angola. " The riders are untrained inmates who have earned the right to participate -- and feel up to 6 seconds of freedom atop an angry bull -- in a highly calculated and wildly effective prison reward system. Basketball Team Duesseldorf Magics: Trashbasket.

Badgeville and PeopleBrowsr Partner to Bring Gamification Rewards and... PALO ALTO, Calif. and SAN FRANCISCO, July 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Badgeville, The Behavior Platform and global gamification leader, today announced an exclusive partnership with PeopleBrowsr, the social media data company, as the only gamification solution which can incentivize and reward specific user behavior across Facebook, Twitter and other leading social sites.

Badgeville and PeopleBrowsr Partner to Bring Gamification Rewards and...

This extends Badgeville's Behavior Platform to not only track user behavior occurring across the brand's own ecosystem of websites and internal applications, but also across the social graph independent of these experiences. The is the first time that specific actions occurring directly on Facebook and Twitter can be captured and rewarded within a gamification platform. Les réseaux sociaux, nouvel Eldorado pour les recruteurs. À quoi servent les jeux sociaux pour une entreprise? Thoughts about Gamification, Technology and Games. 2012-06-gamification. Features - Fun is Boring. Fun is Boring.

Features - Fun is Boring

Gamification, Rewards, and Dopamine Marketing. Gamification Goes Mainstream [Infographic] Says By 2015, More Than 50 Percent of Organizations That Manage Innovation Processes Will Gamify Those Processes. Solving the world’s toughest problems with big data, gamification and crowdsourcing. Jun 29 2012 | Loyalty Today Type Back To Results What if you could tap the untold reams of data you have floating around your organization to solve a major problem – and you could do it in a fun, low-cost way?

Solving the world’s toughest problems with big data, gamification and crowdsourcing

If you follow the lead of NetFlix and Kaggle, you can do just that. In an intersection of three of the biggest catch phrases of the moment, companies are using crowdsourcing to analyze big data, generating solutions to their biggest problems via online competitions. As best we can tell, the idea came from the consumer space. On the light side of gamification. Quand les marques investissent la sphère du jeu vidéo pour engager leurs consommateurs. Les avancées technologiques et la prédominance du jeu dans notre société contribuent au développement d’un nouveau modèle appliqué à plusieurs domaines, dont celui de la communication.

Quand les marques investissent la sphère du jeu vidéo pour engager leurs consommateurs

Cette approche ludique en phase d’expérimentation chez certains et de révélation chez d’autres n’est autre que la gamification. Initiée il y a plusieurs millénaires pour maintenir en état tout un peuple, celle-ci est plus que jamais d’actualité, à l’heure du « casual gaming ». Effectivement, nous assistons à l’émergence d’une nouvelle génération de jeux qui n’est ni engageante, ni génératrice d’implication, et qui touche de ce fait l’ensemble des internautes. Or, toucher en masse les internautes et le consommateur en général est une occasion inespérée pour nos marques, impuissantes face à la volatilité de leurs cibles. Silicon Valley : ce qu'il faut retenir de l'actualité de la semaine. Singapore AirLine : Gamification et histoire. L’aérien a toujours fait rêver.

Singapore AirLine : Gamification et histoire

Prendre un avion est quelque chose d’assez excitant car on nous transporte vers la différence. Néanmoins, avec l’habitude de voler, une compagnie ne peut plus se permettre de faire asseoir des gens sur une chaise pendant des heures. Il faut nous occuper et nous faire vivre quelque chose. Le but: nous séduire pour que la prochaine fois, on veuille reprendre cette compagnie… Gros défi surtout quand le facteur « argent » est pas mal décisif. Dans ce domaine Singapore Airline se démarque (bien que KLM se fasse remarquer de plus en plus par ses initiatives « flyées »)! Mais comment faire interagir une compagnie aérienne avec ses anciens, actuels ou potentiels clients ? Singapore Airline capitalise pour sa part sur son histoire. Gamification embedded into our lives by 2020 ? The practice of adding game mechanics to encourage engagement is likely to spread by the year 2020 and be embedded in our everyday life.

Gamification embedded into our lives by 2020 ?

Its roots in pre-digital consumer culture suggest its here to stay. Startups and services are continually finding new ways to implement gamification - the trendy game mechanics and reward systems that appear in everything from check-in apps to office productivity suites. Gamification as a Rewards Systems (?) - Eric D. This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP.

Gamification as a Rewards Systems (?) - Eric D

I’ve not really been following the whole “gamification” topic over the last few years but perhaps I should have been. There are some interesting things happening in the space right now. John Dodge points to the use of a gamification program at Fedex called the “Fedex Badge”. This program is a rewards program that is defined by John as the following: The gamification program rewards and reinforces sharing through The Fedex Badge program. Interesting. Interesting concept for sure. Gamification Platform Beintoo Secures $5 Million In Series A Funding. Beintoo, which has a loyalty rewards and monetization platform for mobile games, apps, and sites, has secured $5 million in Series A funding led by Italian VC firm Innogest Capital. The startup won the startup competition at Le Web in Paris last year.

Beintoo has managed to get itself onto – it claims – 10 million direct users spanning 100 million devices in less than a year by offering a simple way to effectively put gamification into any app. 6 Ways to Gamify Your Facebook Marketing. Gabe Zichermann is the chair of Gamification Summit (June 19-21) and author of the books Game-Based Marketing, Gamification by Design and The Gamification Revolution out next year. He is also the founder of Dopamine, a strategic consultancy specializing in engagement science. Despite recent issues with its stock, Facebook remains the juggernaut of social media. With the platform on track to reach a billion users, and a new emphasis on revenue, the company is increasingly focused on how to make social work for business customers. Currently, the most prolific Facebook feature for business is the brand page. At last count, there were more than 42 million of them, with activity that ranged from 10 likes to millions.

As marketing on Facebook pages grows, so does the interest in using gamification — or the process of leveraging game thinking and mechanics to engage audiences — to drive results. 1. Consider your users’ engagement over time through the shape of a funnel. 2. 3. 4. 5. China's Sina Weibo to Introduce Contract for Microbloggers. Fresh from admitting that it hasn’t fully implemented China’s new rules for microblogs, Web giant Sina is set to introduce a ‘user contract’ for its popular Twitter-like Sina Weibo service at the end of May, as it continues to battle to control sensitive information on the site. The terms, spotted by former TNW editor Chad Catacchio, are in an initial trial phase but will be introduced across the Sina Weibo service on May 28.

The move will also see a ‘community committee’, which includes members of the public, established to implement the terms of service. Update: The contract will also be based on a points system. See below for further details. Un "permis à points" sur les réseaux sociaux chinois. Sebastian Deterding: What your designs say about you. Gamification nouvelle tendance de la communication. I've been playing the same game of Civilization II for almost 10 years. This is the result. : gaming. How Starbucks is turning itself into a tech company.

The coffee was brewing as usual, and patrons were as caffeine-crazed as any other day, but something curious was happening behind the scenes at beloved and bemoaned coffee giant Starbucks on March 9, 2012. On that date, Adam Brotman, formerly senior vice president of Starbucks Digital Ventures, was named to an entirely new executive role, chief digital officer.