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Grammar Activities

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Oxford Practice Grammar. In one. Распечатал, положил на... - Begin English. Английский язык для всех. (584) Pinterest. 10 sentences, 10 mistakes! But can you find them all? Below are ten sentences. Each sentence has one mistake. Only choose one option per sentence. Use the comments area to explain what the mistakes are, why they are mistakes and what the correct sentence should be! Which question is the most difficult? We think number nine! 1) I always make my homework as soon as I get home.2) Who's bike was stolen from outside work yesterday? Grammar with comics and jokes: Comparative and superlative degrees of adjectives + comic-strip style exercise. You can also hear me going through the slideshow in a video that was made for the university I am currently teaching at.

Grammar with comics and jokes: Comparative and superlative degrees of adjectives + comic-strip style exercise

Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia Like this: Like Loading... Related Comparative and Superlative Degrees of Adjectives The Presentation covers comparative and superlative degrees of adjectives, it includes some irregular comparative and superlative forms and discusses the difference between the comparative and superlative degrees.

Types of sentences

A New Grammar Checker is Coming to Google Docs. This week, the Learn English with the... - Premier Skills - British Council. Gap Filling- 1 - Online Language Quiz - All Things Grammar - Home. English. This, That, These And Those. Grammar Up. Grammar Up es un test de selección múltiple para el Inglés, provee más de 1800 preguntas en 20 diferentes categorías gramaticales.

Grammar Up

Grammar Up ha sido diseñada para repetir las preguntas enfocadas comunmente en el popular TOEIC (TM), exámen de suficiencia en Inglés. Grammar Up es de ayuda a los aprendices para mejorar su gramática, la selección de palabras y el vocabulario. Seleccionar el tiempo para responder ayuda a mejorar la capacidad de respuesta en casos de estar bajo exámenes con límite de tiempo. Estudios sugieren que que los niños y adultos aprenden más rápidamente cuando lo hacen con juegos que tienen la opción de respuesta del error, en tiempo real.Grammar Up provee a los aprendices con la oportunidad de mejorar sus estrategias gramaticales, para tener éxito. PREPARACION DE ACUERDO A TóPICoS:Usted puede estudiar las reglas gramáticales de acuerdo a tópicos. Grammar review using drawings.

This was a good idea I came across Bucksmore summer school.

Grammar review using drawings

A review for various tenses/structures. Give students a piece of paper. Get them to split it into 4 squares. In each of the squares they draw one of the following: Something you’ve doneSomething you were doing this time last yearSomething you will have done by the year 2050What you will be doing in the year 2050 They choose the squares for each drawing at random. Go over the structures if you need to… Online Text Correction.

Common mistakes

Grammar sites & apps. Grammar tests. Grammar videos. Passive. Parts of speech. Questions. Tenses. The Farmer and the Fortune Teller: Using stories to teach grammar – Jason Anderson – Teacher, teacher educator and author. Some of us love grammar lessons, but others… If you, or your learners, fall into the second category, one great way to make grammar meaningful, interesting and even edifying is to adapt stories to include a little grammar that you can then extract and analyse.

The Farmer and the Fortune Teller: Using stories to teach grammar – Jason Anderson – Teacher, teacher educator and author

Stories provide for ‘Context, Analysis and Practice’ (C-A-P: something I’ll be talking about more at IATEFL Glasgow 2017, watch this space). Here’s how you can use them: Context – Live listening If you’re confident telling the story yourself, you can turn it into a listening activity even if you don’t have an audio player or speakers. Analysis – Noticing and understanding It’s useful at this stage to give them a copy of the story, and get them to underline examples of key words, tenses or sentences that you want them to notice. Practice built-in! A particular advantage of using stories is that once you’ve done the analysis, you can use the same story for the practice. Here’s an example from my website.

Language Games – Macmillan Dictionary. January 2018. Game On in 2018: 2 Grammar Games to Engage ELLs by Elinor Westfold and Loren Lee Chiesi Grammar can induce dread or—worse—boredom in English language learners (ELLs).

January 2018

In 2018, resolve to make learning grammar more fun for your students. Playing games during grammar class is one of the easiest ways to motivate ELLs to practice challenging grammar structures. Games help students focus on grammatical forms in meaningful contexts and build automaticity. We developed the following two games to help our high intermediate and advanced writing students practice accurately using subordinate clauses. Game 1: Adjective Clause Matching This 30-minute activity motivates ELLs to write accurate adjective clauses connected to pictures. Materials A PowerPoint presentation with high-interest pictures (see a sample presentation in PowerPoint or PDF)Index cardsA table at the front of the classroom.

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Infographics. Learn English grammar using Mind Maps. 11 Infographics That Will Help You Improve Your Grammar and Spelling. Aleksandra Todorova published on April 29, 2013 in Design In the era of texting, instant messaging and grumpy cat memes, proper grammar and spelling seem to have taken a backseat to the need to communicate with finger-busting speed.

11 Infographics That Will Help You Improve Your Grammar and Spelling

But while ignoring spelling and grammar rules when texting your friends may be OK (honestly, though: it isn’t), once those pesky errors find their way into emails, articles and cover letters, they may cost you a good grade in school, not to mention a job. We hope the 11 infographics below, all of which focus on either grammar or spelling rules or common mistakes, will be both useful and a fun way to brush up on those skills. What's the Correct Word Order? Possessives.