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Raspberry Pi - K.O.D.I.

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Kodi Community Forum - Video Add-ons. I downloaded this addon directly from AAA's website version 1.9.31 using Kodi 14.2.

Kodi Community Forum - Video Add-ons

But all it shows is TV Boxes, no other video icons. Any idea what the problem is? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Mike I have three Intel NUC boxes all with OS Linux Mint Cinammon. Hi all, Was wondering if Project Free TV was discussed here? I go through all the selections to choose the show I want to watch. Thanks! Hi, how do I add extra movies categories in kodi, I want a media library just for 3d movies and one for children movies, so it reads this on the home screen: movies, tvshows, 3d, children movies. sorry if this question is in the wrong category, I could not find a proper one. /Kalle I have kodi 15 alpha 2 installed. External Links:Break VideosIssues (GitHub)Milestones (GitHub) If you like to donate (DE/EUR) TV Française, Suisse, Belge, ... sur KODI/XBMC. Genesis Addon for XBMC & Kodi.

Genesis Description: Visit for support Forum:Source:Website:Download: Get Addons for Kodi You can easily install any of the addons listed here in one click to your Kodi by using the Addon Installer tool, which is essentially an app store for Kodi, but everything's free.

Genesis Addon for XBMC & Kodi

Disclaimer Kodi is a registered trademark of the XBMC Foundation. Unofficial Addons for XBMC & Kodi. Raspberry Pi 2 Media Center: Kodi on XBian. Author: Timothy WoodDate: April 2015 Overview This guide walks through the construction and configuration of a home media center from parts to running system.

Raspberry Pi 2 Media Center: Kodi on XBian

After following these steps, you will have a running Kodi media server on a Raspberry Pi 2 in an Altoids tin case, ready for you to attach a thumb drive or hard drive with your media. These steps detail the method I used in my build with the hardware and software choices I made, but there are other options that you can choose. I included some notes about alternative choices in the steps where alternatives are available. I chose to use the following components and software.

Raspberry Pi 2 Altoids tin case Xbian 1.0 Release Candidate 2 operating system Remote control input via IR receiver wired to GPIO When I built my media center, I did most of my work with the Raspberry Pi 2 plugged into a desktop computer monitor and set of speakers. About This Project Difficulty: Moderate This project requires prior experience with List of steps. Last Update librtmp Kodi Openelec RaspberryPI (actualizado 18-05-2015)

Tuto: XBMC / Kodi Windows. Le tuto ne prend pas en compte l'installation de Windows.

Tuto: XBMC / Kodi Windows

Contrairement à son homologue sous Linux et licence oblige, il n'existe aucun DvD officiel pré-installant XBMC / KODI sur un OS de Microsoft. La machine pour monter un système XBMC/KODI / Windows est la même. En effet, presque n'importe quel PC ou NetTop fera l'affaire. N'oubliez pas qu'un combo Intel+GMA (carte graphique vraiment nulle pour la vidéo) est un très mauvais choix et vous devez regarder du côté Intel+Ion ou encore AMD+Radeon HD. Matériel La première solution sera un peu plus chère que la seconde pour un résultat identique. . - Foxconn : lisez le test du Foxconn Nt-A3700- Zotac- Asus EeeBox- Acer- Asrock Jetez un oeil sur le guide fait par Les numériques, ce dernier vous donne d'excellentes suggestions. Pour piloter rle PC, il vous faut un téléphone sous Android ou une télécommande Microsoft Windows MCE avec son dongle (elle fonctionnera directement après l'installation).

XBMC Addons for Kodi. Keyboard controls - Kodi. 1 Default keyboard controls The default keymap can be found at 2 Mouse controls 3 Picture slide show controls 4 Platform specific controls 4.1 Windows, Live, and Linux ⊞ Win (Windows key): Contextual menu 4.2 Mac ⌘ Cmd+Q to quit ⌘ Cmd+H and ⌘ Cmd+M to hide/minimize to the dock ⌘ Cmd+F to toggle fullscreen ⌘ Cmd+S to take a screen shot 5 Customizing buttons through the GUI Users can customize keymaps for remotes in GUI by using the community Keymap Editor add-on. 6 See also.

Keyboard controls - Kodi

Open Source Home Theatre Software. Unofficial Addons for XBMC & Kodi.