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25 Brilliant Glow Effects. Written by RossAugust 29, 2008 Glowing effects are getting used more and more now and they look awesome when done well so I’ve compiled a list of the best tutorials showing you how to achieve these effects.

25 Brilliant Glow Effects

All these Photoshop tutorials give you great results and a good explanation of how to get there. I’ve included 25 so it should keep you busy for a while anyway! Glowing light trails Create this awesome effect and learn a thing or two about the pen tool. Sparkling girl Learn how to mix people with glowing effects in this great tutorial Electrifying energy beams Use Photoshop to create these energy beams that glow and sparkle. Learn a quick and useful technique to make stuff glow Advanced glow effect Use a combination of layer styles and blending to give the glowing effect. Luminescent lines One of mine focusing on achieving the popular glowing lines effect. Simple glowing beams A simple yet effective light effect in Photoshop. Green glowing portfolio Use the glowing effects in web design. Neon text. PSD learning. Online-Photoshop Tutorials. MOGO media forums. Ornamentals Photoshop Brushes. 30 Beautiful Photo Frames and Borders Photoshop Tutorials, Brushes and Actions.

It is true that Photo Effects is perhaps the most popular Photoshop topic today.

30 Beautiful Photo Frames and Borders Photoshop Tutorials, Brushes and Actions.

And it is also true that after we applied an effect to a photo, we are tempted to “wrap it up” like a gift. Adding frames to photos is a way to enhance the image in an artistic way. This article is a selection of some beautiful frames, edges and borders Photoshop resources you can apply to your photo albums. Photo Frames, Borders and Edges Photoshop Tutorials Grungy old photo frame Folded photo effect Quick Grunge Photo Frame – copyright Gavin Hoey 2012 Create a light painting effect photo frame Elegant photo frame effect Out of bounds effect – copyright Gavin Hoey 2012 Triptych frame – copyright Gavin Hoey 2012 Grunge filmstrip frame – copyright Gavin Hoey 2012 How to paint and apply a grungy border – copyright Gavin Hoey 2012 3D Filmstrip – copyright Gavin Hoey 2012 Scotch tape effect Wooden frame Polaroid collage Creating photo borders with displacement maps Photo Frames, Borders and Edges Photoshop Plugins.

Free Photoshop Brushes. A Gold Mine of Adobe Illustrator Resources - Noupe Design Blog. By Melissa Scroggins What could be better than striking gold?

A Gold Mine of Adobe Illustrator Resources - Noupe Design Blog

How about a huge list of Adobe Illustrator resources? For many designers, a list of resources to help finish those design projects in a quick and easy fashion is like finding gold on the Web. In this article, there are over 200 (mostly) free resources for Adobe Illustrator. Since many designers have made these resources free for others, please take the time to check out the license agreements before using any resources for projects.

Finally, have fun stockpiling all the brushes, patterns,, symbols, vectors, swatches, and fun additions to the Adobe Illustrator presets. 1. There are a multitude of brush sets that can add volumes of creativity to design projects. 17 brushes for Illustrator 28 Free Illustrator Brushes for making Swooshes and Swirls 33 More Paint Brush Style Illustrator Brushes 20 Free Illustrator Art Brushes: Ink Sketch Lines 57 Exclusive Illustrator Multi-Colored Paint Brushes Free-Dot Dash Illustrator Pattern Brushes. Free Download: Creative Doodles Photoshop Brushes. 16 Photoshop Actions to add Style and Professionalism to your Images. Photoshop >> Creating Movie Matte Paintings with Photoshop.