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Trans Women Shouldn’t Have To Constantly Defend Their Own Womanhood. Interviews - To Survive on this Shore. Queer Culture in the Age of Transgender Disruption - VICE. ACTHE - Association Commune Trans et Homo pour l'Egalité. Dans cette fiche pratique nous utiliserons le terme MtF pour désigner les personnes transidentitaires dans le sens "male to female", et FtM pour les personnes transidentitaires pour le sens "female to male".

ACTHE - Association Commune Trans et Homo pour l'Egalité

Qu'est-ce qu'une transition ? A cette question, il n'y a pas une réponse, mais des réponses. I-D Meets: Hari Nef. Visibilité des femmes trans dans la pop culture : « privilège », vous avez dit ? Les personnes trans sont de manière générale très peu représentées dans les médias.

Visibilité des femmes trans dans la pop culture : « privilège », vous avez dit ?

Mais dans ces quelques apparitions, ce sont en grande majorité les femmes trans qui sont visibles. Beaucoup d’explications erronées circulent au sujet de la sur-représentation des femmes trans dans la pop-culture. Qu’en est-il vraiment ? Pour le découvrir, je vous propose de me baser sur une intervention que j’ai donnée le 15 février 2015 au J’en Suis J’y Reste à Lille, à l’occasion de la sortie en français du Manifeste d’une femme trans, et autres textes de Julia Serano, publié par les Éditions Tahin Party.

Kris Grey / Justin Credible - Ask A Tranny London. Kris Grey / Justin Credible - Body Dialectic. Kris Grey / Justin Credible - Suspicious Packages- FINLAND. 5 Totally Normal Questions Transgender People May Be Afraid to Ask, Answered. 105 Trans Women On American TV: A History and Analysis. Until about five years ago, it was nearly impossible to find even a kinda positive portrayal of trans women on American television.

105 Trans Women On American TV: A History and Analysis

This widespread defamation has absolutely impacted how the majority of Americans view actual trans women. It certainly had an impact on me growing up — not knowing any out trans women in real life, all I knew about them was what I saw on TV and in the movies. Trans women were pathetic, violent, disposable, or the butt of a joke. They endured misgendering and slurs from their loved ones and laughed along when humiliated.

They were violently outed and interrogated about their penises, and this was considered okay. TEASER "VOS PAPIERS" ("ID please") BEWARE. I'm A Trans Parent Raising A Trans Kid & This Is What It's Like. I’m genderqueer.

I'm A Trans Parent Raising A Trans Kid & This Is What It's Like

I identify as a nonbinary trans person, and genderqueer is the term that encapsulates my experience of gender the best. I’m sort of both masculine and feminine. I’m also sort of neither. I’m both on the binary and off it. Trans People Talk To Their Younger Selves. What It’s Like Having A Trans Friend. Why Equality Is Toxic to the Transgender Movement. In an era of unprecedented visibility, the transgender community is at a crossroads.

Why Equality Is Toxic to the Transgender Movement

Do we work transgender people into current systems such as education and the military or do we work to significantly transform these structures and society as a whole? While the majority of media attention has gone towards integrating trans people into the dominant culture, is this the right decision for the community? Many activists, scholars, and community members say no. Transitioning to Freedom. 7 Trans Media Tropes That Need to Stop. I totally started writing this before Transparent recently won its two Golden Globes, so I’m—like—such a trans hipster right now.

7 Trans Media Tropes That Need to Stop

Just so you know. Okay, so trans narratives have gone supernova lately, particularly over the last couple of years. They’re the new cash cow. Trans Visibility: Who Is It Good for? No doubt, we are in an age of increased trans visibility.

Trans Visibility: Who Is It Good for?

It’s what the press is telling us, it’s what Hollywood is showing us, and the truth that there are already trans people in our everyday lives is starting to become clearer to the masses who are starting to pay attention. It is in many ways, as Time Magazine put it, “The Transgender Tipping Point.” But, what’s really tipping, and is it tipping enough to make actual progress for trans people? This increased visibility has come, and continues to come at a cost. While we have visibility, we continue to face incredibly slim representation. Feminine Beauty Passing Transwoman Experience.

Beauty is not a toothless enterprise.

Feminine Beauty Passing Transwoman Experience

Though we may have casual discussions about the best red lipstick or waterproof mascara, there is a sort of violent utility about beauty that we often don't talk about. What products do we use to feel some sense of being armored against an inhospitable world, and what rituals do we use to feel like women — and what does it even mean to be a woman? Why does it have to be linked to an outward practice? We ultimately use makeup to present ourselves in a particular way, and for people who are often not read as who they really are, it's a losing battle — with a very high cost to participate.

Trans Models Transform Modeling. Human Installation I: "OBSOLESCENZA DEL GENERE" by KYRAHM + JULIUS KAISER. 7 Transgender Women You Should Know Besides Caitlyn Jenner - Mic. Every year on March 31, Transgender Day of Visibility highlights the accomplishments of transgender people.

7 Transgender Women You Should Know Besides Caitlyn Jenner - Mic

It's a day for transgender people to celebrate their community but also a day for the cisgender — a term for people who are not trans — public to recognize the myriad achievements of the transgender community and begin to see everything they can accomplish given the access and the opportunity. Currently, very few media narratives celebrate the rich diversity of the transgender community, especially transgender women: The stories are often about the latest victim of trans violence or the hyper-privileged Caitlyn Jenner — and her many gaffes. Transgender Rights WW2 Veteran Robina Asti Interview. Robina Asti is exhausted, but you wouldn't know it as she opens the door to the Upper East Side apartment she's called home since 1965.

Transgender Rights WW2 Veteran Robina Asti Interview

She's dressed in a green top and tan slacks, her white hair is swept up in barrettes, and two turquoise earrings dangle from her ears — the first pair her late husband, Norwood, ever bought her. "I'm sorry, I think I overdid it a bit yesterday," Asti says. "But it was just so beautiful out. " What Happens If You're A Trans Person Who Doesn't Feel "Trapped In The Wrong Body" The Matrix as a Transgender Coming Out Story. A couple of days ago, I saw a video claiming that The Matrix was a transgender coming out film. I hadn’t watched The Matrix in years, but this struck a chord in me. It felt right. I found my old DVD of the movie and started live-tweeting the main transgender themes from the first Matrix movie. As I admit during the live-tweeting, I was an idiot back in 1999 and didn’t catch the overt transgender allegory, but many others did. Icelandic man gives birth to baby girl - GayIceland.

There’s a beaming new dad living in the north of Iceland who is experiencing all aspects of parenthood, having given birth to his own daughter, and even breastfeeding her. Henrý Steinn says it was a bit of a shock when he started suspecting that he was pregnant, but adds that very soon he started seeing it as an opportunity to have his own baby. “I love it, I come from a big family with lots of babies, my daughter is my mother’s tenth grandchild and for as long as I remember, I’ve wanted to have children,” says Henrý Steinn, a 19-year-old new-dad. However, his fatherhood has come about slightly differently than most others’ – as he carried and delivered his daughter himself on April 13th.

Health Out Loud - HealthOutLoud - Wriply. Stop Using Women's Safety To Justify Transphobia. I care too much about women’s safety to sit silently and allow it to be co-opted and used to hurt vulnerable women. Bills like HB2 don’t help cis women, and make trans women demonstrably less safe. In March, North Carolina passed the appalling HB2, requiring public venues and government buildings to restrict bathroom access on the basis of birth-assigned sex. I have never been – and never will be – a man. When I was 18 months old (in 1989) any women who saw my long curls in public said to mum: “aw, she’s lovely”. Tim, a classmate in my Year 8 PE lesson at my all-boys’ school once said, to a group of people, in front of me (in March 2002): “Seán is kind of not a boy or a girl but like something in between”.

Vicki, a bisexual girl who had been my best friend and, later, my first sexual relationship, told me (in August 2007): “being with you, walking next to you, is more like being with a girl than being with a boy” I told the Guardian (in December 2014): “In the decade since I first started wearing makeup, I also realised I was queer (my preferred term for my sexual identity)”. Conor, a gay guy with whom I’m Twitter friends told me (in July 2015): “you do contribute [to gay activism] – you’re self aware with an outsider‘s perspective” I wrote in my iPhone notes (in July 2015): “the men I could, but choose not to, have sex with respect me more. Between bodies: trans girls, sex and dating. I had two sexually revelatory experiences recently. If you’re me, sexual revelations never happen during sex, of course, but at make-up counters or in daytime conversation.

The first of these experiences was discovering, for the first time, how to apply a make-up combination that hides the shadow of my beard. The second was talking to a friend – a trans gay man – about the reactions trans men get on the gay dating app Grindr. I’ll explain why they were revelatory. My beard shadow, as a dark-haired and pale-skinned transfeminine person, is the most visible means by which people assess my gender and conclude, incorrectly, that I am a man. Trans visibility: acceptance, TV shows and violence. Today, March 31, is Trans Day of Visibility. Transgender detainees at high risk of assault in US immigration facilities. Transgender inmates detained in US immigration facilities are at high risk of being sexually assaulted, repeatedly strip-searched and held indefinitely in solitary confinement, according to a study released on Wednesday by the advocacy group Human Rights Watch.

25 Years Of Transphobia In Comedy. 25 Years Of Transphobia In Comedy. 25 Years Of Transphobia In Comedy. BODY POSITIVITY FOR TRANS PEOPLE? When We Ask Straight Men About Their Desire For Trans Bodies. The Danish Girl : un mélo transphobe. Remarques préliminaires : le film met en scène un personnage pour lequel les genres masculin et féminin sont en concurrence, et qui oscille entre les deux. Meet Rain Dove the Androgynous Model - (10) Image Gallery. Independent work - Sarah Wong. Rain Dove Talks Being A Runway Model & Gender Capitalist At NYFW — VIDEO. The face of fashion is ever-changing, but one woman who is redefining evolution in this industry is gender capitalist and runway model Rain Dove, the subject of Bustle’s latest documentary short. Dove's androgynous look has landed her several high-profile runway shows and ad campaigns (as both a male and a female), yet it seems that there is still a long way to go for her and other models who break the gender binary to reach the same level of success as their straight counterparts.

However, Dove explained how being a genderqueer model has opened the door for her to represent the community. “A gender capitalist is someone who takes advantage of opportunities given to people based on their perceived sex or gender,” she said. The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye Official Movie Trailer. PRAY THE GAY AWAY - EXPOSED. Raising a Transgender Child. Transgender-Cisgender Couples Talk About Their Relationships. The Best Thing We Saw at Art Basel Was This Transgender Visibility Panel With Juliana Huxtable.

Everywhere from politics to pop culture, awareness of the transgender community swept the country this year. Gabriel (George Sand) - texte intégral - Romans. Transgender Law Center. Après le changement de sexe de leur fille, des parents lui offrent un nouveau faire-part de naissance dans le journal. Et si les cisgenres étaient considéré.e.s comme des personnes trans’ dans les médias? Laverne Cox Opens Up About 'TIME' Cover & 'Orange is the New Black' Mother opens up about life with two transgender children. Eating Disorders in Transgender Communities. Jacob Tobia. Thinx sort un shorty « non-genré » pour inclure toutes les personnes menstruées. Opel : Sex change. Things not to say to a trans person - Free Speech - BBC Three.

Levi's : Taxi. Bouygues Telecom : Le travelo. Interview with Julie Rei Goldstein for TWiG. Représentation des Trans* au cinéma : On va changer ça. Transgenres : Une Histoire dans la Pop Culture. Journeys Through Trans Masculinity. Laverne Cox Interview w/Katie Couric. Trans Actors and Hollywood Insiders Discuss the Complicated Reality of Trans Casting. Indonesia's Transsexual Muslims (Documentary) Trans enough. I will punch you and knock you out.

PBS Digital Studios. Promotional Trailer for FREE CeCe documentary. Trans Men Discuss Online Dating. How To be a Good Trans Ally.