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LearningApps - interactive and multimedia learning blocks. 10 Must-Have eLearning Scenario Resources. So you’re ready to create drop-dead eLearning scenario with amazing branching.

10 Must-Have eLearning Scenario Resources

But you need some help getting started. You’ve arrived at the right place. We deliver innovative online-based education programs. 10 LinkedIn Profile Mistakes That eLearning Professionals Should Avoid. LinkedIn can offer a great networking experience to eLearning professionals, as long as they don’t make the common LinkedIn profile mistakes.

10 LinkedIn Profile Mistakes That eLearning Professionals Should Avoid

In this article, I will reveal the top 10 LinkedIn profile mistakes to avoid, so that you can make sure that your LinkedIn presence promotes successfully your eLearning professional identity. LinkedIn can be an excellent eLearning tool, as this professional networking platform can become an invaluable social learning instrument that significantly increases the effectiveness of your eLearning courses.

But what about your eLearning professional online presence there? In this article, I'll share the top 10 LinkedIn profile mistakes one can make when joining LinkedIn and help you flawlessly promote yourself as a highly skilled eLearning professional. Not having a profile picture or using an unprofessional one. Top 10 eLearning Skills That eLearning Professionals Should Have. What skills does an eLearning professional need in order to be successful and stand out?

Top 10 eLearning Skills That eLearning Professionals Should Have

In this article I will delve into the top 10 eLearning skills that will turn you into an ideal eLearning professional regardless of the niche, learning environment, or target audience. No two eLearning projects are alike. As such, the skill sets and unique talents for each eLearning project vary greatly. While one eLearning course might require extensive knowledge of a particular Instructional Design Model, another may call for an in depth understanding of a particular eLearning Authoring Tool. However, there are a set of specific eLearning skills that eLearning professionals can acquire and fine tune in order to help any future eLearning project run smoothly.

Have a thirst for knowledge and always look for opportunities to learn. Google Classroom: A Free Learning Management System For eLearning. As eLearning professionals, we are always looking for tools that help save time when it comes to the organization and maintenance of our online courses.

Google Classroom: A Free Learning Management System For eLearning

We want to offer our audience the best possible experience, but keeping everything streamlined can be quite a challenge. The good news is that Google Classroom may be just the free learning management system that you’ve been looking for! What Can Google Classroom Offer To The World Of eLearning? Google is already a powerful design and development tool in eLearning thanks to Google Applications for Education. Now there is one more application to add to the line-up of invaluable productivity tools: Google Classroom. Graphic Design Essentials to Build Good Lookin’ eLearning. While a great eLearning design can act as a tonic and engage the learner at an optimum level, a bad eLearning design can lull the learners to sleep.

Graphic Design Essentials to Build Good Lookin’ eLearning

That's right, how your learners perceive the instructional content is more often than not dependent on the design element. Learners ignore cluttered and boring design. They gravitate, instead, to one that’s aesthetically pleasing. The Power Of AGILE Instructional Design Approach. The AGILE instructional design may have its roots outside of the world of eLearning, but it is now being widely used by Instructional Designers in all niches.

The Power Of AGILE Instructional Design Approach

In this article, I’ll share with you the basics of the AGILE instructional design approach and I’ll show you why it can be so powerful when designing eLearning courses. The term AGILE is becoming increasingly popular these days and for good reason. It offers a broad spectrum of advantages to eLearning professionals, as it makes the eLearning design process more effective, efficient and practical. But what exactly is AGILE and what benefits can it offer you when developing your next eLearning course? The AGILE instructional design approach is a project-oriented approach introduced by Conrad Gottfredson, a performance-support practitioner. According to Gottfredson, AGILE instructional design is geared toward meeting the needs of today’s organizations to be “agile” and adaptive.

Ellicom – Leader canadien de la formation en ligne (e-learning). Montréal, Québec. Présentation du guide du FFFOD "LMS : comment choisir sa plateforme ?" Il faut supprimer les formateurs… Par Nicolas Hernandez. Elearning-market-trends-and-forecast-2014-2016-docebo-report.pdf. 4 Things an Instructional Designer Should Do. The biggest challenge faced by every Instructional Designer (ID) is to keep learners motivated throughout the eLearning course.

4 Things an Instructional Designer Should Do

E-learning courses must facilitate learning and they must be interactive and engaging. To overcome this challenge, I would like to share four things that an ID needs to do. They are: Think of Learner-centered Design: As an instructional designer, you should always try to design courses keeping your learners in mind. To design a good online course, you need to understand concepts related to multimedia and technology. To become a better ID, you should have a good knowledge of the authoring tools required to develop eLearning courses and how your interactivities work with technology.

You might like: Home. E-learning e-doceo. E-learning e-doceo. MOOCs from Great Universities (Many With Certificates) Advertisement Discover Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) from great universities.

MOOCs from Great Universities (Many With Certificates)

Most offer “certificates” or “statements of completion,” though typically not university credit. A “$” indicates that the course is free, but the credential costs money. (See the key below to understand the credentials offered by each course, and see our MOOC FAQ if you have general questions.) Courses are arranged by start date, while evergreen courses, which can begin whenever you wish, are found at the bottom. Free Courses Credential Key CC = Certificate of Completion CA = Certificate of Accomplishment HCC – Honor Code Certificate VC$ = Verified Certificate VCA$ = Verified Certificate of Accomplishment SA = Statement of Accomplishment SP$ = Statement of Participation CM = Certificate of Mastery NI – No Information About Certificate Available NC = No Certificate April 2017 ¿Cómo construir mi modelo de negocio?

March 2017. 14 Free Camtasia Studio 8 Video Tutorials About Audio, Captions, Interaction, and Other Concepts. In this article, you will find 14 Free Camtasia Studio 8 Video Tutorials to help you make the most out of Camtasia Studio 8.

14 Free Camtasia Studio 8 Video Tutorials About Audio, Captions, Interaction, and Other Concepts

Camtasia Studio 8 is among the top eLearning Authoring Tools because it is powerful and easy-to-use, and it allows you to create effective and meaningful eLearning experiences for your audience! Camtasia Studio 8 is a well known and widely used tool. A while ago, we published the article 9 Free Camtasia Studio 8 Video Tutorials, where you could find a list of Free Camtasia Studio 8 Video Tutorials to help you get started with Camtasia Studio 8. From Gamification To MOOCs To Cloud, Learning Is Increasingly Tech-Based.

Enterprise Learning Management System Software - eFront LMS. Philippine eLearning Society - Philippine eLearning Society. Un Mooc sur l'architecture de l'information en 2015. Nous allons proposer un Mooc pour une première initiation à l'architecture de l'information en 2015.

Un Mooc sur l'architecture de l'information en 2015

Celui-ci s'appuiera sur le manuel qui doit être publié au printemps et s'adressera aux professionnels voulant élargir leurs compétences dans le domaine (informaticiens, documentalistes, professeurs, pros du mktg, communicants, designers, etc.), aux étudiants potentiellement intéressés par une formation aux métiers du web à la rentrée 2015 et à tous publics amateurs intéressés par le domaine.

Dates 2 mars : début des inscriptions, teaser5 mai : début des cours15 juin : fin des cours Curriculum. Blend : Le mix du commerce et du numérique. Article rédigé par Fabian Ramirez Flores et Hugo Giret-Butz BlendWebMix, vous connaissez ? Unity 5. Moodle. E-learning Development Company. Sydologie : pédagogie & innovation pédagogique.

10 Tips To Use Online Gradebooks in eLearning. Saying goodbye to old fashioned gradebooks and integrating online gradebooks into your eLearning course strategy can be simple and convenient, especially if you follow these 10 simple but amazingly effective tips that I'll be sharing with you in this article. Keeping an accurate record of how learners are performing will allow you to fine tune your eLearning strategy and offer additional support to learners who may be falling behind.

However, keeping traditional gradebooks may be one of the most tedious and time consuming procedures. Nowadays, thanks to online gradebooks that have become popular, you can record grades, take note of due dates, and stay on top of assignments easily and without wasting time. Import learner information from your LMS into the online gradebook for quick setup.A variety of online gradebooks offer import features, which enable you to transfer data that you already have in your LMS to your online gradebook.

Cours en ligne. ELEARNING - #MOOC. Motivational Theories and Design. This page was originally authored by Diana Bang (2011). This page was added to by Marijke Henschel (February 2013) This page is being edited by Christopher Ward (January-April 2014) Motivation is the force that drives one to act[1]. It involves biological, cognitive, emotional, and/or social factors within a human being or animal that arouse and direct goal-oriented behaviour [2].

It is a construct that cannot be directly observed, and must be inferred from what is perceived to be purposeful behaviour. Motivation influences students in multifaceted ways. Theories of Motivation There are several viewpoints of motivation proposed by theorists consisting of three major categories: 1. Importez, partagez et découvrez des contenus sur SlideShare. Wowza Streaming Server, Streaming Media. Issue #61 - eLearning Weekly Newsletter.


Instructional Design Models and Theories: The Generative Learning Theory. The Generative Learning Theory was introduced in 1974 by Merlin C. Wittrock an American educational psychologist. The Generative Learning Theory is based on the idea that learners can actively integrate new ideas into their memory to enhance their educational experience. In essence, it involves linking new with old ideas, in order to gain a better understanding of the instructed concepts.

The concept behind the Generative Learning Theory lies on “schemata”, which are outlined in Frederic Bartlett's Schema Theory. It suggests that the learning process is based on the memory that is already stored in our brains, wherein new data is added to our long term memory and becomes part of our knowledge base. Book Review – Developing Interactive Teaching and Learning Using the IWB. Book: Developing Interactive Teaching and Learning Using the IWB: a resource for teachers. Hennessy, Warwick, Brown, Rawlins & Neale (2014). Open University Press. The various chapters in this printed publication in combination with the references to relevant research and the variety of the well-documented, related online resources (classroom-based video clips, IWB files, descriptions of lesson phases, etc) – both in terms of school subjects and educational sectors, provide a most useful guide to exploring the key concepts and practices of classroom dialogue for a wide range of educational professionals and training settings.

I used all of the main resources myself in 2014 while running a successful IWB professional development workshop on behalf of TELLConsult, the consultancy responsible for the train-the-trainer programme in the Polish/Turkish EU project ‘Tabula Alba‘ (2013-2015). Education and Instructional Technology Tweet Wrap for Week Ending 11-15-14. MOOCS - Universités numériques. Free eLearning Books - The Ultimate List. This article highlights 54 free eLearning and instructional design books from the industry's top talents.

The insight and advice offered by experienced eLearning professionals give you the opportunity to create winning deliverables for both private and professional learning audiences. The hallmark of a successful eLearning professional is a constant thirst for knowledge, and always wanting to learn more about how and why learners acquire information. However, this constant pursuit of knowledge can often come with a hefty price tag, thanks to rising book costs.

The good news is that there is a variety of online books that can help you design and develop successful online learning experiences. If you have read any of the following books I will highly appreciate if you share your opinion with the eLearning community. How To Become An Instructional Designer published in May 2015 Is there a single path to become an Instructional Designer? eLearning Industry - At eLearning Industry you will find the best collection of eLearning articles, eLearning concepts, eLearning software, and eLearning resources. Post your eLearning article. The Free eBook: How to become an eLearning Professional. By Connie Malamed I never think of myself as an expert. Gaining expertise is an ongoing journey of continuous learning where there is no end in sight. Our field is particularly broad and deep. It encompasses aspects of cognitive science, learning theory, user experience, design thinking, human communication, user interface design, visual design, writing and scripting, marketing, business, information technology and probably many other domains.

No one person can retain all of this information and no one person can be competent in all of the related skills. If you think of all the people in this domain as one giant mind, you can see how we gain expertise together. To become a “pro” in this career then, involves getting involved with people in our field and outside of it. City & Guilds Kineo - Quality & Innovation in Learning. Cammy Bean's Learning Visions. Comparatif logiciel e-learning - l'intérêt du marché. Des plateformes Open Source.

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