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A jQuery Plugin for Zoomable, Interactive Maps - GetHiFi. What is it and why was it built?

A jQuery Plugin for Zoomable, Interactive Maps - GetHiFi

A couple of months ago we launched a site about Marine Science in North Carolina with one of our design partners, Liaison Design Group. A key part of the project was an interactive map that allowed visitors to find important Marine Science resources in North Carolina. Each location on the map would be represented by a bullet. Clicking the bullet would bring up more information on the location.

Top 10 jQuery Plugin of Year 2010. The final roundup for all the jQuery plugins of year 2010!

Top 10 jQuery Plugin of Year 2010

jQuery, the almighty javascript framework has changed our mind and ways to code javascript. Making an interactive and lively website couldn't be more easier with vast number of jQuery plugins. In this post, I have finalized top 10 plugins that I really like throughout the year, I haven't used some of them, such as Quicksand and SlickGrid, but there are always in my mind, and I will defnitely use them if I have a chance. So, here you go, top 10 jQuery plugin of Year 2010, there is no order, sorted randomly. David DeSandro. Blog · Metafizzy Blog. Managing documentation can easily grow to be an overwhelming and tedious undertaking for any developer who open sources her code.

Blog · Metafizzy Blog

Consider how many places docs, demos, and instructions can appear for one project: README within the project source itself GitHub wiki developer’s personal site external site just for project project listing page - like Isotope. jQuery Masonry · David DeSandro.