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Training / General Fitness - How You Can Improve Your Pedalling Technique: Part 2. This is the second of two articles looking at pedalling technique using the unique force curve (Polar view) on a Wattbike.

Training / General Fitness - How You Can Improve Your Pedalling Technique: Part 2

Our first article here on Cyclosport, looked at the theory of pedalling technique and introduced the force curve (Polar view) on the Wattbike. In this article we illustrate some practical aspects using real Wattbike force curves, from sprint and endurance cyclists and triathletes. The first question we ask in this article is: How do you know if your pedalling technique is effective? The simple answer is that generally you don't know. Let's look at different force curves (Polar views) produced by real cyclists. Athlete 's activities are not available - VeloViewer. Virgin Active - Honeydew. Strange Unexplained Mysteries. Welcome to the current top 100 strange and unexplained mysteries – please use the category menu above to discover thousands of other unexplained mysteries.

Strange Unexplained Mysteries

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This year, other scientists have argued that life originated on Mars, due to a mineral found in Martian meteorites, thought to be crucial to the genesis of life.

Researchers Make a SHOCKING Claim That Humans Did NOT Evolve On Earth!

BUT, a new book by American ecologist Dr. Ellis Silver offers arguments, based on human physiology, that humans as species may not have evolved alongside other life on Earth – but arrived from elsewhere, brought here by aliens as recently as a few tens of thousands of years ago. This is a BIG claim, however, the facts that Silver puts on the table will make you say “how did I not realized this sooner!!” Silver, an environmentalist who is currently working with the effort to clean plastic debris from the Pacific, says his book aims to provoke debate – and is based on scientific work on the difference between humans and other animals. “The Earth approximately meets our needs as a species, but perhaps not as strongly as whoever brought us here initially thought,” Silver said in an interview with Yahoo news.

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