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Are You Eclipsed v.2.0 – the basics | Stargazer's Journal. Eclipses, along with meteors and comets, are the most impressive astronomical phenomena that people generally experience. They have been observed for untold ages, and have been a major consideration of astrologers since the origins of the craft. This is an article about eclipse basics, and the forerunner of several, more detailed articles to come. Stonehenge had a built-in eclipse finder. A flag or sign placed in holes inside its perimeter counted the days of an “Eclipse Year” (356.62 days) with an error of only 2 hours over 19 years. Solar eclipses occur when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth and is aligned with Earth’s orbit such that the Moon casts a shadow on the Earth. Not every new or full Moon produces eclipses, because an eclipse can only occur when the lunation is close to the Lunar nodes, a.k.a. the Dragon’s Head (Rahu in Sanskrit) and the Dragon’s Tail (Ketu) – the places where the orbital paths of the Earth and Moon intersect.

U.S. Books Web Resources. Saturn In Scorpio. The following is an excerpt from my 2013 Astrological Almanac.This handy tome contains descriptions of every day, monthly summaries, an ephemeris, a yearly walk-through, and more. In Scorpio, Saturn brings attention to the ways we deal with life’s most intense topics: sex, death, transformation and spirituality.

Yet these most potent experiences are the ones we all hold at arm’s length. The intimacy involved in sex, death, revelation and change is something we must maintain some distance from, lest they destroy our ego. Thus we develop a dissociation, a wall of fear that keeps us comfortably separated from them. Saturn’s time in Scorpio hits us with a slow moving x-ray, exposing our deeply held beliefs and fears about this cluster of experiences. La Petit Morte The beliefs and practices which structure sexual activity are highlighted during Saturn’s time in Scorpio. This degree to which sexuality can be structured is made explicit in most religious and spiritual practices. Corruption. Venera u Strelcu - Najslobodniji zatočenik ljubavi | Aleksandra Perić. Venera mi večeras (negde oko 19h) ulazi u Strelca. Kažem ‘mi’ jer mi je tu zapala one noći kad sam se rodila.

Biće tu negde do 4. novembra i u igri zvanoj “ljubav”, ova Venera se nikada ne odriče potrage. Znam da ljudi sa Venerom u nekim drugim znacima to ni ne mogu da razumeju, niti treba da im je jasno. Jer za njih je doći do cilja poenta, poentirati na primer regularnim brakom. Ali oni koji su potrazi skloni, dobacivanju i dosezanju, pa bežanju da bi se ponovo dosezalo, pa kuliranju (čitaj: hladjenju usijanosti) da bi se ponovo potegnulo za žaračem – evo vam mesec dana igranke. Ovoj Veneri kao da nije dovoljno što je ta jurnjava tako bitna, zbližavanje i udaljavanje, nego još treba i da je zabranjeno. Zato je rešila da sama sebi ne oprašta ništa. Njoj ne treba muškarac da je brani.

No živeti predano ovu Veneru najčešće bi značilo zakasniti za brak, majčinstvo, tresnuti pre ili kasnije žestoko. Film “Portret jedne dame” je jako dobro opisuje. On: “Only for once, listen to me. Moon Conjunct Saturn Darkstar Astrology. Moon conjunct Saturn breeds extremely disciplined, organised and responsible individuals. They may have had to grow up very quickly due to the loss (Mentally or physically) of one of their parents. Those very young, developing shoulders would have had to take on heavy, grown-up burdens of which they were barely able to carry. By the time Moon conjunct Saturn subjects are fully-fledged adults however, they will have developed a backbone of steel and broad, sturdy metaphorical shoulders.

Even if they actually are built like a brick shithouse, this sort of body is not one that easily adapts to new circumstances. Moon conjunct Saturn is generally not fluid, dainty or light, unless other factors in the chart modify this. Most of all Moon conjunct Saturn then is functional and critical. With age however, these folk mellow and begin to act more like teenagers. Moon Conjunct Saturn Celebrities Jimmy Hoffa (01’) was a trade union activist who also mysteriously disappeared. 1.


Sex and Astrology: A Tour of the Houses. The sexual houses. Chart by Eric and Sarah, Blue Studio - New York. What does astrology tell us about sex and sexuality? Astrology is organized by house — the ‘department of life’ where events occur. The colored houses in the wheel are the ones that address sexuality directly. That aside, the houses have a certain philosophy that accompanies them; how do we divide up the subject matter of life?

Part of the answer involves how far back the astrologer’s understanding of the houses goes. It would be easy to find meaningful sexual themes in all the other houses, not colored in. I have left out the 1st house. Sex and self are closely related. We could include the 3rd house because so much of sex and relating involves language and ideas, from talking dirty to love notes to pillow books. The 10th house is the power house, and we all know that the more power and visibility you have, the more people are interested in you. The 11th house is about social groups: who we meet and where we meet them. The Mythic Perspective: The Monomyth: The Legend of the Fisher King. This story emerges from ages past as an example of what Joseph Campbell calls the "Monomyth:" the story of man's search for himself; a mythic journey each of us is called to make during our life--the Hero's Journey.

Once upon a time, there was a mighty King, who was known throughout the World as the Keeper of the Holy Grail. His lineage had inherited the honor and privilege of protecting the Grail when it was brought back from the Holy Land during the Crusades. All who needed healing could come to his castle and ask to drink from the Grail, and upon drinking, receive healing. This King had a handsome, young son who spent his days scouting the woodlands of his father's kingdom, often alone, hunting and fishing for weeks at a time. He was always happy in the woods, among the sounds and sights of nature; there, he had freedom, time to be himself, and long and happy rides in his father's woodland kingdom. One night during a midnight ride, he came upon a campfire in a wooded glen. Planetary Correspondences of Pluto from Alchemy Works.

Pluto Gods of transformation, doorways, and of death and rebirth AlcyoneCelChernobogDagdaDis PaterErishkigalHadesHelHsi Wang MuThanatosIyatikuJanosKalmaMorriganNepthysOsirisSekhmetTuoniWhite Lady Scorpio AcaciaBlack Barlow columbineBlack violaBlack pansyCatechuGreen Wizard ConeflowerHollow LarkspurMale Fern Fireweed Passionflower (seed) Silverweed Tribulus fruitYage Plants with strong and hidden qualities Roots and deep-rooted plants Bulbs that are buried during the winter, emerge in the spring, and die back Poisonous and death-connected plants Plants with effects changed by combining with other plants Radical changes in consciousness Death and resurrection Desire to investigate and to find out, to know secrets (connection to sexual energy, especially when it is transformative) Power, especially psychic, and self-destructiveness (the power to destroy oneself) Completes destruction initiated by Uranus and builds upon it Cosmic purpose Purging and elimination This is an energy that builds slowly.

Pluto Aspects to Ascendant. W. Lilly – O drugoj kući u natalnoj astrologiji » AstroRiznica. Ovaj prevod obuhvata poglavlja od polovine CXIII do polovine CXVII trećeg toma Hrišćanske astrologije u kojima Vilijem Lili, jedan od najvećih majstora praktične astrologije, obrađuje natalnu astrologiju i tematiku druge kuće i bogatstva natusa. Svojevremeno, prevod sam objavio na ovom sajtu i nekim forumima i drugim sajtovima u skraćenoj, slobodnoj verziji. Sada sam ga dopunio i upotpunio i nalazi se pred vama kao jedno izuzetno korisno štivo, bez obzira da li ste početnik u astrologiji ili imate višegodišnje iskustvo.

U pripremi je revizija i ostalih prevoda koje sam radio. Mesec na Ascendentu usrećen, daje bogatstvo koje traje ceo život. Kada je Saturn dobro postavljen, i esencijalno snažan i aspektuje Ascendent trigonom, natus postaje bogat na račun zemlje, voćnjaka, polja i pašnjaka. Znaci siromaštva Mesec u konjunkciji sa Saturnom na bilo kom uglu, čak i ako je kralj, biće osiromašen; Saturn i Mesec u kvadratu ili opoziciji uništavaju bogatstvo. Priroda znakova Priroda kuća. October 2012 News. Church of St. Teresa of Avila Here in the northern hemisphere we are now moving toward the dark days of winter that invite us to draw into the deep quiet within. I recently returned from a trip to Spain, where I had the opportunity to research the life of the mystic Saint Teresa in her home town of Avila.

I will be presenting this research in a new talk entitled The Sacred Marriage: Vesta, Juno and Psyche on November 2-4 at the Evolutionary Astrology Conference in Portland Oregon. There was a powerful response to the Dark Goddess asteroid readings I offered this summer, profound and moving for many people. Turning our thoughts to the recent ingress of Saturn into Scorpio, I’d like to share some insights from both a modern and ancient perspective and discuss why at certain times the same transit can be more powerful than at other times. On October 5th Saturn entered into Scorpio and will remain there until December 2014. What Makes one Transit Stronger Than Another? Saturn Transit Readings. Mythology. Archetypes & Psyche On the most basic level, ancient myths are a culture’s oral stories of the lives and deeds of their gods, goddesses, and heroes who are responsible for the generation and dominion of the world.

The deities are the focus of worship, honored in ritual ceremonies, and prayed to avert troubles and grant blessings. Poets, artists, musicians, potters, sculptors, and playwrights portrayed these mythic motifs in art, architecture, and literature. With the birth of the modern psychology, Carl Jung proposed that the myths were among the contents of the archetypes – the primordial structures of the psyche common to all people, and the gods were reframed as symbols of the imaginal externalization of the inner forces of the psyche.

In fact, this perspective was also known to the ancient Greeks. From a spiritual perspective, the deities are none other than the intrinsic nature of the mind itself. Jupiter in Cancer. June 25, 2013—July 16, 2014 The following is an excerpt from my 2013 Astrological Almanac. This handy tome contains descriptions of every day, monthly summaries, an ephemeris, a yearly walk-through, and more. Jupiter is traditionally considered to be exalted in Cancer. The word “exalted” is key here. In Jupiter’s case, the blessing is abundance, and the signs that are most strongly poised to receive it, Sagittarius and Pisces, are also the most likely to squander it. Cancer is different. This intimate ouroboros forms a key part of Cancer’s symbolism.

The key with Jupiter in Cancer is always to grow slowly, and from the core. Growth is a natural consequence of abundance, in fact, growth is not possible unless there is more than enough for sustenance, the state which abundance implies. The virtue of generosity, also one of Jupiter’s key correspondences, also relies on the state of excess. The Oracle Buffet also advocates long term investments.

The Tao Jupiter in Aspect Jupiter and Pluto. Five Pillars of Fate: Ancient Greek Astrology. Karmic and Soulmate Connection. One of the classic marks of a strong relationship is a close conjunction between one person's Sun and the other person's Moon. Squares and oppositions are also strong, but the soft angles of trines and sextiles are not strong indicators in and of themselves. However, if there are other indicators, then the trines and sextiles certainly add to the strength of the relationship.

Close contacts between one person's Sun and another person's Ascendant are also strong indicators of Soulmate possibilities. Conjunctions are strongest with squares and oppositions also strong. Contacts between one person's Mars and another person's Venus are also very important in romantic and/or sexual relationships. Sun/Mars and Sun/Venus contacts, and Venus/Venus contacts and Moon/Moon contacts and Sun/Sun contacts can also be important, although possibly not as strong as the previously mentioned contacts. Secondly, the Vertex is often used with synastry (chart comparison).

Copyright 1999, Nina Lee Braden. Planetarne sekte, Halb i Hajz » AstroRiznica. Č itav univerzum počiva na temeljima dualnosti. Božansko kao apsolutno Jedno predstavlja zapravo jedinstvo dualnosti. Svaka stvar ima svoj opozit, svako lice ima svoje naličje. Gradivni elementi koja su po prirodama potpuno suprotni, a koji se upravo zahvaljujući tome dopunjuju i grade savršenu celinu; oni se ne uništavaju već svojim suprotnostima održavaju ravnotežu. Prva prosta podela koju možemo izvršiti unutar astrologije je podela na dva (broj 2 je prvi prost broj): toplo i hladno, vlažno i suvo, dnevno i noćno, harmonično i neharmonično, muško i žensko. Zodijački znaci, aspekti, planete, svi podležu ovoj podeli bez izuzetka.

Zodijačke znake možemo podeliti na više načina, ali podelom na dva, dobijamo sliku o polovima znakova tj. dobijamo sliku o muškim i ženskim znacima. Kao što nalazimo polnu dualnost kod Zodijačkih znakova, tako nalazimo polnu dualnost i kod planeta te ih takođe delimo na muške i ženske. Neki drevni astrolozi poput Doroteja su smatrali Saturna ženskom planetom. Treće oko | Tekst. Piše Milan ŠašićAko želite da saznate kakve su vam perpektive u nekom odnosu, prvo pogledajte planete koje se u vašoj natalnoj karti “bave” ljubavno – bračnim odnosom (one koje vladaju 5. i 7. poljem), uz posmatranje vladara 8. polja, (koji je neizostavan, jer se odnosi na strast i seks). Peto polje predstavlja predbračne ljubavi i odnose a 7. polje bračne odnose i presudno je za ostvarivanje partnerskog odnosa (o ovome smo već pisali podrobnije). Tek tada se pristupa upoređivanju horoskopa i određivanju uporednih odnosa planeta.

Posmatra se pozicija i uticaj planeta i polja iz jednog horoskopa na planete i polja drugog horoskopa. Potrebno je više obraćati pažnju na egzaktne aspekte i posmatrati samo nekoliko najvažnijih i najjačih, jer ako bi se uzimali svi uporedni aspekti dobilo bi se previše kombinacija i slika bi se iskomplikovala. ASPEKTI SUNCASunce govori o slaganju karaktera dve osobe.

ASPEKTI MARSAMars se mahom odnosi seksualnost u odnosu. Zodijački znaci – Astroškolica | AstroRiznica. A nad glavama životinjama beše kao nebo, po viđenju kao kristal, strašno, razastrto ozgo, nad glavama njihovim. Jezek. 1:22 Zodijak predstavlja zamišljeni pojas na nebeskoj sferi, čija se širina prostire po 8° severno i južno od prividne putanje Sunca na nebu koju poznajemo pod imenom ekliptika. Ovaj pojas je dobio ime po grčkim rečima zodiakos i kyklos što u prevodu znači krug životinja . U kosmološkom sistemu, sfera Zodijačkih znakova ( ili Nebo bez zvezda ) predstavlja granicu vidljive manifestacije Božanskog, manifestacije koja može da se percipira čulima. Prema Ibn Ezri, ova sfera obeležava početak gornjeg, trećeg sveta, gde je potrebno gledati zatvorenih očiju i dopustiti svom umu da se prepusti imaginaciji odnosno intuitivnom i da do znanja dolazi kroz slike i arhetipove. Zodijak je podeljen na 12 jednakih delova, na 12 znakova od kojih svaki znak ima po 30°.

Krug zodijačkih znakova Kratak istorijat Podela Zodijaka Zodijački znaci (klikni za uvećanje) Jezek. 1:15, 1:16. THIS SH*T WORKS // Learn Astrology - Astrology Articles -Interface: Planetary Nodes - Part I. Sagittarius. D.I.Y. Astro - The Hotel Chiron. The Mountain Astrologer magazine Beginners Series Part 1 of 12. How to Read Your Own Birth Chart - Astrology. Toward A New Scientific Astrology. Small World Stories :: Planets :: Chiron. Orbital Astrology and the Nodes/Rudhyar.