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Fournisseurs en matériel KNX

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Le matériel électrique, l'éclairage, le chauffage dans les plus grandes marques , Kelelek. Présentation Ombilicable. EIB 2x2x0,8 Câble bus de terrain EIB 2x2x0,80 mm² à la coupe. Destockage de câbles électriques, ethernet, cordons RJ45 audio et fils électriques destockage. Com - Delivery limits to EU countries Deliveries to EU countries are, meanwhile, standard procedure for many shop systems. However, only few shop operators are aware of the fact that there are very important tax laws and limit value regulations that have to be respected when delivering to private people within the EU. For every EU country turnover limits are in effect (so-called delivery limits) acc. to § 3c Value-Added Tax Act (German: UStG) When these limits are reached or exceeded, shop operators can no longer send deliveries to private people (only to companies with registration of their sales tax identification number) in the current financial year unless the shop operator has been registered in the respective country as company with regard to the value-added tax.

We would like to point out that people acting as entrepreneurs (USt-ID) are not affected by these regulations. // Der smarte Shop für intelligente Gebäude- und System-Technik. Knxware: iPhone - iPad - Android - RTI - bitwise controls - Elsner - knx-shop. ABB.