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Brazil Brasil IR Expat. O voltar ao mercado de trabalho no Brasil após uma expatriação. Vipper Talentos. Brazilian Symphony Orchestra split over auditions. 8 June 2011Last updated at 02:51 By Julia Dias Carneiro BBC Brasil, Rio de Janeiro Roberto Minczuk: "The aim is to make the orchestra world class" The Brazilian Symphony Orchestra's 2011 season seemed full of promise, with a star-studded guest line-up featuring Joshua Bell, Sarah Chang and Kurt Masur.

Brazilian Symphony Orchestra split over auditions

World Tonight: Brazil and the world: an invisible giant? Brazil wary of Chinese trade hitting domestic industry. 11 April 2011Last updated at 05:54 By Paulo Cabral BBC News, Sao Paulo Demand for Brazil's natural resources has been growing in China China's hunger for raw materials and commodities is boosting Brazilian exports, while cheaper consumer goods coming from Asia is opening new horizons for Brazil's growing middle class.

Brazil wary of Chinese trade hitting domestic industry

China became Brazil's largest trading partner in 2009, overtaking the United States which had held the position since the 1930s. And the trade keeps growing. Timeline: Brazil.