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Little Friends Pet Memorial

We are Houston's first pet cremation service. Have been for over 25 years. We have provided our fellow pet lovers with the highest care for their loved one.

5 Practical Ideas to Help You Deal With the Loss of Your Pet. If you consider your pet as your best friend and companion, you enjoy all the moments you spend together.

5 Practical Ideas to Help You Deal With the Loss of Your Pet

Anytime you are down; you find comfort in your pet. You tell all your dark secrets to your pet because you know they are safe. Anytime you want to take a walk; your pet is the best companion. You enjoy a long walk, and by the time you get back home, you have a renewed spirit. When you feel lonely, your pet is the perfect companion to relieve you off such feelings and elevate your good moods. The following guidelines will help you get over the loss. 1. Talking helps one to get over grieve. 2. If your pet died of an illness not familiar to you, donate to a pet research center. They can also discover vaccines that can be used to prevent such deaths.

Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL, United States Browse more Mogul jobs 3. After the death of your pet, you can keep the memories close to you. 4. How To Choose The Right Urn For Your Deceased Pet. Losing a pet is very disheartening and coping with the loss of your pet is a difficult thing.

How To Choose The Right Urn For Your Deceased Pet

During all this, planning the best way to remember him/her would not be the first thing on your mind. Many times, a lot of owners keep their pet in the temporary containers. It is important to consider the way you wish to remember your pet. For owners who choose to cremate their pets, selecting the right pet urn is a vital part of the whole grieving process. Pet urn is not just a container rather it is a reflection of a beautiful life and an amazing way to remember and honor the paw prints of the beloved left in our hearts. It is perfectly normal and natural, if you are not ready to decide what you want to do with your pet’s remains. Material of the Urn Traditional pet urns used to be made of clay, but now you have many options to choose from.

Size of the Urn Size of your pet urn is an important factor and a practical consideration in choosing the final resting place for your pet. 7 Unique Ways to Memorialize Your Dog. The loss of a pet is as devastating as losing a loved one.

7 Unique Ways to Memorialize Your Dog

You were too close to your dog, and you may have done everything possible to prevent the loss. However, death is beyond human control. You feel lost without your dog because you would talk to him every day. He would listen to your worries and love you unconditionally. He was very fond of you, and with them, all your burdens seem lighter. To ease this difficult time for you, we have put together a list of pet memorials to help you honor your dog. BUY CERAMIC FELINE ONLINE. BUY PRECIOUS KITTY - BRONZE WITH BASE. Buy Laser Etched Marker. Losing a pet is very hard.

Buy Laser Etched Marker

Treasure your friend forever with a pet memorial. Exquisitely crafted of solid black laser etched granite, each stone comes with a nicely polished finish. All the memorials are 2" thick. Your pet's name (up to 20 characters), the birth and passing year and a personalized message (up to 40 characters) are handsomely etched into the stone. We can generally accommodate whatever you desire. You may also give us instructions to remove unwanted parts of the picture if desired. Image Instructions:We accept most of the widely used formats ( .jpg, .tiff, .bmp, .png). You can email a high resolution scan of your favorite photo to and provide any special instructions (such as crop out house in background etc.) should you have any. BUY CERAMIC FELINE. Cat, Angora, Gray - Figurine Urn. Dog, English Cocker, Black - Figurine Urn. Little Friends Standard Urn. Memorial Wall For Pets by Little Friends Pet Memorial.

Memorial Wall For Pets. 4 Unique and Interesting Ideas For Your Pet Memorial.