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How Social Media Is Aiding In The Expression Of Gender Identity. The ubiquity of social media platforms have given people the opportunity to be more open and honest than ever before, and some have decided to use this to their advantage in the form of further expressing their identities.

How Social Media Is Aiding In The Expression Of Gender Identity

The likes of Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat have given people the power to show others exactly how they want to be portrayed. Nowadays, if you want to check people out before planning that first date, you would probably check out their Facebook or Instagram pages to get a good idea of what they’re like. Social media has become the ultimate tool for finding out what someone is like, besides actually meeting and talking to him or her in real life. Male beauty bloggers are having a moment. Last week, cosmetics brand CoverGirl unveiled its first cover boy: James Charles is a 17-year-old high schooler in New York.

Male beauty bloggers are having a moment

In the year since he started his Instagram account, Charles has amassed 643,000 followers who eat up his wildly creative makeup looks. And he’s not alone. A growing number of male bloggers are now holding court before millions of beauty obsessives across social media, gender norms be damned. Male Makeup - Genderless Beauty Unisex Fragrance.

Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images.

Male Makeup - Genderless Beauty Unisex Fragrance

Does Fashion Have a Mental Health Problem? LONDON, United Kingdom — Aristotle said: “No great genius has ever existed without a strain of madness.”

Does Fashion Have a Mental Health Problem?

In the fashion industry, the existence of a link between creative genius and mental ill health has long been a matter of debate. Certainly, some of the industry's top designers have struggled with mental health issues. What is indisputable is that fashion professionals across the board — not just creatives — face a unique and uncompromising set of pressures. With its emphasis on constant re-invention and staying ahead of trends, the sector is inherently fast-paced and relentless, making it a stressful environment for workers at all levels.

“Anyone working in creative industries, especially fashion, knows only too well the challenging nature of the job,” says Emma Mamo, head of workplace wellbeing at Mind, a mental health charity. Fashion is also a culture, as much as an industry, blurring the lines between work and private life to a degree not seen in other sectors. According to Dr. Blurred Lines: Why Gender-Neutral Fashion Is the New Normal. I can finally come out with it, because it's not that big deal of a "reveal" anymore: About half of my older blue jeans (and some of my khakis and cords) are women's brands purchased by either me or my wife over the years.

Blurred Lines: Why Gender-Neutral Fashion Is the New Normal

What can I say? They spoke to me more than what was on the men's racks at the time. I wasn't interested in a feminine silhouette, zippered ankles, or a skinny tapered leg that would Russell Brand me out. No jeggings for me. These Male Beauty Vloggers Have Some Powerful Words On Why Makeup Is For Everyone. The evolution of social networking sites: the rise of content-centric platforms which favour the perpetual present. Socio-technical trends and their underlying theoretical perspectives shed light on likely developments in store for mediated communication.

The evolution of social networking sites: the rise of content-centric platforms which favour the perpetual present.

Genderless fashion: a fad or the future? Not A Joke: Melania Trump Wore A 'Pussy Bow' Blouse To The Debate. Melania Trump Wore a “Pussy Bow” Blouse at Sunday’s Debate. Melania Trump watched her husband, Donald Trump, at last night’s presidential debate wearing a fuchsia pussy-bow blouse.

Melania Trump Wore a “Pussy Bow” Blouse at Sunday’s Debate

Don’t laugh; that’s the name of this style of blouse with a bow tied at the neck, named after the ones frequently tied around cats’ necks. And, as we all know, cats are sometimes called pussycats. Cut out the cat part, and what do you get? A pussy bow. The style also has an interesting feminist history. With Generation Z comes genderless fashion. So far in 2016, Urban Decay has already announced gender fluid model Ruby Rose as its new ambassador; transgender model Ben Melzer has posed on the cover of Men’s Health Magazine; while transgender model Andreja Pejic has graced the cover of Marie Claire.

With Generation Z comes genderless fashion

Fashion brands themselves are also keen to diversify: H&M, not only put Pejic on its catwalk for Paris Fashion Week, but has appointed Caitlyn Jenner as the face of H&M Sport. Where men’s and women’s collections were once kept strictly separate in the capital – displayed at the female-fashion dominated London Fashion Week and the male-centric London Collections: Men – brands like Burberry and Tom Ford are defying tradition and choosing to showcase their collections at the same shows. CoverGirl Announces Its First CoverBoy. The new modesty: a new age of fashion is dawning. Jump to Main ContentJump to Primary Navigation.

The new modesty: a new age of fashion is dawning

Will Genderless Fashion Change Retail? (L-R) Raf Simons Menswear Spring/Summer 2014, Gucci Menswear Autumn/Winter 2015, J.W Anderson Menswear Spring/Summer 2014 | Source: Indigital LONDON, United Kingdom — Alessandro Michele’s womenswear debut for Gucci was, by far, the most anticipated show of Milan Fashion Week.

Will Genderless Fashion Change Retail?

How would Michele attempt to re-reinvigorate Kering’s ailing cash cow, after chief executive François-Henri Pinault said in December that the brand needed a fresh point of view and more daring shows? The unexpected rise of 2016's biggest trend: the nipple piercing. "I swear I had the idea first," Kendall Jenner said in a post on her app in July when discussing the nipple piercing she and her younger sister Kylie both have. The trend, that placing studs or rings into one or both nipples, might be popular among today's young trendsetters, but it is definitely not new.

In fact, it dates all the way back to the first century B.C. Plus Size Models Matter Too. Being a female is hard work right? Society is telling me I am meant to have heaving boobs, a 20inch waist and a booty that twerks its way down the street like I am in some music video. In reality, I have little B cups, which may I add, I love, a 26inch waist that enjoys a pizza or two and big child-bearing hips that swing side to side as I walk, sometimes banging into things as I forget how large they are.

Oh, but that is not all. Being female also means I must spend my mornings contouring my face, making that nose slimmer, erasing my chin away with my favourite Iconic London Contour kit and dusting myself with shimmer because without it I don’t look like a Kardashian, which seems to be most girls on Instagram’s life goals at present. Sad but true. Young women 'highest mental health risk' as 'selfie' culture heaps pressure. Theresa May has promoted women. But she’s a Tory first and a feminist second. Theresa May hasn’t wasted any time.

Some of the biggest names in politics – figures who dominated the headlines in the last few months – lost their jobs on her first full day as prime minister. There are big posts for women – Liz Truss, Justine Greening, Amber Rudd – but Theresa Villiers has resigned from the government and Nicky Morgan is out. Tampon tax still not scrapped as George Osborne 'goes quiet' on his pledge. George Osborne is facing pressure from campaigners after failing to scrap the tampon tax. Campaigners claim the Government has “gone quiet” on the matter since announcing the five per cent VAT on sanitary products would be scrapped back in March. Mr Osborne originally made the pledge to remove the tampon tax last November, but was unable to do so due to regulations applied by the European Commission that prevented member states from removing the tax. The Chancellor had proposed to instead redistribute the estimated £15m a year in VAT to women’s charities. But in March the EU regulations were relaxed, allowing countries to extend the number of zero rates for VAT and therefore making it possible for the UK Government to scrap the tax.

In a speech to the House of Commons in March, the Prime Minister David Cameron said: “Britain will be able to have a zero rate for sanitary products, meaning the end of the tampon tax". Tampon tax: David Cameron announces end to VAT on sanitary products in House of Commons. David Cameron has confirmed the Government will abolish the so-called tampon tax. In a speech to the House of Commons, the Prime Minister said: "Britain will be able to have a zero rate for sanitary products, meaning the end of the tampon tax. " What a Donald Trump presidency means for women and girls.

"Nobody has more respect for women than I do," Donald Trump told voters at the first presidential debate. With a Trump presidency on the cards, women and girls should brace themselves for his next four years in the White House. What a Donald Trump victory means for women - News from Al Jazeera. What does President Trump mean for feminists? Donald Trump's victory speech, in less than three minutes Early on the morning of Nov. 9, Republican President-elect Donald Trump addressed supporters in New York, declaring victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton. Here are key moments from that speech.

Early on the morning of Nov. 9, President-elect Donald Trump addressed supporters in New York. Topshop at centre of row over body image as 'shocking' skinny mannequin photo goes viral. The Fashion Industry (Still) Has an Image Problem. Skinny Model Backstage | Source: Kenneth Lyngaas, Campaign Against Eating Disorders. 'Full Figured' Mannequins In Lingerie In Sweden Go Viral (PHOTO) Hundreds strip off in a 'Free the Nipple' protest on Brighton Beach. 200 people paraded topless on Brighton beach to highlight the nipple banMarched from Brighton Pier along the seafront then sunbathed on beachMarch aimed to stop the sexualisation of women's nipples in the mediaFree The Nipple march was organised by comedian Samantha Pressdee By James Dunn For Mailonline Published: 17:29 GMT, 8 June 2016 | Updated: 01:29 GMT, 9 June 2016 Hundreds of men and women gathered topless on Brighton beach for the 'Free the Nipple' campaign to make the sight or breasts more normal.

Two hundred women and men paraded topless around Brighton Beach at the weekend to highlight controversial social media policies about banning female nipples. 2015 Beauty Takeback: Feminism and the Beauty Industry  How 'Free the Nipple' became summer's biggest fashion trend. The Feminist Makeup Culture: Reconsidering Cosmetics.