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Sachen die auf die Schnelle erstmal hier aufgehoben werden.

Ein Fotoblog von Andreas Spieler. Kindle Comic Converter. Wireless-Rear-Station. Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Sternbildern und Sternzeichen? Heute wird es in der Serie “Fragen zur Astronomie” wieder einmal ganz grundlegend.

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Sternbildern und Sternzeichen?

Jeder kennt Sternbilder und von Sternzeichen hat sicher auch jeder schon mal gehört. Aber: Was ist eigentlich der Unterschied zwischen einem Sternbild und einem Sternzeichen? Für die Antwort darauf müssen wir ein bisschen zurück in die Vergangenheit schauen. Tanabata: Die Prinzessin, der Rinderhirte und das Sommerdreieck. Heute, am 7.

Tanabata: Die Prinzessin, der Rinderhirte und das Sommerdreieck

Juli feiert man in Japan Tanabata. Naja – eigentlich müsste man es am siebten Tag des siebten Monats des Lunisolarkalenders feieren (“Tanabata” bedeutet auch “Siebter Abend”) und das wäre erst am 16. August. Aber Monkalender benutzt ja kaum noch wer und so feiert man heute einfach am 7. Tag des 7. How to output fragmented mp4 with ffmpeg? Extract Keywords From A Text String With PHP. A common issue I have come across in the past is that I have a CMS system, or an old copy of Wordpress, and I need to create a set of keywords to be used in the meta keywords field.

Extract Keywords From A Text String With PHP

To solve this I put together a simple function that runs through a string and picks out the most commonly used words in that list as an array. This is currently set to be 10, but you can change that quite easily. The first thing the function defines is a list of "stop" words. This is a list of words that occur quite a bit in English text and would therefore interfere with the outcome of the function. The function also uses a variant of the slug function to remove any odd characters that might be in the text. The function returns the 10 most commonly occurring words as an array, with the key as the word and the amount of times it occurs as the value. This produces the following output. some,text,machines,vending. Encode/MP3. This page describes how to use the external libmp3lame encoding library within ffmpeg to create MP3 audio files (ffmpeg has no native MP3 encoder).


See also other codecs you could use, and FFmpeg AAC Encoding Guide if you want AAC instead, and the ​official documentation. Getting started with gulp — Mark Goodyear — Front-end developer and designer. Updated Jan 28th, 2014 to reflect the advancement of gulp Updated Apr 21st, 2014 to utilise updated gulp-livereload Step aside Grunt, there’s a new task runner in town.

Getting started with gulp — Mark Goodyear — Front-end developer and designer

Gulp is an intuitive, code-over-configuration, streaming build system. It’s fast. Why should I be interested? Gulp uses node.js streams, making it faster to build as it doesn’t need to write temporary files/folders to disk. Grunt: Grunt requires each plugin to be configured separately, specifying source and destination paths for each plugin. Gulp: With gulp we only input one file. PhpDesigner 7 kaufen. * Wenn du bereits eine phpDesigner-Lizenz besitzt, brauchst du keine neue zu kaufen.

phpDesigner 7 kaufen

Du kannst stattdessen deine bestehende Lizenz mit bis zu 30% Nachlass auf die aktuelle Version upgraden. Gib einfach dieselbe Mail-Adresse an wie beim Kauf. Wenn du eine Lizenz für phpDesigner 7 besitzt, mache jetzt ein Upgrade erhalte über 70% Rabatt! Kontakt für Einzelheiten. Lizenz-Direktvergleich. Bezahlen mit VISA, Mastercard, Eurocard, Delta, JCB, Switch, Solo, Discover, American Express, Diners oder PayPal ist möglich. Wenn du in der EU wohnst und keine MwSt. Copying Directory Structures without Files in Windows. Recreating directory structures can be a tedious and error-prone chore, especially if using the right-click method to create multiple structures and folders.

Copying Directory Structures without Files in Windows

This guide describes three methods to easily copy directory structures (without files) in Windows: (1) with the command line, (2) with GUI tools dedicated for that purpose, and (3) by configuring a freeware file manager, FreeCommander, to enable this function. Copying Directory Structures from the Command-line For those comfortable with the command-line, two commands that can be used for this purpose are the Xcopy and Robocopy, both of which have tons of options. Although others, such as the FOR command could also be used, Xcopy and Robocopy are by far the most popular tools used for this purpose. Xcopy Xcopy is included in systems up to Vista. To use Xcopy to clone a directory without files, use the following syntax: xcopy /t /e "C:\Your Folder" "C:\New Folder" /t = Copies the subdirectory structure, but not the files.

Ripping videos & subtitles from Crunchyroll (noob friendly) JotForm · Form Builder. PhpFiddle - PHP/MySQL online IDE and execution server. Free Online IDE and Terminal. Youtube API V3 PHP Tutorial (with Drag and Drop PlayList) Youtube api v3 After so many requests from our followers finally we are going to provide a complete Youtube project based on the new Youtube API v3.

Youtube API V3 PHP Tutorial (with Drag and Drop PlayList)

It contains all the features that you will need. for example drag and drop playlist, convert and download videos in any format, search youtube videos by keywords, download videos with cipher signature. Have a look at some screenshots – Video Player with download button Search box which displays video list based on keyword Drag and Drop PlayList Download Video in Any Format Watch Video :- Features :- DRAG & DROP PlayList Search Videos by Keywords Download Videos in any format Decodes the Cipher Signature with best algorithm available.