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Getting Started with Android Multiplayer Game Development WarpClient provides an interface for applications to interact with the cloud services. It allows client side applications to connect, subscribe and manage server side rooms, lobbies and users. The APIs are developed to be used asynchronously, which means you simply add the corresponding request listeners to the WarpClient instance to receive responses and updates. This page describes to how to set up your connection with the cloud server and introduces API usage.

Blockly Games : Maze Blockly GamesPuzzleMazeBirdTurtleMoviePond TutorPondYou solved this level with 1 line of JavaScript:You solved this level with %1 lines of JavaScript:Are you ready for level %1?Are you ready for the next challenge?Save and link to blocks.Run the program you wrote.Run ProgramStop the program and reset the level.ResetHelpOKCancelLogicLoopsMathTextListsColourVariablesFunctionsThere was a problem with the request.Share your blocks with this link: %1Sorry, '%1' doesn't correspond with any saved program.Could not load your saved file. Perhaps it was created with a different version of Blockly?listtext move forwardturn leftturn rightdoelseIf-else blocks will do one thing or the other.if path aheadif path to the leftif path to the rightrepeat untilMoves the player forward one space.Turns the player left or right by 90 degrees.If there is a path in the specified direction, \nthen do some actions.

Get started with Hadoop and Spark in 10 minutes With the big 3 Hadoop vendors – Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR - each providing their own Hadoop sandbox virtual machines (VMs), trying out Hadoop today has become extremely easy. For a developer, it is extremely useful to download and get started with one of these VMs and try out Hadoop to practice data science right away. However, with the core Apache Hadoop, these vendors package their own software into their distributions, mostly for the orchestration and management, which can be a pain due to the multiple scattered open-source projects within the Hadoop ecosystem. e.g. Hortonworks includes the open-source Ambari while Cloudera includes its own Cloudera Manager for orchestrating Hadoop installations and managing multi-node clusters.

9 Web 2.0 Sites to Publish Student Work Written by Mark Brumley Publish and Share Student Work Publishing educational technology enhanced content online, in eye-catching formats, is easier than ever. And, students love to publish their projects online and share with their family and friends. Use these easy-to-use web 2.0 sites to publish, share and celebrate student work.

Tiny House Design Sponsored Link Undoubtedly we have seen a lot of really neat structures in the recent years and it has really become much of a trend to have a smaller, yet unique types of houses. When we ran across this one it really stood out to us and felt the need to share it with you! This tiny triangle looking house is in Japan. In Japan the earthquake codes are constantly being updated due to the frequent earthquake activity. TouchDevelop - export to Cordova TouchDevelop scripts can be exported into Apache Cordova projects which compile to multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1 and many more! installation prerequisites In order to use this feature, you will might a computer with additional tools and SDKs based on the platform you target. follow carefully the Apache Cordova platform guide launch TouchDevelop local

5 Simple Coding Languages To Learn For First-Time Learners This are the five simple coding languages for the first-time programmers Programming is one of the best career choices in today’s world as more and more services are shifting online. It pays good and it also offers a challenge to anyone who chooses coding as a career. However choosing it as a career or hobby raises many questions in a youngster’s mind and through this article we are trying to solve some of them.

Getting Started: Building a Chrome Extension Extensions allow you to add functionality to Chrome without diving deeply into native code. You can create new extensions for Chrome with those core technologies that you're already familiar with from web development: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you've ever built a web page, you should feel right at home with extensions pretty quickly; we'll put that to the test right now by walking through the construction of a simple extension that will fetch an image from Google using the current page's URL as a search term.

99 Resources To Research & Mine The Invisible Web College researchers often need more than Google and Wikipedia to get the job done. To find what you're looking for, it may be necessary to tap into the invisible web, the sites that don't get indexed by broad search engines. The following resources were designed to help you do just that, offering specialized search engines, directories, and more places to find the complex and obscure. Search Engines Whether you're looking for specific science research or business data, these search engines will point you in the right direction. Turbo10: On Turbo10, you'll be able to search more than 800 deep web search engines at a time. CSS, Web Development, Color Tools, SEO, Usability etc. Vitaly Friedman's The Web Developer's Handbook creativity | css galleries & showcases | color tools | color schemes, palettes | color patterns | fashion: colors selection | color theory | royalty free photos | css daily reading | web design daily reading | css layouts | css navigation menus | css techniques | css: software & Firefox Extensions | css-web-tools & services | html-web-tools & services | accessibility checkers | miscellaneous tools | ajax | javascript | DOM | fonts | typography | RSS | CMS | blogging |

10 great recent freebies for designers Designers don’t have to design every single item they create, it would be counter-productive to think so. With the Internet giving you access to a huge quantity of design freebies, it would be even dumb to not take advantage of it. With limited time, you can create some even better looking designs than previously, thanks to the generosity of other designers you’ve never heard of. Slack Commands in Clojurescript – Nervous Systems As a standalone Clojurescript/AWS Lambda function example, we’re going to walk through a Slack Slash Command exposed via API Gateway. Lambda, as covered previously will allow us to deploy compiled Clojurescript code and invoke it, without worrying about exactly where it gets run. API Gateway allows HTTP endpoints to be associated with AWS service triggers — including the invocation of Lambda functions. I’ve published a simple Leiningen template: