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Fr.slideshare. To draw attention to something, B2B Content Marketing: Top Tactics, Goals, and Tools. Case studies and client success stories are the content types that B2B companies most use, according to a recent report from Starfleet Media. The report was based on data from a survey of 324 B2B marketers and salespeople from around the world (69% based in North America; 22%, Europe; 9%, other). Respondents work for B2B companies in a wide range of industries, including technology, manufacturing, and business services. Some 67% of respondents say they have put case studies/client success stories to use as a digital content marketing asset in the previous12 months; other commonly used content types are whitepapers (62% have created), webinars (58%), and e-books (52%). Below, additional key findings from the report. Success and Goals 50% of respondents say they have been successful or very successful in achieving their primary objectives for content marketing. Distribution Tactics Tools and Services.

7 Companies Winning at B2B Content Marketing. The B2B sales cycle is a monster. Almost every product vertical is saturated with competitors, and purchases — when they do happen — are prolonged by decision-making groups with conflicting priorities. Many brands are using B2B content marketing to “break through the clutter,” accelerate the sales cycle, and grow their customer base. Good move. But here’s the problem: some brands aren’t very good at content.

Their efforts are misguided, or they lack the resources to consistently turn out content that is helpful and unique. So what does effective content marketing look like? One of the best ways to understand effective B2B content marketing is to learn by example. Here are seven B2B companies (in no particular order) that have demonstrated a clear mastery of content marketing. Twitter Followers: 65,800Domain Authority: 86/100 Zendesk is a leading provider of cloud-based customer service software. Suggested Content: Sh** Support Agents SayCookbook for the Customer-Centric Company Free E-Book. Content Marketing – It’s Going to Get Weird. Content Marketing – It’s Going to Get Weird. Content - Audit, Measure, and Discover Your Best. Content Marketing Tips for B2B Organizations. B2B companies face different challenges than B2C companies. From which stages you target in the funnel to how you measure your success to the team you end up selling to, content marketing can be a horse of a different color when you're business-to-business.

In this week's Whiteboard Friday, Rand shares his tips for successful content marketing when you're a B2B. Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high resolution version in a new tab! Video Transcription Howdy, Moz fans, and welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. This week we're going to chat about B2B marketing, specifically B2B content marketing, and some tips that I've got for you that are a little bit different from how we would do B2C or other kinds of content marketing. I get it. Let's start with the funnel. The B2B funnel is very similar to a B2C funnel.

Target the right stages of the marketing funnel I think one problem that we have in B2B marketing is a lot of times we target the wrong part of the funnel. Content Marketing Tips for B2B Organizations. Content Marketing Tips for B2B Organizations. Seven | World Class Digital Content Marketing | What effective B2B content marketing looks like. One marketing year draws to a close and another gets into gear and with it the pundits start dusting down their prediction piece tropes to gaze at a brave new world of customer engagement. This coming year the B2C boys predict wearable tech, mobile payments and virtual reality in their crystal balls and are hailing Meerkat and Periscope as the possible next big things, along with every form of video of course – whether it’s 360-degree video on Facebook or ad-utilisation in Google.

The next 12 months will be the year in which B2C brands need to adapt to the increasingly non-linear journey customers are taking in the sales cycle, making the experience more relevant, personalised and consistent, if those customers are still to be relevant to them. As for B2B, the vicissitudes of the consumer sales experience are a long way from the more slow burn sales generating enjoyed in the business environment. For B2B the sales window is longer and the emphasis on brand building far greater. Content Roundup: How to Win at B2B Content Marketing. It's tough to "win" at B2B marketing, but it isn't impossible! This week's #ContentRoundup provides some tips and tricks for how B2B marketers can come out on top. Content Marketing Tips for B2B Organizations Rand Fishkin to the rescue! Just when I thought Whiteboard Fridays couldn't get any better, Rand offers some great tips for how to win at B2B content marketing. Content Marketing — It's Going to Get Weird Joe Pulizzi presents a fascinating argument on how to win at content marketing, concluding: "While your competitors may slow their content-marketing velocity or kill the plan entirely, those that have a strategy and continue to execute against it will win.

" 11 Content Marketing FAQs Answered As part of Pardot's B2B Bootcamp series, they answered some common questions about B2B content marketing. What Effective B2B Content Marketing Looks Like 7 Companies Winning at B2B Content Marketing Want to see some great B2B content marketing examples in action? Thank you - we'll be in touch soon! Content Roundup: How to Win at B2B Content Marketing. I’m Sorry, Content Marketers, But Your CMS Won’t Cut It. I find it puzzling why, just because content marketers are tasked with creating killer content, they’re also put in charge of creating content experiences from scratch. You know, when your boss comes up to you and says, “We have a CMS that powers our website, so just go ahead and fudge it to make a content experience too. Mmmk?” Where in the marketer's handbook is the chapter on project management or web development or site design?

It’s no wonder so many content marketing experiences barely get off the ground, and why even those that do often become stale and fail to deliver any value to their business. It’s in the marketer’s best interest to empower their content with a good content experience, but they need to have the right tools and processes in place to build one. Why do content experiences matter? Imagine James Bond trying to outdrive Mr. Like James Bond, your marketing content belongs in an Aston Martin experience. Don’t believe me? Maybe it’s got a pretty facade. Who can blame us? Product. Uberflip puts your marketing team in control of a content Hub equipped with the tools you need to manage content, generate leads, and optimize the entire experience — without depending on IT. 2min Video Aggregate all your content and easily organize it into Custom Streams tailored for specific buyer personas, topics, events, even prospects.

Smart Filters and Scheduled Tasks let you automate curation and publishing to serve up the right content experience to the right audiences at the right time. Power your blog, resource centeror content library. Equip your team with tools to controlthe content experience and get insights. Customize and strategically place Link and Form Call-to-Actions within your content, or around your Hub, to boost engagement and maximize lead gen.

Capture subscribers with overlay forms that “pop up” at the right time. Gate premium content quickly and easily, syncing contact information with marketing automation. Integrate your: See Flipbooks in action Dan Fox,Sr. The Building Blocks of a High Converting Content Experience. Creating content is one thing, but it’s only one part of your content marketing strategy. If you want your content marketing strategy to effectively convert leads, you need to also consider the entire content experience. Think of it this way: it’s one thing to enjoy a piña colada in your own backyard, while you sweat over the barbecue and Wilson is peeking over your fence. It’s an entirely different experience to enjoy a piña colada on a tropical beach, surrounded by sand, sun and waves.

I think it’s safe to say that the piña colada would be much more enjoyable on the beach. Content consumption can be seen in the same way — if you want people to effectively consume content and ultimately convert, you need to provide them with a well-optimized content experience. Start building your content experience by assembling the following elements. 1. At the core of every content experience is, of course, great content. There’s really no simple definition, but great content must be: 2. 3. 4. 5. Content Roundup: How to Win at B2B Content Marketing.