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After effects tutorial. Adobe After Effects CS6 Save as .GIF Tutorial By PinkPiggie.

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Gannett announces rise in circulation revenue, driven by paywalls. Gannett | The Wall Street Journal | Gannett Blog Net operating revenues from print circulation were up 5.6 percent in the third quarter of 2012 over the same period the year before, Gannett announced Monday morning.

Gannett announces rise in circulation revenue, driven by paywalls

Seventy-one of Gannett’s newspapers now have a paywall. The gains nearly offset the decline in print advertising, which was down 6.6 percent. Digital advertising was up 4.7 percent, “due primarily to revenue growth at CareerBuilder,” the earnings report says. Digital “now represents more than 25 percent of total revenues,” CEO Gracia Martore said in a statement accompanying the earnings release.

At USA Today, digital revenue was up 69.7 percent; and unique visitors to USA Today’s mobile sites were up 79 percent in September. The company beat analyst expectations for profit per share, though, in large part due to excellent results from its broadcasting division, whose net operating revenue was up 36 percent over the third quarter of 2011. Tags: Paywalls. Conjugaison exercices.

Grammaire. Le CSS - Tutoriel HTML & CSS. La syntaxe Un fichier CSS permet de changer radicalement l'affichage de plusieurs pages HTML.

Le CSS - Tutoriel HTML & CSS

La structure d'un fichier CSS est simple (plus que celle d'un fichier HTML). Un fichier CSS est composé de plusieurs règles. Chaque règle permet de changer l'affichage de plusieurs balises HTML. Les règles ont la syntaxe suivante : Expliquons cette structure avec quelques définitions : Chaque règle CSS sert à appliquer des styles à une balise HTML, certaines balises, ou un groupe de balises ; Chaque règle d'un fichier CSS débute par un sélecteur. Pour illustrer ce que nous venons de voir, nous allons voir comment centrer le titre de niveau 1 de nos pages Web.

Si maintenant nous voulons une couleur bleue pour ce même titre, nous devons appliquer une seconde déclaration (couple "propriété: valeur") pour le même sélecteur h1 : il s'agit de la propriété "color", et nous lui donnons la valeur "blue". Lier le CSS au HTML <! Le fichier style.css, quand à lui, pourra ressembler à ceci : <! Les sélecteurs <! A Node.js Podcast. CSS Selector Profiler, Source Mapping and Software Rendering.

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CSS Selector Profiler, Source Mapping and Software Rendering

Since I didn’t publish an update last week, this one will cover all 680 WebKit and 986 Chromium commits made in the past two weeks. Highlights include a ton of Web Inspector changes, Jarred’s work on XMLHttpRequest and access to new JavaScript features through about:flags. Besides support for true hardware acceleration, which pretty much is a requirement for features such as WebGL and CSS 3D Transforms, attention is also being given to software renderers. Several crashes for Apple’s OpenGL-software renderer have been fixed, and support for SwiftShader has been added for Windows installations, which will automatically be downloaded if support for GPU-based WebGL is blacklisted. While performance definitely won’t be en par with GPU-based WebGL, it’s a good solution for those on older systems.

The Web Inspector team landed some great new features, most notable of which is the CSS Selector Profiler. Other changes which occurred during these weeks: And that’s all again. - Virtual assistants, virtual agents, chat bots, conversational agents, chatterbots, chatbots: examples, companies, news,directory.