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South. Mozilla Firefox Start Page. PostgreSQL: The world's most advanced open source database. Nathan's Revit API Notebook. <<< Return to the Program Lab This page is my personal diary for exploring the API for Revit and Vasari.

Nathan's Revit API Notebook

This page is as much a resource for me as I hope it will be for others. Developing custom tools for Revit using the API can be a complicated endeavor. The program is quite complex and the development process is not nearly as straightforward as developing tools for more 'free geometry' modelers such as Rhino. Please see Jeremy Tammik's article titled BIM versus Free Geometry and Product Training for a more detailed explanation of the 'barriers to entry' in Revit API development. This notebook attempts to remedy a few 'resource deficiencies' in learning and applying the Revit API in the context of a design workflow… Design-Related Techniques: Most API examples I have found on the web are related to model management. This is still work in progress and I am learning new things every day. Enjoy! -Nathan Miller About RevitPythonShell is a Revit Add-In created by Daren Thomas.

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