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Crazy Glue. CASSETTE. One Millionth Tower. Afghanistan – touch down in flight. Dentsu London. In 2002, mcgarrybowen was founded by three partners who held top leadership positions at some of the world's most accomplished advertising agencies.

Dentsu London

They founded mcgarrybowen on the belief that the agency should exist to serve clients, build brands, and grow businesses. Less than a decade later, their determination to hold true to this founding belief led mcgarrybowen to be named Agency of the Year by Advertising Age in 2009, and again by both Advertising Age and Adweek in 2011. Today, mcgarrybowen remains an independently operating agency network, built lean and smart to deliver the speed and unique thinking our clients rely on. Life In A Day. Life in a Day : disponible sur YouTube. Gallery.mailchimp.com/d5399c931862053ad4a916324/files/17_10_61_DP. -{ RaspouTeam }- Flash - Iranian Stories. Mozilla Firefox. ARTE New York Minute's videos. How New Yorkers Feel About Art. By Maria Popova Last year, the wonderful Fifty People One Question project, a finalist in the first annual Vimeo Awards for creativity and innovation in online video, was among our most loved articles all year, and for good reason — a beautifully simple premise, even more beautifully executed, peeling away at the most authentic of human sentiments about life.

How New Yorkers Feel About Art

Now, a new microdocumentary by filmmakers Christian Svanes Kolding and Ewan Adams takes a similar approach to a much more niche topic: Art. The descriptively titled How Do You Feel (About Art)? Fifty People, One Question. By Maria Popova What world peace has to do with zombie fever and waking up in your own bed.

Fifty People, One Question

This past weekend, Vimeo announced the finalists in the first-ever Vimeo Awards for creativity and innovation in online video. While many of our favorites from the past few years made the cut, today we’re looking at one particularly wonderful project: Fifty People One Question.