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La collection Kusmi Tea x Jean Paul Gaultier. Des fleurs, des couleurs qui pulsent, des franges et des paillettes à foison… Pour son 20ème anniversaire, Victoria’s Secret a une fois de plus présenté un show spectaculaire, rythmé par une bande-son signée Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding et The Weeknd.

La collection Kusmi Tea x Jean Paul Gaultier

Naoto Fukasawa JUICEPEEL Packaging (revisited) If you’re like me, then you’ve probably already seen these 2004 images of the Naoto Fukasawa JUICEPEEL packaging (above) when they were appearing on various blogs in 2009.

Naoto Fukasawa JUICEPEEL Packaging (revisited)

Also known as “Juice Skin,” what I remembered reading about the project at that time, was that the packages were not only colored, but also textured to resemble specific fruits. That’s true enough, but there’s a bit more to tell, and since we’ve been looking at Tetra Pak juice boxes lately, maybe now’s a good time for a second look. Soymilk, banana and strawberry “juicepeel” packs from: Nina Pope’s Flickr Photostream Some of the things that I hadn’t fully understood (or remembered correctly) about this project: Packaging Design - Food & Beverages. Doritos Package Design Concept. This is a pretty nifty Doritos snack packaging concept by Peter Pavlov whose surface triangulations allows for opening and closing without the use of a clip.

Doritos Package Design Concept

Moreover the triangles are shaped after the nachos. Currently the package design only comes in solid colors, and Mr Pavlov would like interested creative individuals out there to contribute their designs and illustrations for the package concept via his Facebook group, Doritos Packaging Concept Submissions. I personally would like to keep the solid colors as is since my fold-hungry eyes only savor the surface. More images after the break. Packaging double emploi pour du “blé” solidaire. Comment peut-on intégrer un message à un emballage, une prise de position, lui donner une deuxième vie et l’intégrer à un geste citoyen axé sur le partage et l’équité ?

Packaging double emploi pour du “blé” solidaire

Un bel exemple sur ce packaging pour des grains de blé qui prend la forme du grain lui-même pour devenir ensuite une tirelire. Le produit de base qu’est le blé est un excellent porte-parole pour faire la promotion d’une meilleure répartition des ressources alimentaires sur la planète. Veuve Clicquot - Take Along. Sustainable Packaging Goes Beyond Size. Photo credit: FotoosVanRobin/Creative CommonsThis guest post was written by Ronald Sasine, senior director of packaging at Walmart.

Sustainable Packaging Goes Beyond Size

When you buy a product, your decision drives a series of environmental impacts. Imagine the benefits if everyone considered the impact of packaging as part of their buying decisions, benefits measured in the billions of pounds of packaging manufactured, shipped and disposed of each year.When we talk about more sustainable packaging at Walmart, we're focusing on more than just smaller packaging. We're looking at the entire life cycle of packaging and knowing that improvement can take many forms: Rethinking a product. The Hay Egg Carton. Structural packaging design. optimising form, function, efficiency & overall appeal. Hartmann produce 50% of the worlds egg boxes & “imagic ®” has quickly become it's most successful design.

structural packaging design. optimising form, function, efficiency & overall appeal

Since roll-out began, Feb 2003, demand has been so high, up 15% - 40%, production has had a challenge meeting demand. Consumers love it’s stylish, soft, ergonomic shape. Brand owners & retailers love the improved graphics area for branding & product differentiation & the added value it has brought to the fixture.

Egg Pack on Packaging Design Served. Amandine Alessandra: Graphic Design: eggs. Nestbox on Behance. The nestbox project was done for an egg package competition.

nestbox on Behance

My inspiration for the design came from the nests of birds which are the original place of eggs. My plan was to costruct an eggbox without any scticking, only jointing.To leave sticking was an important part of my design becouse there is no sticking on the common eggboxes either. After all, the whole box was cut out from one piece of cardboard by laser.

The nestbox project was done for an egg package competition. My inspiration for the design came from the nests of birds which are the original place of eggs. 6-egg-packaging-design. Grow Bottles. If you live in an apartment or otherwise lack a patch in which to plant a garden, Potting Shed Creations' Grow Bottles (also available at sustainable-living shop Branch) might be your answer to indoor herbs.

Grow Bottles

The company is repurposing wine bottles and calling on the art of hydroponics to allow those with limited outdoor resources partake in the gardening fun. Grow Bottles come in five varieties: basil, chives, mint, oregano, and parsley. Each bottle contains everything you need for growing, from seeds to clay pebbles to instructions on how to setup your hydroponic garden. An Eco-Friendly Lamp for People Who Hate CFLs. Chances are you got rid of your incandescent lights awhile ago, unless you run a twee restaurant in Brooklyn or you hate the planet (or both).

An Eco-Friendly Lamp for People Who Hate CFLs

But it wasn't an easy parting, was it? Those inefficient old bulbs are, in a word, gorgeous. Studio Stadtpark, in Austria, has heard your cries and designed the next best thing: Sympathy for the Bulb, a lamp that radiates light like an incandescent, using bulbs that won't destroy the earth. The trick is a cutout in the center of the lamp that mimics the shape of a cartoonishly big incandescent. Screw in a CFL or some other energy-saving bulb, and its light fills the cutout, creating the illusion of a soft, round glow. 1 New Fresh Egg. Designed by Kristina Klafstad.

1 New Fresh Egg

A BA (hons)graduate in Graphic Design from The Creative School of Norway, and Southampton Solent University. My idea for the self promotion was to design something that will be noticed by a future employer. I chose to make a little box with an egg, because I am fresh and new in the industry and have many new ideas I will hatch in the future. Inside the egg there is a rolled-up note with information about myself. 4 Extremely Polyhedral Egg Cartons. Some extremely polyhedral design solutions to the problem of how to best package eggs. Not that eggs, themselves do not possess a geometry of their own, but “egg” geometry is parabolic rather than polyhedral. Which is why it’s sort of fascinating to see what alternative containers can be constructed for eggs from the flat planes of folded cardboard.

(The “Geometry of the Egg” diagram on right is from Vismath, the electronic journal of the Mathematical Institute in Belgrade) 30 Extraordinary Packaging Design Ideas around the world. Dejection-moulding by Manuel Jouvin. French designer Manuel Jouvin has created packaging for cooked snails made of dyed snail excrement. Snails are encouraged to eat coloured paper, which alters the colour of the raw material. Called Dejection-Moulding, the project was developed in collaboration with snail farmer Sylvie Pierru. Here's some text from Jouvin: Post-graduation project "Dejection-molding" OneEighty: malleable packaging design. Finnish design students Nikolo Kerimov, Juho Kruskopf and Arttu Kuisma created this innovative packaging design. Called OneEighty, the product's tessellated geometric surface allows it to fit to the shape of a hand while keeping contents safe.

The packaging's malleable but rigid tiled structure is ultra-strong and allows liquid products to be squeezed out right to the very last drop. Bloom chips: the concept of the most convenient packaging for potato chips › CuteDecision. Pablo Reinoso - Design - Vin et Spiritueux. Céralin : un matériau durable à base de céréales. Shoebox is 100% Recycled. But Wait, There's More... Here is a neat demonstration of good packaging design. You take the crappy coarse 100% recycled pulp that egg cartons are made of and you mould it around the shape of shoes so that you still have packaging to protect the shoes, but because it is the shape of the shoes rather than the shape of the box. Packaging Design News, Features, Insight & Analysis. Topographie des produits de grandes surfaces. Packaging shortlist. Thu, 14 Jun 2012 Penhaligon’s Christmas Boxes 2011 by Jones Knowles Ritchie Jones Knowles Ritchie was tasked with creating a range of Christmas boxes that would capture the English wit and eccentricity of perfume brand Penhaligon’s.

The consultancy chose a ‘hidden London’ theme and created gift boxes that provide a glimpse into life in a Victorian household, with the three boxes stacking up to display a six-storey house – showing exterior on one side and interior on the other. Designer Packaging for Meo Eggs. April 18, 2013 • By Joe Howard • In Design If you appreciate well designed packaging, you’ll love Meo egg packaging by California-based designer, Chi Hey Lee. To see more of her work, head over to her website here. Meo egg packaging was designed for children to encourage them to eat more eggs.

This packaging line has six different characters, and each one has unique name. They are Hungry BBQ, Crying Chili, Wild Ranch, Sexy Honey, Baby Island, and Salty Pepper. Gogol-Mogol: innovative concept packaging for soft-boiled eggs › CuteDecision. Innovative Egg Packaging - IDE Portfolio of Mark Grob. 140 hour individual project. Easter-egg packaging. Self Expiring medicinal packaging by Kanupriya and Gautam Goel. Reusable packaging forms a protective skin around delicate objects.

Recyclable Crafts: Carton Wallet. This photo originally appeared in FamilyFun Magazine. 10 Creatively Inspiring Tea Packaging Designs. Textile Design and Designer`s Platform. Heike Weber While visiting Turkey, german artist Heike Weber was fascinated by the kilim – the turkish word for carpet – and created this silicone carpet series, currently adorning the Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck Bahnhof Rolandseck in Remagen.

The familiar characteristics of the orient manifest themselves as patterns that are carefully reproduced in stringy white silicone and carry the immanent culture of the east with them. Regardez la boîte en carton du futur (dont devrait s'inspirer Ikea pour ses meubles) C’est une invention digne du concours Lépine: une boîte en carton censée «révolutionner l’industrie de l’emballage en carton», comme nous le présentent deux de ses concepteurs, des étudiants de la prestigieuse Cooper Union à New York, qui en font une démonstration dans cette vidéo postée le 22 décembre 2013. La réhabilitation de la canette de bière est en marche. On vous avait déjà posé cette question cruciale sur s'agissant de bière, vous êtes plutôt bouteille ou canette? Si vos préférences vont davantage au verre qu'à l’aluminium, les dernières innovations en matière de canettes de bière, rapportées par Quartz, pourraient vous faire changer d’avis. Les canettes métalliques ne manquent pourtant pas de vertus: elles sont peu chères, solides, n’altèrent pas le goût du produit et ne laissent pas passer la lumière, laquelle n’est pas la meilleure amie de la bière.

Emballé, c'est manger.