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El Met libera 375,000 obras de arte al dominio público. Claude Monet, El puente japonés (1899) Conocido por su impresionante colección de arte que incluye “5,000 años de arte abarcando todas las culturas y épocas”, el Museo Metropolitano de Nueva York (o el Met, como se le llama familiarmente) ha anunciado que 375,000 piezas de su colección que pertenecen al dominio público ahora estarán disponibles sin restricciones.

El Met libera 375,000 obras de arte al dominio público

Como parte de una actualización a una iniciativa similar de 2014, la nueva política, llamada Open Access, permite que individuos accedan y utilicen las imágenes “para cualquier propósito, sea comercial o no, sin costo alguno y sin requerir permiso del Museo”. Las obras disponibles comprenden una gran variedad de corrientes artísticas, estilos y medios, e incluyen desde pinturas icónicas de Claude Monet y Vincent Van Gogh hasta trajes y armaduras de siglos de antigüedad. Puedes tener acceso a estas imágenes a través del sitio del Met. Sigue leyendo para ver algunas de las obras que ahora son de libre acceso. Artículos relacionados:

Discover Soviet-Era Illustrations Of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Hobbit (1976) Until I read J.

Discover Soviet-Era Illustrations Of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Hobbit (1976)

R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of The Rings, my favorite book growing up was, by far, The Hobbit. Growing up in Russia, however, meant that instead of Tolkien’s English version, my parents read me a Russian translation. To me, the translation easily matched the pace and wonder of Tolkien’s original. As with many Russian translations during the Cold War, the book came with a completely different set of illustrations. Next, we have the three trolls, arguing about their various eating arrangements, with Bilbo hiding to the side. Here, Gollum, née Smeagol, paddles his raft in the depths of the mountains. Finally, here’s Bilbo, fulfilling his role as a burglar in Smaug’s lair. For more of the Soviet illustrations of The Hobbit, head on over to Retronaut. For another Soviet take on The Hobbit, watch this 1985 TV adaptation.

Ilia Blinderman is a Montreal-based culture and science writer. Related Content: Creating Paths. Paths can be created by the Pencil (Freehand), Bezier (Pen), and Calligraphy drawing tools.

Creating Paths

They can also be created by conversion from a regular shape or text object. By default, paths created with the Pencil and Bezier tools have a black stroke with a width of one pixel while the Calligraphy tool will use the Current style. These behaviors can be changed in the corresponding sections of the Inkscape Preferences dialog. (Right Mouse Click on the Current style indicator in the Tool Controls to open the dialog.) The Pencil (or Freehand) Tool is perhaps the easiest tool with which to draw a path. Icon (F6 or p) in the Tool Box and then click-drag the mouse over the canvas to draw a line. Holding down the Alt key while drawing enables the Sketch mode. As long as a path is selected, you can extend the path by click-dragging from one of the path's ends. To delete an unfinished path, use Esc or Ctrl+Z. There are two possible modes for the simplify command. Icon (Shift+F6 or b) in the Tool Box. Vector Drawing - Wikiversity.

Quick Definition of Vector Graphics: Vector graphics are graphics that computers render by using mathematical formulas.

Vector Drawing - Wikiversity

This allows the image to be scaled up many times without distortion, unlike something in MS Paint which uses raster graphics (graphics made up of pixels). Primary Uses Vector graphics are primarily used for logos, icons on your computer, and wallpapers due to their scalability. Software[edit] This will be written specifically for Inkscape (review). Assignments[edit] (This is written for active learners; a step-by-step how to would cripple creativity.) Day 1. Help:Vector graphics tutorial. Introduction[edit] Welcome to this vector graphics tutorial!

Help:Vector graphics tutorial

This tutorial is aimed at absolute beginners who are interested in getting started with vector graphics. One important point is that you can improve your SVG skills by testing and testing again : mastery comes with experience, experience comes with lots of practise. What are Vector Graphics? [edit] A bitmap letter A in black. Bitmaps images do not scale. So what are vector graphics? Because vector graphics work in this way, they are ideally suited to the kinds of drawings that require simple shapes that can be mathematically described. Here are some example vector images to show you the kind of image that can be drawn with a vector graphic program. File Formats[edit] Various file formats are used for vector graphics; the most common is Macromedia/Adobe Flash. Downloading Inkscape[edit] We will use Inkscape for a couple of reasons. Opening Inkscape for the first time[edit] The layout is reasonably uncluttered.