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Fill the Gap! ICT a catalyst for regional growth – Etisalat. The Etisalat Group unveiled its vision for regional economies to catalyze rapid growth and achieve national development goals through a coordinated response to ICT.

ICT a catalyst for regional growth – Etisalat

Essa Alhaddad, chief commercial officer, Etisalat Group briefing an audience on the value of ICT in driving economic growth and stimulating innovation (image: Etisalat) The Middle East’s largest telecommunications company shared its blueprint for a modern economy to a think-tank of regional decision-makers at the Harvard Arab Alumni Annual Meeting held at the St. Regis Hotel, Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi. The opening address to the Etisalat sponsored event was delivered by His Excellency Dr Anwar Gargash, minister of state for foreign affairs and minister of Federal National Council affairs, who was immediately followed by Essa Alhaddad, chief commercial officer at Etisalat Group who presented the operator’s ICT strategy.

Staff Writer. Airtel powers Africa Movies Academy Awards. Leading telecommunications services provider, Airtel Nigeria, has been confirmed as the official sponsor of the African Movies Academy Awards (AMAA) by the organisers of the event.

Airtel powers Africa Movies Academy Awards

Representatives from AMAA and Airtel at a recent media conference to discuss the partnership (image: Airtel) The mobile operator was unveiled in Lagos during the week to the media at a press conference to announce the partnership and provide update on the pan African academy Awards scheduled for April 22 at the Expo Hall of Eko Hotel and Suites, Lagos. A new smart-phone interface and text-messaging app for the illiterate farmers - India. Information Society - Digital Agenda Scoreboard. Information society statistics. Data from August 2012.

Information society statistics

Most recent data: Further Eurostat information, Main tables and Database. LIFT12 Conference - Village Telco. 2n. ICT4Drinks in Barcelona. Women in technology solicit support for rural partners. The Association of Information and Communications Technology women practitioners, under the flagship of Women in Technology in Nigeria (WITIN), has disclosed its plans to rally support for women who trade at markets within rural areas.

Women in technology solicit support for rural partners

The group’s chairperson, Martha Omoekpen Alade (image: Bikyamasr) This was unfolded by the group’s chairperson, Martha Omoekpen Alade in a statement to the prss in Lagos. The rally, according to the group, would create web presence for such women to enable their wares or businesses to receive global attention. They explained that rural women contribute critically to household production, national food security and agricultural development in general. Upcoming seminar to assess the future potential of mobile technology in agriculture. Stockholm, Sweden. Why Mobile Ads in Emerging Markets are the Future [INFOGRAPHIC] There are 5.3 billion mobile subscribers around the world, meaning 77% of the world's population uses a phone. The majority of those users — 3.8 billion or 73% of the group — live in emerging economies. Yet mobile advertising dollars spent around the world do not begin to compete with traditional platforms or Internet ads.

As the Internet spreads throughout the developing world, it's arriving on phones before traditional computers. Some 70% of Internet users in Egypt, 59% in India, 57% in South Africa, 50% in Ghana and 44% in Indonesia get online via mobile phones alone. Wireless Wednesday: sharing agricultural knowledge in Kenya. Next2us. CITI Project on Broadband as a Platform for Video in Africa. COLUMBIA INSTITUTE FOR TELE-INFORMATION Columbia University Business SchoolIn Arms-Length Partnership with Private Sector companies, and other Academic & Research Institutions This conference examines the role and prospects of broadband in Africa as a video platform - the strategies and building blocks for deployment and advancement.

According to the World Bank, the growth of international internet connectivity in Africa has outpaced the global average by nearly 2 to 1. World News: How the developing world is using cellphone technology to change lives. In Nigeria, a young girl can ask questions about sex discretely through SMS and get accurate information.

World News: How the developing world is using cellphone technology to change lives

After the earthquake in Haiti, survivors in remote towns could receive money for food straight to their cellphone. In Senegal, election monitors sent updates on polling stations through their mobile phones, revising an online map in real time with details about late openings or worse. Projects like Learning about Living in Nigeria, MercyCorps in Haiti and Senevote2012 in Senegal are just a few examples of how the rapid spread of mobile technology has changed life in the global south. Many places are jumping straight from paper records to mobile information because they are getting cellphone towers before Internet connections or even traditional phone lines. Guestpost: Business Models, Entrepreneurship, and Poverty Alleviation in Kenya. This guestpost tells the special story of how Sebastián Salinas Claro and Joshua Bicknel connected across the globe on the Business Model Hub.

Guestpost: Business Models, Entrepreneurship, and Poverty Alleviation in Kenya

They joined efforts in their aim to defeat poverty by teaching entrepreneurship. The results are amazing. Ethnosproject. Euro-Africa Cooperation Forums on ICT Research - Portugal. Next Euro-African FP7/ICT awareness workshop - Lesotho. Exploring the interactions among public opinion, governance, and the public sphere. Our Top Ten Blog Posts by Readership in 2012 Originally published on April 4, 2012.

Exploring the interactions among public opinion, governance, and the public sphere

Coders4Africa In Action: Python African Tour. Invalid quantity.

Coders4Africa In Action: Python African Tour

Please enter a quantity of 1 or more. The quantity you chose exceeds the quantity available. Launching the New Wiki and Video Initiatives. I dream of Ushahidi community members sharing best practices and mentoring others to change their world.

Launching the New Wiki and Video Initiatives

To make this more possible, we have a new wiki and video channel. Both community zones are available for all of you to collaborate and share content. But, most of all, build, spread and change Ushahidi. Ushahidi exists to give people voice. Education and development in a world of networks. The Future Of Mobile [DECK] ‘Smart farming’ in Africa: Mobile telecoms revolution. EmailTemp.jpg. Llegó la hora; se viene el NGO Day 2012 - 4to Encuentro de tecnología para ONG´s: “La tecnología al servicio de las causas sociales” organizado por Microsoft y Wingu el próximo 17 de abril en el Centro Metropolitano de Diseño.


Podés inscribirte y elegir las sesiones con antelación haciendo click acá. Como en otros años, el objetivo del encuentro es reflexionar sobre la potencia de la tecnología en el trabajo cotidiano de las organizaciones sin fines de lucro, tanto en su gestión interna como en el trabajo con los beneficiarios. En esta oportunidad además de charlas generales sobre creatividad y tecnología aplicadas a ONGs, habrá talleres temáticos de redes sociales, CRM, recaudación de fondos y comunicaciones 3.0, y mucho más. Beta.

Local content in Africa, three ways. Where is knowledge being created? Who has access to this knowledge? Researchers Viktor Mayer-Schonberger and Mark Graham, along with Dr. Why we should fund ICT for education. Technology, as a driver of educational reform in developing countries, has seen many false dawns. The Internet today provides access to a wealth of resources, yet most centers of education – especially in Africa – still suffer from acute bandwidth constraints, and teaching staff struggle to identify resources that are both relevant and available. Likewise, devices of one kind or another have been heralded as step changes in the way students learn, yet the right combination of functionality and affordability has so far been elusive – until now. In October 2011, the Indian government launched a seven-inch tablet computer called the Aakash at a price of US$35, or $65 before subsidy. ALIN wins the UNESCO-IPDC Prize for Rural Communication. Connecting,Empowering & Grouping Farmers.

Windows 7 is Now the Most Popular Operating System in Kenya. Cometh the hour. Cometh the technology. For NGOs and developers alike, the ICT4D space can be a tough nut to crack. While NGOs generally struggle to find the tools they need to meet their particular needs, developers face the opposite problem – getting their tools into the hands of those who need them the most.

Attempts to connect the NGO and developer communities – physically and virtually – continue to this day with varying degrees of success. There is no magic bullet. Of course, bringing together the two parties in one place – community website, conference room or chat room – is only a small part of it. Getting them to understand each others needs, often over a technologically-fuelled chasm, can be another. One of the earlier attempts to join the non-profit/developer dots took place in February 2007 in the boldly titled UN Meets Silicon Valley conference, where the United Nations met up with a bunch of Silicon Valley companies to explore how technology and industry could bolster international development. TICs para Desarrollo. Crisis Mapping and Early Warning. Below are the most recently published reports from the Crisis Mapping and Early Warning program. A Water Drop Microscope for the XO Laptop. Our Modern Toolkit: Free and Open Source Tools for Social Impact.

Mobilemediatoolkit. Share This. Internet Buttons. 2012 Infopoverty World Conference: Who Drives the Digital Revolution? Development Through Innovation. Kenya’s Safaricom upgrading mobile money service. Kenya’s leading telecom provider Safaricom announced on Tuesday that it was upgrading its mobile money platform M-PESA, hoping to make doing financial transactions wirelessly a bit easier. WhiteAfrican : What’s on Tap for 2012. Ictd2012Frias. Nigerian telcos blame taxes for slow development. Several Nigerian telecom operators warned they might have to increase telecoms service tariffs due to operational expenses caused by multiple taxation. Globacom installs broadband in another Nigeria city. Nigerian telecom operator Globacom, has taken fixed line services on its Broadaccess network to the nation’s third largest city Ibadan.

African Union Research Grant Programme: Call for proposal 2012. Skip to main content You are here Home » Resources Events. Last week the n… « Laptop Burns. Webinar 2012. Aprendizaje Ubicuo. ICT-led Interventions to boost Agriculture in Uganda. "ICTs Along the Ag Value Chain" database relased by GBI. March ICT4Drinks in NYC - International development- Eventbrite. Broadband tariffs in Latin America and the Caribbean: Benchmarking ... Ictreport2011. ICT4D and Sustainability. Nigerian government commits to 2015 digital economy. Question 4. ICTD 2012: Does Openness Enhance Development? - Open ICT for Development. In pictures: Mobile phones boost Ivory Coast cashew nuts. Infographic: Mobile Phones Tackling Poverty. Gender-IS-Citizenship. Foursquare switches from Google Maps to OpenStreetMap.

ICT for climate-smart agriculture and "green growth": Online forum 5-16 March 2012. Educational technology and innovation at the edges. Less Than 10% Of The Web In 2012 Is Mobile Ready. Millennials will benefit and suffer due to their hyperconnected lives. International Development 2.0. Mobile Agriculture: the Market Opportunity (session at Mobile World) Digital revolution needed for agriculture says Bill Gates. Library - CaLP. Business Strategy Consulting, Enterprise Developers and ICT experts. Ict4drinks, Barcelona, Ict4d, Bcn tweets. WSIS Project Prizes 2012: cast your vote and support the e-Agriculture Community! Women's Networking Support Program. ICTDrinks in Barcelona: 23 February 2012.