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I don't know, I do stuff. I'm in college to become a scientist. Life is cool.

Not-quite-so elementary, my dear electron. Electrons in atoms behave like waves, and when researchers excite them to higher orbits, those waves can split up, revealing the constituent characteristics of the electron.

Not-quite-so elementary, my dear electron

In a feat of technical mastery, condensed-matter physicists have managed to detect the elusive third constituent of an electron — its 'orbiton'. The achievement could help to resolve a long-standing mystery about the origin of high-temperature superconductivity, and aid in the construction of quantum computers. Isolated electrons cannot be split into smaller components, earning them the designation of a fundamental particle. 90 Minutes With Richard Feynman. The name Richard Feynman should at least sound familiar, if not because of his work in physics then because his zombie is such a big fan of the Mythbusters.

90 Minutes With Richard Feynman

Either way, the BBC Horizon documentary “Richard Feynman-No Ordinary Genius” is well worth your time, and deserves more than the mere 150,000 views it has garnered. Like Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson, Feynman was a talented thinker, teacher, and speaker–the essential skill set of any science rock star. But the video makes it clear that Feynman’s greatest gift was his unique, even eccentric personality, which allowed him to approach difficult scientific problems in new ways. Feynman was profoundly curious, a nature that extended well beyond his academic specialty. After becoming friends with artist Jirayr Zorthian, Feynman spent eight years trading him physics lessons for drawing instruction, eventually becoming an accomplished draftsman. Storyville: How to Get An Agent. Disclaimer: I do not have an agent.

Storyville: How to Get An Agent

Yet. So if you don’t want advice on how to get an agent from somebody who doesn’t have an agent, this column may not be for you. There is really only one reason to try and get an agent. Did you say money? Well, you’re kind of right. It’s just as difficult to land an agent as it is to land a press—quite possibly, more difficult. 12 low cost promotional ideas for musicians « Live Unsigned Blog. Times are hard for everyone at the moment, especially musicians.

12 low cost promotional ideas for musicians « Live Unsigned Blog

Unfortunately you can spend a lot of time signing up for free promotional sites online that will do nothing to raise their profile. Your time is limited, as are your funds so you need to focus on the free and low cost promotional opportunities that will really deliver. Marketing people say that you need to see the name of a brand between seven and nine times before you pay attention to it, so each of the below is another chance to get your name out there. Here are our recommendations for ways to promote your music for very little money: Get Internet radio play – It costs nothing to send a link for a free download of music to an internet radio station. You're Bored? That's So AWESOME. 10 Guitar Chords You've Never Heard Of.

Watch The “Powers Of Ten” Remade Using Food. The Daily Collegian. Posted by Ardee Napolitano on Wednesday, February 1, 2012 · 34 Comments Jeff Bernstein/Collegian Unlike tobacco, smoking marijuana – even when done regularly – does not damage the performance of people’s lungs, according to a recent study published by The Journal of the American Medical Association.

The Daily Collegian

The two-decade research, which followed 5,000 people who smoked an equivalent of one joint per day over the course of seven years, found out that despite their regular marijuana use, subjects were still able to push out a normal amount of air in one second after taking a deep breath. This means that only minimal if any pulmonary obstruction has developed, contrary to findings involving tobacco.

“Recent evidence indicates that smoking marijuana, for lung cancer, is not as bad as smoking tobacco is,” said Lyle Craker, a plant sciences professor at the University of Massachusetts who has studied medical marijuana for several years now. Ardee Napolitano can be reached at Musical Scales. The Path To Publication Part 2: Preparing For Battle.

Recap: I'm writing a monthly column about trying to publish my crime/noir/something novel, 'Apophenia'.

The Path To Publication Part 2: Preparing For Battle

Astronomy. First ever photos of newly discovered primate. Here are the first ever photos of the Myanmar snub-nosed monkey. The Myanmar snub-nosed monkey is a new species to science, discovered in 2010 by a team of local and international conservationists in Northern Myanmar. Camera traps caught these images of the monkeys in the high, forested mountains of Kachin state, bordering China. World's first images of Myanmar snub-nosed monkey caught on film. Photo credit: FFI/BANCA/PRCF The images, released January 10, were captured by a joint team from Fauna & Flora International (FFI), Biodiversity And Nature Conservation Association (BANCA) and People Resources and Conservation Foundation (PRCF). Primates who live in large groups have plainer, more expressive faces The Myanmar snub-nosed monkey was described scientifically in 2010 from a dead specimen collected from a local hunter. Heavy snows in January and constant rain in April made expeditions to set the camera traps difficult.

Myanmar snub-nosed monkey with infants. Find out more at physorg.


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