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Development and sales ended on April 23, 2012 Sales of Adobe® Flash® Catalyst® software ended on April 23, 2012. Flash Catalyst CS5.5 will no longer be available in future versions of Adobe Creative Suite® software. Adobe recommends that designers who are looking for interaction design software consider Creative Suite 6 Master Collection, which delivers the professional creative tools you need to create interactive apps that can reach audiences virtually anywhere. Adobe has decided to discontinue the production of Flash Catalyst in order to streamline the product line. Adobe will continue to honor all technical support contracts until they expire. interaction design software | Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 interaction design software | Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5
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ActionScript 3 Tutorials

Flashandmath.com Site Search NEW TUTORIALS, EFFECTS AND HOW-TOs AS3 Events Tutorial AS3 Events Properties: target, currentTarget, eventPhase, localX, localY We look at basic properties of events in AS3: target, currentTarget, localX, localY, as well as eventPhase. We provide a simple utility that displays those properties for MouseEvent.CLICK. Some results may surprise you, especially Event.target and localX, localY. ActionScript 3 Tutorials