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Crafts of Christmas Past: Fairy Walnut Presents - Curly Birds. Join me on pinterest Become a facebook fan I made these fairy walnut presents last year for my girls and their cousins.

Crafts of Christmas Past: Fairy Walnut Presents - Curly Birds

Needless to say, they were a big hit! To make some yourself: place walnuts on a cookie sheet and bake at 200 degrees for 10 - 15 minutes. Let them cool down slightly and pry open with a butter knife. Eyeballs By Day, Crafts By Night. I have been quite the lazy blogger lately, and for that I am sorry…I have been doing all kinds of little projects and finally just getting around to documenting them all!

Eyeballs By Day, Crafts By Night

This weekend I finally did a Christmas craft project that has been on my to-do list for quite some time – the “melted snowman” ornament! I thought they might be fun for my upcoming holiday craft show. I would consider this a “dollar store craft” because these shatterproof clear plasic bulbs were $1 ea. at A.C. Brown Sugar Casted Chocolates. Brown sugar is the perfect medium for casting poured chocolate in a homemade mold.

Brown Sugar Casted Chocolates

This simple project will set your imagination wild! Press any convex object of choice firmly into packed brown sugar, pour melted chocolate chips into the mold and wait for it to set up. You can flavor your chocolate with spices, citrus zest- or even salt and pepper! DIY surf wax candle. My favorite summer days are those spent driving with the windows down, surf boards stacked on top of the car, staying all day at the beach, and coming home salty, tired, and ready to do it all again the next day.

DIY surf wax candle

To bring some of these summertime vibes into my room (and to remind me of sunny days even when the weather turns cold), I created these surf wax candles. These could not be simpler to make! And if you've never smelled surf wax- it pretty much smells like summer in a bar of wax (aka the best scent in the world). Rough gems: Home & Kitchen. Raw gemstones: Home & Kitchen. DIY Decadent Crystal Necklace. In the past few weeks I’ve encountered many instances in which I have been referred to as a DIY Jewellery blogger.

DIY Decadent Crystal Necklace

I don’t disagree with this as such but I always thought of myself in the more simple guise of “DIY blogger” and not wanting to pigeon hole myself into such a specific category made a conscious effort to branch out of jewellery from time to time. I often wonder why I come back to jewellery so much. At uni I studied textile design and I’ve always had aspirations of making my own clothes. I have a huge appreciation for embroidery, printing, weaving and surface design.

DIY Upcycled Vintage Plates. My collection of vintage china is growing at a concerning rate.

DIY Upcycled Vintage Plates

I’m addicted to scouring flea markets for the finest porcelain and snatching up affordably priced mismatched sets online. But honestly, what is one to do with all those saucers, tea cups and dinner plates?! When I saw Melanie Rose‘s upcycled vintage plates in London last summer, I was instantly inspired to DIY my own. No ifs, ands or bugs. Color Enhancing Shampoos & Rinses: Natural Alternatives.

Looking for cheaper alternatives to washing your hair (or something with more natural ingredients)?

Color Enhancing Shampoos & Rinses: Natural Alternatives

I’ve moved the homemade shampoo, conditioner and color rinse recipes and tips onto this page for better organization, there’s a lot here to get you started. Enjoy! First up, here’s an easy way to give natural color a boost without harsh chemicals or dyes. Upcycle and Re-purposing. DIY Friendship Necklace. As soon as Lauren and I saw this editorial in Flare Magazine, we knew we had to recreate these awesome, friendship bracelet-like necklaces.

DIY Friendship Necklace

We promise they are super easy to make and the perfect way to pass the time during those long summer roadtrips. To make a 2-tone necklace, cut a long piece of rope and wrap two different colors of embroidery thread around its own bobbin. DIY Ombré Denim. Dip dyed ombré denim has been popping up here and there and not only do we love the look, it’s super easy to do yourself! We’ve combined Tory Burch‘s dip dyed jeans and Miss Unkon‘s ombré 501s as inspiration for a pink infused DIY that could be done in a jiffy. Start by rinsing your shorts with water. A bottle of RIT liquid dye amounts to 1 cup; you’ll dye your shorts with the lightest shade first and darkest shade last.

Pour 1/3 of the cup of dye into 2 gallons of hot water and mix. DIY Lace Earrings. Dolce & Gabbana‘s Spring ’11 collection undoubtedly furthered our already fanatical obsession with lace.

DIY Lace Earrings

Honestly, how dreamy is the collection?! We thought we’d make good use of some vintage lace trim we had laying around and turn them into earrings similar to the ones we saw on the runway. And thanks to some tips from a DIY previously featured on Poppytalk, making lace earrings proved be a cinch! DIY - Fashion. Friends On Fashion. By Shini of Park & Cube Here in the Northern Hemisphere it is chilly, and will most likely remain that way for months to come.

The good news? DIY Color Block Moccasins. Our love of Minnatonka moccasins and obsession with Balenciaga‘s Fall 2010 shoes made this DIY we created for Foam Magazine a no brainer.

DIY Color Block Moccasins

With just a tube of Tulip Soft Fabric Paint, a pair of paintbrushes (one thin and one thick) and a pair of suede moccasins, you’ll be ready to make your own color block shoes. (Tulip Soft Fabric Paint is best paint to use, as it is highly opaque, flexible once it dries and great for suede.) To paint the tops of the moccasins, the fringe will have to be tucked under.