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Content Management System for Designers. Digging into WordPress. Les bons liens WordPress. Freelance Jobs, Freelance Forum & Directory. Envato Studio is an online marketplace for freelance services focused on design and web-development.

Freelance Jobs, Freelance Forum & Directory

Services range from designing a logo to WordPress customization, and all service providers have been reviewed and recommended by our expert review team. If you were a user of the FreelanceSwitch Job Board (as either a freelancer or client) we recommend you check out Envato Studio. Also check out the Envato Studio Blog. This is now home to some of the content published on FreelanceSwitch (including the Freelance Freedom Comic) as well as fresh content that may be of interest. Ludovic Passamonti - CONSULTANT WEB ET E-COMMERCE. Boostworthy is ryan taylor. Turtlebite's Blog. Web Templates Blog. Dev & Design. JeanphiBlog. Samedi 10 novembre 2012 Par jeanphilippe, samedi 10 novembre 2012 à 17:52 :: Flash Media Server Les fichiers sources (Adobe Flex et Adobe FMS) pour réaliser de la vidéoconférence...

Lire la suite 133 commentaires :: lu 9155 fois :: aucun trackback jeudi 8 novembre 2012 Par jeanphilippe, jeudi 8 novembre 2012 à 19:17 :: Flash CS5 Pendant un mois, je laisse l'accés OPEN à mon video chat (visioconference) réalisé sur Flex et Flash ..... 139 commentaires :: lu 2649 fois :: aucun trackback mercredi 23 mai 2012 Ma Triumph Bonneville T100 Jet Black.... Par jeanphilippe, mercredi 23 mai 2012 à 20:09 :: Photos Une photo de ma nouvelle monture.... 476 commentaires :: lu 38503 fois :: aucun trackback mercredi 12 octobre 2011 IPHONE IOS5 : La mise à jour iOS5 est disponible... Par jeanphilippe, mercredi 12 octobre 2011 à 19:32 :: IPHONE APPS iOS 5 est téléchargeable dès à présent depuis le logiciel iTunes. Ole Begemann: iOS Development. Le blog groupe Reflect. How Do Native Apps and Web Apps Compare?

Two roads diverge on a tablet screen.

How Do Native Apps and Web Apps Compare?

One is the path to the native app, the other leads to the open web. Luckily, you can take both. The latest mobile devices ship with a thoroughly modern browser capable of handling emerging web standards. Beneath that is a modern operating system with access to the magic inside the hardware: the camera, GPS, gyroscope and compass. But if you had to pick one — native app or web app — which would you choose? 27 Must-Have Starter Kits For Web Designers. Starter kits are great timesavers for web designers and they are particularly useful for those who often create mock-ups for project pitching on daily basis.

27 Must-Have Starter Kits For Web Designers

If you are a designer-cum-programmer think of it as your code snippets So what’s in a starter kit? We think it varies – depending on what each designer routinely worked with. For GUI designers, keeping a copy of form elements (buttons, checkboxes, tab, drop down menus, etc) helps speed up the process of creating screens and layouts; on the other hand, browser (IE, Firefox Safari) templates with web safe area keep web designers reminded how/where they should prioritize their contents. Experienced designers will usually customize and keep a personal version of starter kit, some might have few too! In today’s article, we attempt to show you some of the best design starter kit we’ve come to know. GUI, Form Elements and Web Components Yahoo’s Design Stencil Kit Probably one of the most complete kit for designers. Browser Screens Templates. Jacques FROISSANT Altaïde.