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IPA-Grenoble: Institut pour l´aventure. Power Mapping. Two Projects / Bureau d'études & They Rule Bureau d'études (Université Tangente) The French idiom bureau d’études is understood in English as a technical research organization, engineering firm, or design consultant.

Power Mapping

Embracing this meaning, the Paris-based team Bureau d’études officially formed in 2000, but in the late nineties began producing cartogrammes (their signature graphic diagrammatic charts that illustrate vast networks existing between international government agencies, corporate and financial firms, and industries). With an astute understanding of contemporary cultural theory, these former studio-based artists also engage in research, publication, and political activism.

Fastidiously mapping out the terrain of veiled mechanisms that steer international politics and the world market, and that ultimately control global society, this collective makes the invisible visible. Bureau d'études. American Migration [Interactive Map] MigMap - Governing Migration. An Atlas of Radical Cartography. An Atlas Exhibition.