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ERGONOMIE. REDACTION. NEWSLETTERS. TIPS CSS. MOBILE. TOOLSKIT. HTML5 & CSS3 Support, Web Design Tools & Support - FindMeByIP - CSS3 & HTML5 Browser Support. Comment réaliser un bon formulaire HTML. Depuis longtemps, je suis le passionant travail de Luke Wrobleski, le Senior Director of Product Ideation & Design chez Yahoo. En gros, il design des interfaces web, et notamment les formulaires.

Ca n’a l’air de rien, mais cet élément fondamental du web est souvent négligé. Il a sorti un livre : Web Form Design: Filling in the Blanks que j’aurais acheté si je bossais encore dans le e-commerce. Luke a fait une conférence le mois dernier au MIX 09. Elle est disponible en vidéo et c’est à partir de celle là que je rédige ce post. 10 bonnes pratiques pour réaliser un formulaire Aller droit au but (Path to completion)Alignement des labels (Label alignment)Aide et astuces (Help & tips)Validation (Inline validation)Actions primaires et secondaires (Primary & Secondary actions)Actions en cours (Actions in progress)Erreurs (Errors)Input inutiles (Unnecessary inputs)Organisation du formulaire (Form organization)Engagement graduel (Gradual engagement) Préambule Les formulaires, c’est chiant. 1. 2. 3. HTML5 Presentation. In March 1936, an unusual confluence of forces occurred in Santa Clara County.

A long cold winter delayed the blossoming of the millions of cherry, apricot, peach, and prune plum trees covering hundreds of square miles of the Valley floor. Then, unlike many years, the rains that followed were light and too early to knock the blossoms from their branches. Instead, by the billions, they all burst open at once. Seemingly overnight, the ocean of green that was the Valley turned into a low, soft, dizzyingly perfumed cloud of pink and white. Then came the wind. It roared off the Pacific Ocean, through the nearly uninhabited passes of the Santa Cruz Mountains and then, flattening out, poured down into the great alluvial plains of the Valley. This perfumed blizzard hit Stevens Creek Boulevard, a two-lane road with a streetcar line down its center, that was the main road in the West Valley.

LaunchRock - Set up a “Launching Soon” page in minutes. Ressources pour développeurs Open Web HTML5.