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Evolution door - Mind-blowing door mechanism - dsgnrt - daily dose of inspiration! - find your inspiration! architecture, design and art daily! You may think that You cannot do anything really diffrent about doors - we have sliding doors, rotating or revolving doors and many more similar inventions, but this is something else!

Evolution door - Mind-blowing door mechanism - dsgnrt - daily dose of inspiration! - find your inspiration! architecture, design and art daily!

Project: Evolution door Designer: Klemens Torggler Austrian designer Klemens Torggler designed completly unique door mechanism that opens up new applications for the door. Modern Log Furniture Fuses Sliced Trunks & Organic Resins. Strangely enough, the creative duo behind these hybrid synthetic/organic designs will be the first to tell you: even they are not sure what the piece will look like when the resin solidifies and the finished object is revealed.

Modern Log Furniture Fuses Sliced Trunks & Organic Resins

Michael Thomas Host and Tanja Hinder of mth woodworking in Vancouver, BC, use sections of trees ranging from 60 to 600 years old to craft new works. The idea? Chaotic nature moves into contemporary contexts (and can be easily cleaned and eaten off of) but still use 100% all-natural materials. Usually using the base of trees essentially as is, they decide how best to feature its inherent shape with a minimalist resin addition – rather than first imaging the result, then working to produce it. The pair also prefers action to talk – in that spirit, well, the beautiful items above can largely speak for themselves. Kitchen inspiration. I thought those of you looking for a little kitchen inspiration might enjoy the following kitchens from the folks at Dovetail~Workers in Wood.

Kitchen inspiration

Colorful Volcano Inspired Fireplace. If you think that modern fireplace designs are boring than the Terragen fireplace by a young UK company, Flying Cavalries.

Colorful Volcano Inspired Fireplace

It’s inspired by those natural pheonomena that are a source of enourmous energy: volcanoes. This fireplace can easily become the heart of your home and become a source of energy for you after the working day. New : NestRest - Contemporan. Contemporan is made up of more than 10.000 companies worldwide that live and breathe contemporary design.With our selective eye, each company is handpicked to help you easily and practically immerse yourself in this high-creative and aesthetic environment.

New : NestRest - Contemporan

The home page informs you about what's hot and trending in the industry, everyday-- directly from the companies themselves.We launched in March of 2010. Now, Contemporan guides inspires and informs more than 41,000 unique visitors each month. To contact us or suggest a company, please send your email to: The Chairs of Mid-Century Modern. January 3rd, 2011 It’s a new year and along with it comes a remarkable collection via Flickr from one my most-favorable categories: Mid-century Modern.

The Chairs of Mid-Century Modern

These chairs come from the 50s, 60s, and 70s; while some lived on, a number fell by the wayside for obvious reasons. Some of my favorites in this collection include the iconic Eero Aarnio Ball chair, Eames Molded Plywood chair and of course the Eames Lounge chair. Which chair is your favorite? Honey when you said pool room ... Pages Search.

Honey when you said pool room ...

 Email Junk. Carpentry - Expanding Table. Disappearing Doorknob Concept. In bed with good design. Incredible Furniture Designs 2009. Resource Furniture: Italian-Designed Space Saving Furniture. Rafael Morgan: furniture. Click on the images to make them larger The HEX is another project for the U.D.O Collection (Unidentified Design Object). It works as a cloth hanger, a coat rack, a book shelf or whatever you want. Its modular design allows you to use one or many of them and it´s supposed to be produced in several cool gradient colors. HEX is another great object for you to throw things on and it´s inspired by a cool plastic darts game that I used to love when I was a kid.

Copyright © Rafael Morgan. Frame - U.D.O collection Click on the image to make it larger U.D.O (Unidentified Design Object) is a collection of designs with flexible function, that do not fit a specific label or category. The Frame is one of these designs. If you´re like me, and like to throw your clothes anywhere but the closet, this might be the ultimate solution to get rid of those piles of clothes covering your bedroom´s chairs. CHAIRity Click on the image to make it larger. The possibilities are endless. Combo Couch: All-in-One Lounger, Love Seat + Sofa Bed = « Dornob.

Sofa beds sneak two functions into one piece of furniture, but these designs go beyond the binary ‘convertible couch’ typology to be completely modular, comfortable for sitting up, laying back or lying down in any number of custom configurations.

Combo Couch: All-in-One Lounger, Love Seat + Sofa Bed = « Dornob

This seating set from Zuiver builds on the classic fold-out footrest and flip-up backrest concepts of an easy chair, but take such loungers to new levels by expanding the entire idea horizontally into a multi-person love seat, then stretch it further to a full-length sleep-friendly sofa. A completely renovated first apartment.

Pages Search Eames Lounge Chair, Barcelona Chair, Marble Tulip Tables - Exclusive at Rove Concepts Colorado real estate and homes Kim's personal links MY FAVOURITE DECOR SHOPS IN OTTAWA kitchen remodel in my last house my twin sister's mostly kid's rooms decor blog « WINKS | Main | Valerie and Alan's bathroom remodel » Friday.

A completely renovated first apartment

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