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Teaching Materials. For easier navigation and load times, I've divided these pages into eight categories.

Teaching Materials

Grammar: covers all levels of basic German (first through fourth semester) as well as a few more advanced topics. Here you'll find worksheets -- most with answer keys available -- as well as web-based quizzes and self-tests on particular grammar topics. Vocabulary: has vocabulary worksheets on various thematic topics (e.g. clothing, food, environment, politics) for all levels of basic German. Grammatik in Bildern. Net - Deutsche Grammatik, Online-Wörterbuch zu Rechtschreibung, Flexion und Wortbildung für die Sprache Deutsch. Online Deutschkurs - Online Deutsch lernen.

Grammis 2.0. Online-Übungen. Diese Seite enth lt Frames. Sie ben tigen einen Browser, der Frames unterst tzt, um diese Seite anzeigen zu k nnen. Grammatik der deutschen Sprache - interaktive Übungen online, Erklärungen, Übersetzungen, Audio. Internet Handbook of German Grammar. Welcome to the Internet Handbook of German Grammar This site is intended to provide students, readers, and translators of German with a concise and comprehensive reference grammar, one available on the web.

Internet Handbook of German Grammar

Because we are currently writing the grammar, and work progresses chapter by chapter, the table of contents is yet incomplete. The Table of Contents references, near the end, some chapters of a short, though defective, conversational grammar, in which we color the necessary corrections. Deutsch-Übungen online - Rechtschreibung und Grammatik.