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Looking for some trusted name of the fitness world for quality and helpful information that includes nutrition, fitness tips and more then head to Fitness Freak, where you'll also discover the latest update on health, fitness, diet plan and exercises. Here we provide information to all age groups and help people to reach their goals and lead a healthy life.

Best 10 Exercises for Weight Loss Up to 20 Kgs. 10 Effective Strengthening Exercises for Lower Back Pain. The medically proven statement; exercises improve blood flow in a body especially, lower back area. Back pain is a very common problem in maximum people at some point in their life. Stretches and exercise are the kind of effective dose to the body. And these are the best treating practices to get you relief from back pain. As you move further in this article, you will learn some of the best lower back exercises. 1. Strengthening muscles will provide a great support system to lower back. The feet must be at some distance from the hip but placed on the floor. 2.

Dense 5 Days Nutrient Diet Plan to Lose Weight. Obesity people are always in the search of better Weight Loss Meal Plan.

Dense 5 Days Nutrient Diet Plan to Lose Weight

But they forget to count nutrition-rich meal in their diet plan. What Exercises are Best for Seniors to Stay Fit. Healthy Nutrient Dense Diet Plan for Weight Loss. Indoor Walking Workout Fitness Tips for Women Over 50. Gym Workout Plan for Beginners. After the completion of the lockdown period, the Gyms once again have opened with their fitness regime and the gym freaks can be seen doing their workout with new enthusiasm.

Gym Workout Plan for Beginners

Some new beginners have also taken the initiative to join this fitness regime. So whether you are going for the first time or you are starting again after a long gap, the difficulty level will be the same for you. All you need is a good motivation to start over again or start from the beginning to achieve your own personal fitness targets. But many beginners often start with heavy workouts to gain quick benefits from their workout which is not right. Then how long should a beginner workout at the gym achieve his fitness target? Instead, we have come up with some workout plans that all beginners can follow whether you are a fresher or a re-starter.

Get The Noteworthy Workout, Health and Fitness Tips. Effective Gym Weight Loss Workout Plan For Women. The word Fitness has all new meaning these days especially in the times where we are living in smaller man-made spaces distant from nature.

Effective Gym Weight Loss Workout Plan For Women

Now it’s not only about doing the exercises and being fit but it’s much more than that as the exercise is not only concerned with your health rather it’s all about how you look. To look good means your body should be in proper shape. So along with the busy work routines, your time has become really precious which you rationally need to invest in your Gym Sessions.

Is a Nutrition Rich Diet Good for Your Health? How Physical Exercises Give Benefits You in Daily Life? When you think of going to the Gym these days then the first thing that crosses your mind is the crowd, sweating, germs etc. especially during this pandemic year.

How Physical Exercises Give Benefits You in Daily Life?

At the times of lockdown period, where more than 90% of gym memberships went useless, most of the people had diverted their attention towards the home exercises and in house workout routines. Tips on Workout, Health and Diet Plans. Take Off Your Weight Up to 20 kg By These 10 Exercises. Best Fat Loss Workout Plan For Women's.

How Often You Should do Exercises in Week if You’re Over 50? When it comes to a workout there is no limitation.

How Often You Should do Exercises in Week if You’re Over 50?

The more you perform the more fit you remain, provided that you take proper rest and diet. The thing that you need to consider is the type of workout, which varies from age to age. As you can’t go for heavy lifting after the 60s or 70s. This can cause you more damage than benefit. 10 Physical Exercises to Develop an Athlete Physique. Effective Rehab Exercises for Shoulder Pain. A word ‘surgery’ is a little scary and everyone afraid to go through.

Effective Rehab Exercises for Shoulder Pain

After surgery, the specialist always advises strengthening exercises for a few weeks to cure the wound as soon as possible. And shoulder injury exercises can heal maximum problems. Generally, if you are suffering from any kind of shoulder pain make your habit to perform rehab exercises every day. To ensure that this exercise is safe and effective for you, do it under the supervision of your physical therapist.

Visit your doctor’s clinic and talk one-on-one about which exercises will be best for your body. Shoulder physical therapy to get rid of the pain Shoulder pain is very common in IT employees. Shoulder rehabilitation concentrates on two motions: flexibility and strength. Another important element is, strengthening the muscles around the shoulder. 5 Days Nutrition Rich Meal Plan for Weight Loss. Arms Workout Exercises Without Using Gym Equipment. Benefits of Regular Daily Exercises. 5 Most Influential Health and Fitness Tips on Internet.

10 Effective Exercises For Back Pain Rehab. What is the Importance of Physical Activity in Daily Life. Why Daily Exercise Is Important For Your Health. Physical activity offers a bunch of health benefits.

Why Daily Exercise Is Important For Your Health

Read this article with compassion and you’ll get to know why physical fitness important to boost up your health. An ‘active body’ is one of the best ways to stay healthy and it improves your overall well being as well. With regular exercise, you can feel better, look better and even live better. The benefits of keep body active: • Improve blood flow • Keep your weight under control • Maintain blood pressure • Balance cholesterol level • Enhance your body stamina Sitting is dangerous Yes, this is so true!! Therefore, lack of physical activity can lead the risks of: Stress, anxiety and depressionGiving birth to internal health issuesGaining weightImproper diet planPoor digestive system Importance of physical activity:

How Can You Stretch your Bicep Before lifting Weights. The bicep stretch is a great complement to bicep muscles.

How Can You Stretch your Bicep Before lifting Weights

Before get engaged into upper body workout with weights, enroll with some bicep stretching. As the warm-up session is important before starting exercises, likewise, bicep stretches are mandatory for the well being of the upper body.