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Check_openmanage. Dell™ Server Hardware Monitoring with OpenManage™ and Nagios® Latest version: 3.7.12 Released Mon Jul 28 2014 Advanced hardware discovery The plugin will search the monitored server for hardware components and monitor them.


No need to tune the plugin to match different server models etc. Blade detection The plugin will identify blade servers as such and will not report fans and power supplies to be "missing" on blade systems. Remote or local check The plugin can check the system remotely via SNMP, or locally by using omreport commands. Performance data The plugin can give performance data with the -p or --perfdata switch.

Highly customizable A multitude of options lets the user tailor the plugin to meet his or her specific needs. check_openmanage on NagiosExchange | MonitoringExchange | Freecode check_openmanage is a plugin for Nagios which checks the hardware health of Dell PowerEdge (and some PowerVault) servers. Storage components checked: Chassis components checked: Other: 3.1 Perl interpreter.


Check ORACLE CLUSTER "RAC" Check_oracle_asm_disk_groups. Network: Home Directory Plugins Databases Oracle.


Oracle. Nagios plugins. Creation d'un plugins pour Nagios. Nous allons dans ce post écrire un plugins (très simple) pour Nagios.

Creation d'un plugins pour Nagios

Le corps de ce plugins pourra vous servir de base pour réaliser des plugins plus complexes. Suite à un post sur l'installation de Nagios, je me suis penché sur l'écriture d'un plugins permettant de vérifier qu'un processus est bien lancé sur un serveur distant. Voici ce que je l'on attend de notre plugins: Ouvrir une session SSH vers le serveur distantLancement d'un script vérifiant si un processus (testd) est lancéRenvoie de l'état du processus (OK / ERROR / WARNING)OK: Le processus (testd) est lancé et fonctionne correctementERROR: Le processus n'est pas lancéWARNING: Le processus est lancé mais ne fonctionne pas correctement Avant d'entrer dans le vif du sujet, il faut savoir que les plugins Nagios sont de simple "scripts shell" retournant un code de status. Nous allons donc dans un premier temps créer le plugins qui va lancer la commande sur le serveur distant: Linux_stats. v1.2 Changelog : - Add Paging statistics - Add swapused and active memory on perfparse statistics - Remove unused -H option (mthuijs) v1.3 Changelog : - Add uptime check, warning threshold in minutes (csterley) - Replace /usr/local/nagios/libexec with FindBin (eulen) - Fix reports network traffic in bytes (dbsanders) v1.4 Changelog : - Illegal division by zero (helium_rday, RedFish) - Get the cache out of the used memory (waterdeep, dbsanders) - Removed unused $return_str on check io disk (RedFish) - Add steal cpu statistics ex : * Cpu usage : .


/ -C -w 90 -c 100 -s 5 CPU OK : idle 99.80% | user=0.00% system=0.20% iowait=0.00% idle=99.80%;90;100 * Load average : . / -L -w 10,8,5 -c 20,18,15 LOAD AVERAGE OK : 0.20,0.07,0.16 | load1=0.20;10;20;0 load5=0.07;8;18;0 load15=0.16;5;15;0 * Memory usage : . Nagios-of-plugins/check_inodes at master · gavincarr/nagios-of-plugins. Gavincarr/nagios-of-plugins. Crs. Nagios plug-in for Oracle clusterware (11g and above) It checks: a) clusterware stack status b) OCR registry integrity c) Voting disks status d) resource status (ONLINE/OFFLINE); you can define exceptions with exclude option This plug-in needs to be run as clusterware binaries owner (usually oracle).


Configure sudo to work with nrpe-owner. Run 'check_crs --help' for full description. Check_Registry_Entry - MonitoringExchange. Check_Registry_Entry - MonitoringExchange. Imported Comments for check_logfiles - Vanilla. NSClient - ERROR: Could not get data for 1 perhaps we don't collect data this far back? NSClient - ERROR: Could not get data for 1 perhaps we don't collect data this far back?

Linux - How do I run/test the VMware Perl SDK with ESXi 5.1. Monitoring. Usage. Check_netapp_diskusage.