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Halos? Slightly off-topic but interesting:- The "halo" effect   If this theory of radiogenic metabolism is correct, in that, high-energy gamma photons are being "digested" and utilized as an ongoing energy source by human cells, then there should be some identifiable "by-product" of the metabolism in the form of low-energy photon emissions.


In fact, modern opto-electronic devices, such as single photon counters, are increasingly being used to detect just such occurrences.  These emissions cover a broad spectral region from ultraviolet to near infrared, e.g., 200 to 900 nanometers.  Researchers have noted that the photon-flux intensity of stationary luminescence averages between 10 to 1,000 hv/second/centimeter and strongly depends on the physiological state of the organism (Slawinski, 1987). The Amazing "Tensor Ring": Pineal Gland Activator and Much More. Within a Tensor Ring is an infinite source of energy that is neither electric nor magnetic.

The Amazing "Tensor Ring": Pineal Gland Activator and Much More

Its outp... Within a Tensor Ring is an infinite source of energy that is neither electric nor magnetic. Its output is beneficial and healing to all life forms. It is a superconductor. Holonomic brain theory. The holonomic brain theory, developed by neuroscientist Karl Pribram initially in collaboration with physicist David Bohm, is a model of human cognition that describes the brain as a holographic storage network.[1][2] Pribram suggests these processes involve electric oscillations in the brain's fine-fibered dendritic webs, which are different than the more commonly known action potentials involving axons and synapses.[3][4][5] These oscillations are waves and create wave interference patterns in which memory is encoded naturally, in a way that can be described with Fourier Transformation equations.[3][4][5][6][7] Gabor, Pribram and others noted the similarities between these brain processes and the storage of information in a hologram, which also uses Fourier Transformations.[1][8] In a hologram, any part of the hologram with sufficient size contains the whole of the stored information.

Holonomic brain theory

Origins and development[edit] Theory overview[edit] Henry Markram: A brain in a supercomputer. Brain Imaging Studies with Psilocybin and MDMA - Robin Carhart-Harris. BreathAcoustics All-in-One Headset. Breathing is at the center of physical and mental health, fitness and performance The BreathAcoustic headset and companion apps will improve the quality of life for millions by: Keeping people healthy, happy and fit,Detecting respiratory and cardiac stress levels before they become acute, and byHelping those with physical and emotional ailments recover to their fullest potential.

BreathAcoustics All-in-One Headset

Since 2004, BreathResearch has been developing research and technology that uses acoustic sensors to analyze the quality of a person’s breathing. Our audio processing and analysis of over 10.000 sessions has led to a very sophisticated breath analysis framework that successfully extracts new information about the characteristics of the breath cycle and its phases and the correlations to health and wellness, sports and fitness testing, sleep and cardio-pulmonary care. Features of the BreathAcoustic Headset. Lehallgatták az agyhullámokat. A Stanford Egyetem kutatói rohamok során jelentkező agyi aktivitást konvertáltak zenévé.

Lehallgatták az agyhullámokat

Dr. Josef Parvizi, neurológus és Chris Chafe professzor, zenekutató, mintegy száz elektróda segítségével regisztrálták a rohamok során keletkező agyi aktivitást, és a mintázatot zenévé alakították át. Az egyes hullámokhoz az emberi hangtartományhoz közeli hangjegyeket rendelve jutottak el az agy zenéjéig. Artist changing water with thoughts. Electroencephalography.

Tudomány - Felvillanások az agyhalál után. Föld méretű exobolygót találtak A csillagja lakhatósági zónájában mozog, és a víz folyékony halmazállapotban maradhat meg rajta. 2014. április 17. csütörtök 17:36 Az I. világháború első női fotóriportere Harcos szüfrazsettből lett a harcoló csapatok otthoni fotósa Christina Broom, Anglia első női fotóriportere. 2500 fennmaradt fotójábol a nagy háború századik évfordulóján nyílt most kiállítás Londonban. 2014. április 19. szombat 12:00 Száz éve történt a ludlow-i mészárlás Amerika legvéresebb sztrájkjának szomorú epizódja gyerekek életét követelte. 2014. április 20. vasárnap 15:44 Bele lehet-e szeretni egy gépbe?

Tudomány - Felvillanások az agyhalál után

A nő című filmben egy férfi intim kapcsolatba kerül egy operációs rendszerrel. 2014. április 18. péntek 15:46 A forradalom vérbírája Az egy hónappal ezelőtti, március 15-i megemlékezéseken érthető módon nem esett szó a forradalom és szabadságharc sötétebbik oldaláról. 2014. április 23. szerda 08:38 Dinoszauruszokat nem, mamutokat viszont még láthatunk 2014. április 21. hétfő 11:24. Artist Manipulates Water With The Power Of Her Mind. "Man is something that shall be overcome.

Artist Manipulates Water With The Power Of Her Mind

What have you done to overcome him?” Asked existentialist philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. NY-based artist Lisa Park took this prompt as an invitation to extend the potential of man beyond our bodily limitations in the performative art project Eunoia, which means “beautiful thought” in Greek. Exploring questions of vulnerability, self-control, and liberation, Park recreates a scene that looks as if it's been lifted from your favorite Kung-Fu movie or an outtake from Kill Bill. Wearing a futuristic headset embeded with electroencephalography (EEG) sensors, Park moniters her own brain activity during meditation and transposes this energy onto dishes of water to reveal zen-like vibrations. Park is working with the experimental brain-computer technologies of the NeuroSky EEG headset, which you might remember from the Necomimi cat ear headset we wrote about a while back.

Though the data is robust, it's mostly inscrutable to the untrained eye.