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René Guénon

René Guénon

René Guénon (November 15, 1886 – January 7, 1951), also known as Shaykh 'Abd al-Wahid Yahya, was a French author and intellectual who remains an influential figure in the domain of metaphysics, having written on topics ranging from metaphysics, "sacred science"[1] and traditional studies[2] to symbolism and initiation. In his writings, he proposes either "to expose directly some aspects of Eastern metaphysical doctrines",[3] these doctrines being defined by him as of "universal character",[4] or "to adapt these same doctrines for Western readers [5] while keeping strictly faithful to their spirit";[3] he only endorsed the act of "handing down" these Eastern doctrines, while reiterating their "non-individual character".[6] He wrote and published in French and his works have been translated into more than twenty languages.
Couleurs d'aurore - Sidi Hamza (S)
Islam de France et Laïcité L’islam n’est présent en France qu’après une forte immigration de la population musulmane, sur son sol, depuis la fin de la deuxième guerre mondiale. Aujourd’hui le nombre des Musulmans en France est de l’ordre de 4 à 5 millions [1] . Centre Euro Méditerranéen pour l’Étude de l’Islam Aujourd’hui Centre Euro Méditerranéen pour l’Étude de l’Islam Aujourd’hui