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Cultivate food without land… impossible you say ? Look at this post and think “Mushrooms !”. When we found ourselves with no garden, no soil neither sun, the idea came of growing mushrooms indoors in our living room and kitchen, and recycle many waste, such as coffee ground or cardboard. Results are really impressive! What is the importance and benefits of mushrooms ? Mushrooms are magic living organisms and need very few things to grow. Grow Mushrooms At Home : Start From Spawn | Permanomades Grow Mushrooms At Home : Start From Spawn | Permanomades

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No Tech Magazine "At the time of the Spanish conquest, the Incas cultivated almost as many species of plants as the farmers of all Asia or Europe. On mountainsides up to four kilometers high along the spine of a whole continent and in climates varying from tropical to polar, they grew a wealth of roots, grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Without money, iron, wheels, or work animals for plowing, the Indians terraced and irrigated and produced abundant food for fifteen million or more people—roughly as many as inhabit the highlands today. Throughout the vast Inca Empire, sprawling from southern Colombia to central Chile—an area as great as that governed by Rome at its zenith—storehouses overflowed with grains and dried tubers. Because of the Inca's productive agriculture and remarkable public organization, it was usual to have 3–7 years' supply of food in storage.
Les Nanos Technologies dans les Aliments Les nanos technologies (ou nanos matériaux) sont aujourd'hui présents dans un grand nombre de nos aliments issus de l'agroalimentaire et des produits industriels. Elles ont pour effet d'améliorer la consistance, la saveur, le goût, la conservation, pouvoir appetant, ect.. Les NanoTechnologies dans l'alimentation - Les Acteurs des Circuits Courts de Distribution Les NanoTechnologies dans l'alimentation - Les Acteurs des Circuits Courts de Distribution
The Kit That Turns Any Car Into A Hybrid | This Could Be Big - Yahoo! News - Framasoft Framafox Even with an increasing number of car manufacturers building hybrid cars, it's hard for a lot of people to justify buying a new car for an extra 10 miles per gallon in fuel savings. But a former IBM engineer and current professor at Middle Tennessee State University named Charles Perry and his students have designed a hybrid retrofit kit that may soon turn any gas powered car or truck into a hybrid. It's been in the works for the past few years, but the technology is getting closer to becoming a reality. The Kit That Turns Any Car Into A Hybrid | This Could Be Big - Yahoo! News - Framasoft Framafox A for profit social enterprise, all about food. A for profit social enterprise, all about food. “Based off an old family recipe” About Harvest speaks with Julie Busha, owner of Slawsa, a unique “slaw-salsa” hybrid condiment. To coincide with the brand’s national primetime television debut of ABC’s hit show, “Shark Tank,” November 15th will also mark National Slawsa Day.
Pedal powered farms and factories: the forgotten future of the stationary bicycle

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André Brahic André Brahic est un astrophysicien français, notamment connu pour avoir découvert les anneaux de Neptune en 1984. Il fait actuellement parti de la mission Cassini qui étudie les anneaux de Saturne. Il est également connu pour son talent de vulgarisateur, et vous allez comprendre pourquoi ! ErNeSt Conferances
Velocar – the Open Source Tilting Microcar We are collaborating with Yann Lischetti – developer of an open source, tilting, electric Microcar. See his latest progress. The site is No related posts. OSE Lasersaur Build and Documentation Sprint Update The OSE Lasersaur build of the open source, 100 Watt laser cutter is going well – see intro in last post. We have so far uploaded a few instructionals on Dozuki - The instructionals were generated in real-time from picture and step uploads that I posted while building the machine at Nortd Labs.Here is a sample - and you can see the others such as OSE Lasersaur Frame by going to the Dozuki page.

Open Source Ecology

Open Source Ecology
tractor "human powered - Pesquisa do Google
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Taraxacum kok-saghyz Latex Vegetal Taraxacum kok-saghyz, often abbreviated as TKS and commonly referred to as the Kazakh dandelion or rubber root, is a species of dandelion native to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan that is notable for its production of high quality rubber.[1][2] T. kok-saghyz was discovered in Kazakhstan in 1932 by the Soviet Union in an effort to find a domestic source of rubber.[3] Etymology[edit] Kok-saghyz is derived from the Kazakh kok-sagiz, with kok meaning plant and sagiz meaning rubber or gum.[4] Description[edit] Taraxacum kok-saghyz Latex Vegetal
I have been using Garbage Enzyme for several months now.My papaya tree is flourishing so are other plants (note: do not overuse).Mix Garbage Enzyme with my shampoo so that the toxic chemicals are neutralized by the Garbage Enzyme.Take out foul odors from toilet - only bleach comes close and as fast as Garbage Enzyme.Mix also with floor cleaners as we have a 'stockpile' of floor cleaners so have to use it all; floors are squeaky clean. Garbage Enzyme can be used as an alternative to bleach and other cleaning compounds.It can effectively used as:- as a household cleaning liquid - to remove foul odors, molds and grime in the kitchen and toilet - as an anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent - to drive away insects - to clean carpets and remove ticks - for laundry washing and ironing - for mopping floors - for cleaning cars What is Garbage Enzyme? Dr Rosukon's Garbage Enzyme is a complex organic substance of protein chains and mineral salts and juvenile hormones. Garbage Enzyme - Multipurpose Uses & Safer and Cleaner Alternative Garbage Enzyme - Multipurpose Uses & Safer and Cleaner Alternative
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