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Content Marketing Strategies 2013

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Before you can implement any of these Content Marketing Strategies • You must complete an Audit of your Social Media Footprint.

In other words, you need to ID what socials you are active on now • which ones are missing • which socials your prospects and customers and clients are active on • which ones you have the best reputation on. Taming the Social Media Marketing Beast. ScentTrail : Fish Bone Your Content Marketing... Fishbone Your Content MarketingWorking on a cool idea from +Chris Heivly at the +Triangle StartUp Factory called "Fishboning".

You #fishbone#contentmarketing by finding the spine of a story and then hanging ribs off of it. I'm working on +Curagami's "pitch deck" for investors. Curagami is a tool being created by #ecommerce , content marketing and #seo experts FOR people like us (other #ecom, #cm and #sem ) pros. If you don't do what we do for a living and you happen to be stranded in a room with no booze I'm sorry (lol). We lucky few #Internetmarketers can be like the most tribal insurance salespeople. We need to communicate complex ideas SIMPLY (not a natural strength for this confused IMer lol). How to Manage your Social Media Presence. Don't be a content marketing casualty. Don't be a content marketing casualty.

How to Manage your Social Media Presence. 10 Social Media Blogs You Should Follow. How to Manage your Social Media Presence. How to Manage your Social Media Presence. FerreeMoney : The Greatest Misconception... The Greatest Misconception in Content Marketing - Whiteboard Friday. It's probably pretty clear to everyone that content marketing takes time, but there's a common misconception in just how much time.

The Greatest Misconception in Content Marketing - Whiteboard Friday

In today's Whiteboard Friday, Rand warns us of an overly optimistic mindset, and shows us how things really (usually) end up happening. Howdy Moz fans, and welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. Today we're going to talk a little bit about content marketing and specifically this giant myth, this misconception that exists in the content marketing field about how the practice really works. This hurts a lot of people. This hurts people on the SEO side. You know, I really came to this because I think it's been something that's been bubbling up in the world of content and inbound marketing for a long time. I got this question, like, "Okay, it must be the case . . . how do you put out a blog post, Rand, that once you launch it, once people read it, they're actually going to go and buy from you?

" This is how the myth works. This doesn't happen, does it? Appointment booking with Neil Ferree. The Role of PR in the Coming Content Marketing Collapse. If you want to get your foot in the content marketing door, you’ll need the endorsement of people, sites, brands, and properties who already have large audiences.

The Role of PR in the Coming Content Marketing Collapse

If you don’t have the money to buy up audiences at scale, then you’ll need patronage from the established brands in the form of earned media. You’ll need them to publish your stuff on their sites in bylined content or contributed content until you’ve secured enough loyalty from a subset of their audience that the audience will willingly come looking for you elsewhere. The likelihood of “going viral” in a content marketing landscape where attention is a zero sum game becomes less and less likely to simply happen without significant strategy and investment. - Top 50 Content Marketing Experts - STRYDE. Top 50 Content Marketing Experts - STRYDE. Content Marketing in 15 Minutes a Day. Content Marketing in 15 Minutes a Day. 10 Social Media Blogs You Should Follow.

Using SimilarWeb PRO to generate content writing ideas. Maintaining website traffic is every website owner’s aim.

Using SimilarWeb PRO to generate content writing ideas

Key to achieving this is to provide engaging and original content. It’s difficult, however, to keep one step ahead of current trends and keep your readers happy. It’s not impossible though. I’m going to use SimilarWeb PRO to demonstrate how you can ensure people are clicking that bookmark option for your website. Website stats for by SimilarWeb PRO Vogue is a fashion and lifestyle magazine that’s sold the world over and a favorite read of females in their late 20s to 30s. Keywords Trending keywords for by SimilarWeb PRO If you want to find out the content that your viewers are interested in, then it’s time to explore the keywords behind your site’s traffic. Referrals Referral traffic isn’t given enough credit for its usefulness in analyzing website traffic.

Audience Interests Topics distribution based on audience interests for by SimilarWeb PRO Outgoing Links Putting it all into action. Rank - Top 100 Websites in United_States. SEO for Start-Ups: 3 Powerful Tips for Driving SEO Traffic Early On. According to CBInsights’ latest seed investing report, only 40 percent of seeded companies go on to raise follow-on round of financing.

SEO for Start-Ups: 3 Powerful Tips for Driving SEO Traffic Early On

Sixty percent enter the dead pool. Hence, growing a company efficiently and effectively becomes critical in creating a sustainable business, which would eventually make the company a “two marshmallow company”! “Two marshmallow companies” are companies that invest in long-term strategy and growth versus short-term quick gains. The “two marshmallow” citation relates perfectly with your SEO strategy and the way you think and strategize long-term sustainable traffic growth. So, how can startups get their SEO strategy right from the get-go?

#1: Build SEO accessible sites – from the beginning This is a common pitfall for a number of start-ups because the site wasn’t developed with SEO in mind. SEO for Start-Ups: 3 Powerful Tips for Driving SEO Traffic Early On. Pin by Ferree Money on Content Marketing. Pin by Ferree Money on Content Marketing. Monetize Social Media Marketing by Ferree Money. Free report: the impact of content curation on reaching business goals. Social Shares SEO. Pin by Ferree Money on Content Marketing. Content Curation Publishing Platform. Free report: the impact of content curation on reaching business goals. Content Marketing Best Practices. FerreeMoney : Sharing Content Via HootSuite... Sharing Content Via HootSuite Gets Faster and Easier. I have talked many times about the HootSuite Hootlet, that Chrome browser extension that makes sharing and scheduling content tremendously easy.

Sharing Content Via HootSuite Gets Faster and Easier

With the extension installed, sharing an article that you've written or found is as easy as clicking a button in your browser toolbar. And now it's even faster. And easier. HootSuite has updated their extension today making it twice as fast as before. They've also redesigned the user interface to give it a new look with larger, bolder buttons so that it's even easier to share or schedule your posts. If you haven't used it yet, the Hootlet is, quite simply, awesome. Loading up the dialogue box with the title and shortened URL is what's gotten the speed boost. Above the description field is an easy drop down list of your connected social profiles. You can share posts immediately, schedule them for a later date, or let HootSuite share them at the optimum time using the AutoSchedule option, which is what I normally do.

Sharing Content Via HootSuite Gets Faster and Easier. Content Marketing Best Practices. Pin by Ferree Money on Content Marketing. List. Content Marketing System Best Practices. FerreeMoney : Twitter packages #socialshares... FerreeMoney : When using #hashtags in a #tweet... FerreeMoney : Twitter packages #socialshares... Content Marketing System Best Practices.

Top Content Marketing Profiles on Google+ by Neil ... Best Practices Content Marketing System via ... Measuring Your Content Marketing. Content marketing one of the most reliable and effective tactics available to digital marketers.

Measuring Your Content Marketing

Brands are increasingly employing content marketing strategies to generate product awareness and drive demand. Keyword-optimized blog posts, white papers, press releases, articles, and social media content create brand awareness, inspire audience engagement, and move customers through the sales funnel from initial consideration to purchase. But how do you measure the success of each of your targeted activities? The team at Brandpoint, a leading provider of content-based marketing solutions, helps their clients get their brand message out, establish their thought leadership and credibility within their industries. Content Marketing with Authorship and DiY Process is the Perfect Storm. Content Marketing System Best Practices. 2014 Content Marketing Predictions. As 2013 proved, content marketing is the strong engine behind today’s business marketing.

2014 Content Marketing Predictions

Without overt promotion, content marketing provides the information prospects and customers seek in a way that they trust. Here are the seven 2014 content marketing predictions with tips on how to incorporate their impact into your business plans. The underlying message is that content marketing requires a plan with actionable strategies to achieve your business goals. 1. Content Curation & Syndication. 2013: The Year Of The Content Marketer. Content marketing has become an increasingly hot topic in the digital marketing world with searcher interest hitting an all-time high in 2013, following a path that suggests continued growth into the new year.

2013: The Year Of The Content Marketer

As big brands and small businesses alike have realized the value of content marketing and rushed to develop and implement a strategy, marketers have felt the need to educate themselves on this rapidly growing field. Content Curation and Syndication System via this 15x SlideShare Deck. This strategy takes into account you already know why Google Plus is the anchor to all of your Hummingbird friendly social content marketing efforts.

Content Curation and Syndication System via this 15x SlideShare Deck

The Slideshare Deck includes an embedded YouTube video 19 minutes that will be updated and replaced before the Ball Drops in Times Square tonight Dec. 31, 2013 and when you fill out the form or hit the vCita link, I’ll explain why this social embedded triage is so important? Content Curation Syndication by Neil Ferree ... Content marketing system. Content Curation Syndication System. Content Curation Syndication System. Content Marketing for Law Firms #attorney ... 15 Rocking Content Marketing Tools with Advice. Building Personal Brand Authority Online via Content & Social SEO. How to Implement Your Content Sharing Strategy for Higher Ed: Part I. Date posted: July 11, 2013 The rapidly evolving fields of Content and Social Media converge in a very busy intersection of marketing objectives, strategy, tactics and tools.

Even for those of us who work in this area every day, this intersection is noisy, confusing and frustrating, as we try to effectively manage all of these complex elements, while keeping up with the latest tools and practice. So for anybody and everybody who has this problem, here is a simple, how-to approach to help create and implement an effective content sharing plan.

Everything You Need to Know About Content Marketing (Charts) Content marketing is white hot! As a core element of inbound marketing, content marketing fuels social media, supports search optimization, and drives lead generation and sales. 2012 was content marketing’s breakout year and it continues to be at the top of marketers’ plans this year. It’s no surprise since content provides jargon-free information that answers prospects, influencers, buyers, fans and the public’s questions related to your business, products and brands. As such, it’s trustworthy. Even more critical from a marketing perspective, it starts working during the zero moment of truth (aka ZMOT) when potential customers are seeking information without giving any hint of being in the market. Curation Tools by Formats & Tech. The Ultimate Content Marketing Plan Outline. Content, marketing, SEO — it’s all the same to me. And that’s exactly how you should approach your content marketing strategy.

Every good project start has a great exploration phase before the strategy can be put together. The questions you ask upfront, the research you put in, the benchmarks you set and the expectations you define are all part of a great content marketing plan. How to Build a DIY Content Marketing System. How to Build and Operate a Content Marketing Machine – Marketo Resources. How to Build and Operate a Content Marketing Machine. Content Marketing is hot. White hot. SEO and digital marketing thought leaders are declaring that Content Marketing is the next big thing. Even Rand is touting its importance. Step-by-Step Guide to your Social Media Success. Social Media Audit Neil Scaffer. Welcome to 2013! Now that you’ve read all of the “best of 2012″ and “predictions for 2013″ posts, it’s time to take a fresh look at your social media operations and optimize for the new year.

A social media audit is part of any social media strategy consulting that I do, but to give you some simple advice as to what you should do to further improve on your social media presence, ask yourself the following 10 questions: Content Marketing Essentials 2012.