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Armand Dijcks. Sarah beth hulver. Work & Co - Digital Product Agency. GIANT ANT. Twistedpoly. A Design & Animation Studio. An Animation and Design Studio. Amendo Animated Promotional Video. ⁝ Nidia Dias Portfolio. Cherryhill. Proko - Learn How to Draw with Fun Tutorials. Sketchy Stories by Kerby Rosanes. Brooke Cagle. Cherryhill. Tendril. Alexey Kashpersky. Official website. Create, live and share. Game dev experiments, tools, renders.. whatever. Raoulmarks. Beeple - the work of mike winkelmann (cinema 4d project files, free vj loops etc.) UXplore - UX UI Design: Archive. W-out's DeviantArt Gallery. Tniich. Dicas e Tutoriais. Lee Griggs's Portfolio. Raw & Rendered. 3D AND ANIMATION AND DESIGN. LOICA.TV. DROPLETS - making of. MPC Concept Art. Amin cgi. Behance. Corsair XO. ManvsMachine. In July 2009 the Sci Fi channel relaunched as Syfy.


ManvsMachine joined forces with fellow London design studio Proud to collaborate from the pitch stage of the rebrand project, tasked with designing and realising the new on-air look. The brief asked for an own-able and distinguishable solution; retaining the positive associations from the genre of science fiction, whilst appealing to a broader audience and embracing the benefits of imagination.Audio: Rich MartinDOWNLOADS Download high quality video (38.14MB) Read More... Multimedia Rene! Chars. Latham Arnott. Tutorials » aftereffects. Iaian7 » tutorials » aftereffects John Einselen, 14.06.07 (updated 27.07.09) Basic positional modifications, especially useful for effect center points that need to be attached to a null by a specified offset. read more iaian7 » tutorials » aftereffects John Einselen, 15.06.07 (updated 27.07.09) Multiply a layer’s channels by a specified amount.

tutorials » aftereffects

It’s ridiculously simple, but invaluable when dealing with 3D tracking camera data, where scaling the global animation can really help fix After Effects insistence on importing meters as pixels. SNL Opening Montage 2014. *** Curtis Baigent *** Tony Zagoraios/Motion Design,Art Direction. HOW WE DID IT — SNL Title Sequence. …And we’re back!

HOW WE DID IT — SNL Title Sequence

Marco Iozzi. Chars. DixonBaxi Creating Brand Experiences that Matter. Roger. Jonathan Kim's Portfolio. Motion Design/Direction by Steffen Knoesgaard. Antibody. Myshli. Sander van Dijk. Bristol based Music and Sound Design Studio. » Echoic Audio. Particles, Tracer, Xpresso. Oh My! Simon From Man Vs Machine is Making Tutorials - Greyscalegorilla Blog. Simon Russell. Animation Direction/Motion Graphic Design. Houdini Tools. Liquid Geometry This tool was inspired by the communications system in “Man of Steel”.

Houdini Tools

Ana Dias Photography. Pulse VI. The Luminarium - International Artgroup. WIP : visage humain par Chris Jones. Ramona Zordini. Qarlos. FX Thinking. Albert 'tmdag' Szostkiewicz. Posted on December 6, 2013 Few days before end of splash screen contest for Houdini 13, I have decided to give it a try and create my own contest entry.

Albert 'tmdag' Szostkiewicz

Unfortunately with huge amount of work and few days left till deadline I did not managed to deliver expected image quality. Despite of already finished contest, I decided to finish the project. Digital artist, graphic designer, illustrator and webdesigner. CD artwork, cd artworks, cd, dvd, book, cover, illustration, design infographiste webdesigner freelance, Nantes, Pays de la Loire, F. Là-Haut. Là-Haut Up (Là-Haut) est le 10ème long métrage des Pixar Animation Studios, et le premier à sortir en Disney Digital 3-D.


C'est la seconde réalisation de Pete Docter après Monstres & Cie sorti en 2001, assisté ici par Bob Peterson. Comme à son habitude, Pixar innove avec Là-Haut en choisissant comme personnage principal, un vieil homme de 78 ans, Carl Fredricksen, ancien vendeur de ballon dans un zoo, et Russel un jeune scout de 8 ans d'origine asiatique un brin enrobé.

Un duo atypique qui permet au film de se démarquer une nouvelle fois de la concurrence omnibulée par les folies animalières en tout genre. Pete Docter et une partie de son équipe en voyage d'étude au Venezuela Bob Peterson (corélaisateur et scénariste) An Olympic themed 3D animated short by Masters of Pie. - main page. Rauquenrol. Ben Moore Photography. Lauren, Hampstead, Nude on Behance. Ernesto Ruiz Velasco. Сталинград. Illustration © Юрий Гвозденко. Rob 'n' Ron. Tumblehead will host a TAW Talk tomorrow, Thursday the 19th of September at 20.00 at the The Animation Workshop in Denmark.

Rob 'n' Ron

We will talk about the process of making Rob ‘n’ Ron, and also release the film on Vimeo. "Rob ‘n’ Ron" has been touring film festivals for a few months. Here are some of the festivals it has been nominated at so far: AnimagoAnimasyros Int. Summer 2013 Review – Advanced Rigging - Eyad's Blog. Before I start talking about the advanced rigging class, I would like to talk a little bit about the first time I met Chris Pagoria during my visit to Blue Sky Studios in March.

Summer 2013 Review – Advanced Rigging - Eyad's Blog

Chris was with Sabine Heller when she came to pick me up from the train station in Connecticut. I had a great first impression of Chris as a very friendly, energetic, cooperative person, and of course an amazing rigger. Chris made sure that I was happy and doing well in New York City, he sent me so many recommendations of places to visit and he took me for a tour around downtown Manhattan. During our time together, I had the pleasure to chat with him about facial rigging, and this motivated me to enroll in his facial rigging class at AnimSchool. Who’s Chris Pagoria? Chris is a Character Technical Director at Blue Sky Studios.

Sergi Caballer - Character Modeler & TD. N3 Design. Exhibition 2012. A R M A N D   S E R R A N O. JMLINARES - CGModeler - JMLinares Website. Tyler Hurd. Aldurazi. Leticia Reinaldo's Portfolio. Sunil Pant Design. : tomasz opasinski : digital artist : LAMBUJA!'s Portfolio. Mariano Antico / VFX Artist. Tutorials. Mayatutorials. David Rodriguez AnimationMethods copyright © 2013 "I'm learning more from Animation Methods than my college teacher ever taught me.


By far thebest explanations without the confusing technical stuff. Keep it up. Digital artist focusing on fx, compositing and matte painting. January 2011.