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FlexMonkey: Particle Advection by Reaction Diffusion in SideFX Houdini. After watching this excellent tutorial that discusses advecting particles by magnetic fields to create an animation of the sun, I was inspired to use the same technique to advect particles by fields that are a function of reaction diffusion systems.

FlexMonkey: Particle Advection by Reaction Diffusion in SideFX Houdini

The source for my reaction diffusion vector field is a geometry node. This field this geometry node outputs defines the concentrations of the component chemical-species that will later be used to advect the particles: The VDB node in this network defines the name of the field, I've used rdField, and the type: a Vector Float. The Volume Wrangle defines the initial state: I want a central cube where the field's z is high surrounded by an area where the x is high: if (@P.x > -0.1 && @P.x < 0.1 && @P.y > -0.1 && @P.y < 0.1 && @P.z > -0.1 && @P.z < 0.1) { v@foo.x *= 0.1; v@foo.z += rand(@P * 11) * 5;}else { v@foo.z *= 0; v@foo.x += rand(@P * 11) * 5;} float delta = volumevoxeldiameter(0, "rdField") / sqrt(3); メモ (Houdini) — Relief. 16Houdini xyzdistとprimuvについて - ピ・プ. PYTHON FOR VFX – CLASS 2.

# Lesson 2 # Quit python in interactive python, quit() or Ctrl-d # .py - raw file # .pyc - compiled version; not secured # class from last lesson # private variable without self import os, package that comes with the operating system os.path.split() split by string os.path.splitext() just get the extension.


Daily.hip – well, almost. Yekaterina Satanina. This week the trees are finally sprouting leaves and flowers in Rochester.

Yekaterina Satanina

I started learning about L-systems this week. Coincidence? 037 – Earthquake – Building collapse R&D 01 – Let's Houdini. Following up with the procedural building I created (see here > 031 – Procedural Modeling for Destruction ) I decided to start playing around with it on DOP.

037 – Earthquake – Building collapse R&D 01 – Let's Houdini

I started by breaking some of the structure of the building using the voronoi fracture sop. Interior wall, about 9,000 pieces. 1k per floor. For the interior walls, I’m scattering points on the surface based on their area. And the windows. Ramblings of a digital nomad. Borndigitalのブログ:2016年08月29日 - livedoor Blog(ブログ) お疲れ様です!

borndigitalのブログ:2016年08月29日 - livedoor Blog(ブログ)

ボーンデジタル吉田です。 先日の土曜日はHoudiniセミナーでした。 MICROBOT - David Fuhrer / Houdini 3D Generalist. 魔法の蒸留水. Serenelight3d. Houdini備忘録 AttributeWrangleについて AttributeWrangleをダブルクリックして中に入るとAttributeVopがある。


さらにAttributeVopをダブルクリックして中に入るとSnippetがあるが、 AttributeWrangleに書いたコードは実際にはこのSnippetに記述されるように なっている。 肝要なのはこのSnippetがCVEXコンテキストで実行され 特定のコンテキスト内で実行されるわけではないこと。 よって、以下のグループ系関数を AttributeWrangleに記述するとエラーとなる。 // pop,sopコンテキストのみで有効な関数 void addgroup(string group_name, int point_number) int ingroup(string group_name, int point_number) void newgroup(string group_name) void removegroup(string group_name, int point_number) TAKA VFX Note. Houdini Tricks. Mind-Melting Houdini FX. サルにもわかる Houdini. 3DCG屋さん向けTips&Referenceサイト. Igor Kharitonov. © 2015 by Igor Kharitonov.

Igor Kharitonov

Houdini / Maya / Tool Development / R&D. Graberry. Pilot Light VFX. How to set up your own VFX Studio - business considerations ~ Digitopia Film Blog. In this post I am going to guide you through the process of how to set yourself up as a your very own VFX studio.

How to set up your own VFX Studio - business considerations ~ Digitopia Film Blog

In practice this post can relate to setting yourself up as your own business, whatever industry you are in, but seeing as this a VFX oriented site I'll use the business model of a VFX studio for the purpose of this exercise. Most of us VFX and animator types are employed as freelancers or contractors, there are very few staff positions in this industry so knowing how you can maximise, conserve and stretch your pay is really vital especially in the economic climate we find ourselves in. A lot of the specifics that I will mention relate to UK tax law, it is the same concept whichever country you are in, they just have different names and are set at different level (maybe you can substitute in the names and percentages in the comments below for your own country). Why set yourself up as a limited company?

Well the answer is simple and can be summed up in two words. The Working Man. Phill Mayer - FX ArtistPhill Mayer – FX Artist. Where awesome stuff happens. I guess this is the part where I mention this post is for intermediate-advanced users in Houdini.

Where awesome stuff happens

This is specifically diving into the Pyro side of things. I probably should have rearranged the order, but really you can do most of these steps in different orders. For example, it might be better to view the shader adjustments first, then tweak the behaviour. It’s all up to your imagination. Projects — Arthur Yidi. Cut And ... Ikatnek. Senior Effects Technical Director. FX HACK: Wrangleを使おう 2.5. My way in procedural animation. Trevor van Hoof. I was working on creating a day-night cycle using Unity and figured it would be best to generate volumetric cloud data rather than attempting to approximate cloud shading from a sky texture.

Trevor van Hoof

Hence I googled and searched the Houdini site to find: A cloud example, leading to this customer story. Reading through that and finally finding this howto to have some steps to follow quickly led to a renderable set of clouds Then I attempted to duplicate the Rio system (customer story), which I also slightly had in mind, but seeing their pictures gave me the great tip to not just scatter spheres on spheres, but to offset the secondary and tertiary spheres in Y, so that the clouds actually stack upwards for a much more cloud-like look.

Clouds2. More cloud like test renders. The last two were quite slow...about an hour the low-fi clouds (1 or 2 pixel samples) are about 1 min to render if there was a place called fallopia - maybe it would have clouds like this :) ティーはいかがですか♪ Houdini Tips and Tricks. Deborah R. Fowler back Posted 2013 Updated on Oct 13 2014. Online Portfoilo and Art Blog. FX Thinking. Matt Ebb . インディゾーンHoudini情報日本語ブログ. Sidefx.jpで公開されている海洋サーフェス作成のチュートリアルですが、商用版Houdiniをお使いの方であれば機能しますが、Apprentice版、Indie版の場合には一部のパラメータ設定を変更する必要があります。 Ocean Wavesシェルフで作成されるocean_renderノードのOutput Fileパラメータに.pic形式でのディスプレイスメントマップを出力するように設定されています。 そしてレンダリング時にそのOutput Fileパラメータの値のファイルを読み込んで海洋サーフェスのディスプレイスメントマップを適用します。 そのため、Apprentice版とIndie版をお使いであれば、それぞれ拡張子を.picnc、.piclcに変更する必要があります。 このチュートリアル動画では画像ベースライティングとしてEnvironment LightノードのEnvironement MapパラメータにDOSCH_DH207SX_lowres.ratファイルを指定するのですが、ファイルを選択する時に、Show sequences as one entryのチェックを外してからファイルを指定するようにしてください。

以上のことに注意していただければ、チュートリアル動画通りに動作します。 12月13日(土)Houdini入門講座を開講させていただきました。 この講座はHoudiniのユーザーガイドやチュートリアル動画を学習する上で必要となるHoudiniの基本知識を説明する内容になっております。 2015年1月にリリースされますHoudini14新機能のデモ動画が公開されました。 No more Retake. 学習リンク(日本語) Houdini メモ. ポリゴン+テクスチャ形状をMayaからHoudiniに持ってきて、効率よくオブジェクトの置換しながら、配置する方法を考察する。 Here is a workflow example of bringing polygon+texture geometries from Maya to Houdini and swapping one from another efficiently.

ファイルフォーマット (File Format): Houdiniがサポートしている形状フォーマットは、.GEO, .BGEOなどの内部フォーマットに加え、.DXF, .OBJ, .ABC (Alembic)などいろいろあるが、形状とテクスチャの両方をサポートしているのは.FBXのみ。 ここではFBXを使用。 Mplay. Particle motion blur in Houdini » Toadstorm Nerdblog. I ran into a problem recently where I was trying to make some nice-looking embers in houdini, complete with nice motion-blurred trails. Typically with a particle system you use the velocity attribute to handle motion blur, but geometry velocity blur is always linear, so your motion trails will always be perfectly straight even if you have nice squiggly motions with your embers.

Deformation motion blur looks great, but in most simulations particles are being born and dying all the time, and deformation motion blur doesn’t work with a changing point count. The solution is to force a constant point count. This can be problematic when your particles need to have a lifespan, so there are a few little tricks you’re going to have to pull in order to make this work… To create the points, drop an Add SOP and create a single point at the origin. Dot Product - Mars Defense Front -vfx battle school- Zbrush to Houdini - Texture and Normal Map Workflow. This is a quick set of notes/instructions explaining, for complete Houdini/ZBrush newbies (that would be me), how to move a model from ZBrush to Houdini, and to ensure that textures and normals make it along the way.

This will include the creation of a very simple shader network that will take the normal and texture map files created by ZBrush and use them in Houdini. Houdini will be used to create the UV coords, and export this as an .obj file. Prior to this evening, I wasn't sure how hard this was going to be, and I stunned at how easy it is (or perhaps I'm finally starting to grasp how the various parts of all of this are supposed to work). Dutch Effects Factory. My way in procedural animation. VfxFusion - Effects and Characters. 05. VFX Pipeline « Rajiv Sharma. Collection of Free Visual Effects Pipeline and Production Techniques Tutorials Videos.

Contents: in VFX Pipeline Channel 1. Linux in vfx pipeline basics to professional level, shell scripting, python, development.