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CO., LTD./Tea/tea maker. Gloria Jeans Cafe - Puuk Arquitectura. Proyecto: Gloria Jeans CafeArquitecto: Puuk ArquitecturaUbicación: Ciudad de México, MéxicoConstrucción: Puuk ArquitecturaFecha: 2009Fotografía: Cortesía Puuk Arquitectura El proyecto consiste en la creación de una franquicia de Gloria Jeans Coffee en un terreno irregular ubicado en la Colonia Bosques de las Lomas.

Gloria Jeans Cafe - Puuk Arquitectura

El concepto se origina en la separación del local en dos áreas: operativa y la terraza con mesas. Instituto Superior de Medio Ambiente. La apuesta por la innovación es, sin duda, una exigencia para sobrevivir en mercados cada vez más globalizados, en los que las empresas deben competir mediante la incorporación continua de nuevas tecnologías y el desarrollo sistemático de nuevos conceptos, procesos y productos.

Instituto Superior de Medio Ambiente

Ausonia. Swoon Cookie Crafters. Swoon Cookie Crafters originally called PS-Sweets, this custom sugar-cookie maker was ready for a complete rebrand to spur new business nationwide and position the company for the future.

Swoon Cookie Crafters

"We created a new name, color palette and more elevated look and feel for the packaging and identity that embodied the premium fun of the product. " Device Printshop Handcrafted. Device Printshop is a public access letterpress and screen printing studio located in The Wherehouse, mother ship of Krankies Coffee in Winston-Salem, NC.

Device Printshop Handcrafted

This year as a holiday gift coffee liqueur was handmade using local coffee and moonshine from our friends at Krankies Roasters and Piedmont Distillers. The packaging for the concept was inspired by the burlap bags used for shipping unroasted beans. The bags were screen printed using a unique blend of thickened coffee and dye. Hangtags were letterpress printed and stamped. Ajándék Terminál Exhibition. "Ajándék Terminál exhibition, fair and auction was one of the Christmas events organized by Design Terminal, where Hungarian designers showcased their work.

Ajándék Terminál Exhibition

Between 9th and 18th of December products from 50 talented designers could be bought. Design Terminal is a state owned, nonprofit organization which is taking as main goal to promote Hungarian design culture, organize cultural events and show various international and Hungarian design projects to the public in the building. I was in charge of the graphical design and the image of the Ajándék Terminal, who combined the classical but new calligraphy with a few mixes of vintage typography.

" Les meilleurs cocktails sur un beau poster. Alors voilà un poster qui est sympa, surtout pour ceux et celles qui aiment les bons cocktails et leurs compositions secrète.

Les meilleurs cocktails sur un beau poster

Le poster est au pris de 25€ plus frais de port. Le niveau de qualité et de détail est hallucinant, et le résultat quand à lui est époustouflant. Au delà de cet aspect poster, c’est également un sorte d’infographie, mais papier, puisque l’on peut retrouver les proportions des différents ingrédients qui composent le cocktail. Plus d’informations sur le poster. Pour ne pas s’arrêter là, on peut également retrouver une superbe application Iphone avec ces mêmes éléments, vous avez même la possibilité de trouver des cocktails à faire en sélectionnant ce qu’il vous reste dans votre bar.

Plus d’information sur l’application Iphone.

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Troubleshooting Bay ROES. Paper+ typography on the Behance Network. Create A Website. Keep Calm Gallery. Active Packs. "Active Packs, a healthier lunch-kit alternative, was anything but active in grocery aisles.

Active Packs

The CANADIAN DESIGN RESOURCE » Recycled Tube Light. Chairs. Best wallpapers. Omnimo 4.0 for Rainmeter by =fediaFedia on deviantART. 15 sitios para inspiración en diseño. 15 sitios para inspiración en diseño Enlace original: About the author es la agencia digital con la mayor trayectoria en Costa Rica.Destacamos la excelencia creativa y la innovación.

15 sitios para inspiración en diseño Drupal - Open Source CMS. Envasado de alimentos en atmósferas protectoras - Sectores > Alimentación. -__ Productos - C A R T O B O L __- Design Arena. Crowdsourcing Platform. Ziggurat Brands. Bunches & Bunches. Bunches & Bunches Ltd. is a young gourmet food company founded in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with a passion for incredible food.

Bunches & Bunches

The company is now in Portland, Oregon and they're making some amazing treats (people and pets alike!) That are available at a growing roster of gourmet retailers like Dean & Deluca and others. Their newest product is a gourmet dog treat made from natural, wholesome ingredients. I really like the packaging design, which is unexpectedly elegant for dog treats. "The bag was letterpress printed - mainly because of the (small) size of the run and the stock bags we wanted to use. Designed by Miller Creative. Popular Art Prints. Popular All « Prev1 ... 181920 ... 80Next » Video Transcript What is art?

Popular Art Prints

To us... art is the process. From the materials we use to the hands that ply them, we match the care that goes into everything we make to that of the artist that designed it. 500. Package Design Blog. QR-Code Generator. - Package Design Blog. Dashwood Playing Cards. A deck of cards inspired by Dashwood’s passion for typography. Each card featuring a letterform and copy briefly discussing an aspect of the particular typeface. Not just the usual who, what and when, but interesting usage and opinion. The face cards were all illustrated by Dashwood with each character being based on one of their team, including Hamish Meikle, Creative Director and Andrew Gair, Managing Director being the two ‘jokers’. Cards were sent to all of Dashwood’s clients and suppliers as a Christmas gift.

Following the Dashwood tradition of ‘useful holiday gifts’, playing cards were the perfect item for a Kiwi summer holiday. Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery. Sussner Design Company. CBTL Single Serve Beverage Pods. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf recently launched their single serve beverage system under the initials CBTL. Accompanying the machines are a line of single serve capsule coffee and tea products. Check out the new package design of the new line after the jump!

Left Brain vs Right Brain by Mercedes. Article by James Pond I am the owner of / art lover / electrical engineer / software developer / MBA in e-business student. - Pimp your code! Gensler. Lee los terminos de uso de ​1.