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AT&T Partnered With NSA For Years To Help Spying Efforts. Army Looks to Strike Foes with Lightning Weapon. New Fighter Jet: Controversial Future of the U.S. Fleet. The F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) is slated to become the backbone of the U.S. tactical aviation fleet.

New Fighter Jet: Controversial Future of the U.S. Fleet

This ambitious program aims to replace the combined U.S. Defense Department arsenal of F-16 Fighting Falcons, F/A-18 Hornets, A-10 Thunderbolts, and the AV-8B Harrier combat aircraft with a single platform capable of being adapted to the divergent needs of the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Link Between Climate Denial and Conspiracy Beliefs Sparks Conspiracy Theories. A study suggesting climate change deniers also tend to hold general beliefs in conspiracy theories has sparked accusations of a conspiracy on climate change-denial blogs.

Link Between Climate Denial and Conspiracy Beliefs Sparks Conspiracy Theories

The research, which will be published in an upcoming issue of the journal Psychological Science, surveyed more than 1,000 readers of science blogs regarding their beliefs regarding global warming. The results revealed that people who tend to believe in a wide array of conspiracy theories are more likely to reject the scientific consensus that the Earth is heating up. University of Western Australia psychologist Stephan Lewandowsky based the findings on responses from an online survey posted on eight science blogs. Contradictions Don't Deter Conspiracy Theorists. Did Princess Diana fake her own death to escape the public eye?

Contradictions Don't Deter Conspiracy Theorists

Or was she killed by a rogue element of the British secret service? If you agree with one of these theories, there's a good chance you'll subscribe to both even though one suggests Princess Diana is alive, the other dead, a new study indicates. 9 Biblical Theories, Conjectures and Other Heresies. Tuskegee Syphilis Study, Nazi Medical Experiments & The Monster Study. Credit: null Medical progress saves lives, but sometimes scientists let the hope of a breakthrough get in the way of ethics.

Tuskegee Syphilis Study, Nazi Medical Experiments & The Monster Study

Recently, the United States government issued a formal apology to Guatemala for experiments done there in the 1940s that involved infecting prisoners and mental patients with syphilis. For the U.S. Military, Video Games Get Serious. Today's U.S. military recruits enjoy an arsenal of simulators and video games that sharpen their fighting skills and may even protect them from the mental stresses of combat.

For the U.S. Military, Video Games Get Serious

But experts caution that virtual reality could also help mask the reality of war. That has not stopped the military from embracing video games to recruit and train a young generation of gamers who typically play commercial games such as "Modern Warfare 2," which passed $1 billion in sales in January. "The Army has really taken a hold of gaming technology," said Marsha Berry, executive producer for the game "America's Army 3.

" "America's Army" represents the official U.S. New Fighter Jet: Controversial Future of the U.S. Fleet. Military's Space Plane Program Eyes Future Hypersonic Flight. A new unmanned military space plane is being developed to launch small satellites into orbit and serve as a test bed for a futuristic fleet of hypersonic vehicles.

Military's Space Plane Program Eyes Future Hypersonic Flight

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the government agency responsible for developing new military technologies, announced today (July 15) that it is moving forward with its latest high-tech project, the Experimental Spaceplane (XS-1) program. The agency has awarded funding to three companies — Boeing, Masten Space Systems and Northrop Grumman — to develop a reusable unmanned vehicle capable of providing "aircraftlike access to space. " [Humanoid Robots to Flying Cars: 10 Coolest DARPA Projects] "We're eager to see how their initial designs envision making spaceflight commonplace — with all the potential military, civilian and commercial benefits that capability would provide," Jess Sponable, program manager for DARPA's Tactical Technology Office, said in a statement. New Hypersonic Spy Plane Being Developed by Lockheed Martin. A new hypersonic spy plane, capable of flying up to six times faster than the speed of sound, is being developed by aerospace giant Lockheed Martin Corp., according to company officials.

New Hypersonic Spy Plane Being Developed by Lockheed Martin

US Military's Hypersonic Jet Could Fly 5 Times the Speed of Sound. The U.S. military is reportedly developing a hypersonic jet plane that could soar at up to five times the speed of sound — faster than a bullet, which generally travels at Mach 2, or twice the speed of sound.

US Military's Hypersonic Jet Could Fly 5 Times the Speed of Sound

The new hypersonic vehicle, which could take flight by 2023, builds upon research from a 2013 test flight of an experimental hypersonic vehicle, the X-51A Waverider, according to The $300 million X-51A program began in 2004. Flying Saucers to Mind Control: 7 Declassified Military & CIA Secrets. By Denise Chow, Staff Writer | October 04, 2013 07:47am ET Credit: U.S.

Flying Saucers to Mind Control: 7 Declassified Military & CIA Secrets

Air Force. Supersonic! The 10 Fastest Military Airplanes. By Denise Chow, Staff Writer | September 20, 2013 01:23pm ET Credit: U.S.

Supersonic! The 10 Fastest Military Airplanes

Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Secret Weapon? Conspiracy Theories Abound as US Military Closes HAARP. The U.S. Air Force has notified Congress that it intends to shut down HAARP, a controversial Alaska-based research facility that studies an energetic and active region of the upper atmosphere. Conspiracy theorists are abuzz about the news, given that HAARP (short for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) has long been the center of wild speculation that the program is designed to control the weather — or worse.

In 2010, Venezuelan leader Huge Chavez claimed that HAARP or a program like it triggered the Haiti earthquake. X-37B Space Plane Returns: 5 Theories About Its Secret Mission. After spending nearly two years in orbit on a secret mission, the U.S. Air Force's mysterious X-37B space plane landed today (Oct. 17) at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The unmanned, reusable vehicle logged an unprecedented 675 days in space, but very little is known about the record-setting flight. The X-37B, also known as the Orbital Test Vehicle, touched down at the Vandenberg Air Force Base today at 9:24 a.m. local Pacific Time (12:24 p.m.

Why Sandy Hook Massacre Spawned Conspiracy Theories. One month after the Sandy Hook school shootings, the list of victims continues to grow. One man, Gene Rosen — who found six children and a bus driver in his driveway, brought them into his home, fed them and called parents to assure them that their children were safe — has been harassed by telephone, email and online by those who think he is lying about his actions, and is part of a conspiracy. Rosen is not the first hero to be assaulted and insulted by conspiracy theorists with doubts. In 2002, when conspiracy theorist Bart Sibrel confronted astronaut Buzz Aldrin and called him a "coward and a liar" for faking the moon landings, the 72-year-old promptly punched Sibrel in the face. 7 Technologies That Transformed Warfare. By Denise Chow, Staff Writer | November 19, 2013 10:09am ET Credit: U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt.

Why Did Gold Become the Best Element for Money? Why did gold become the standard for money? Why not copper or platinum or argon? Commodities - Oil, Silver and gold prices. Gold facts. All about gold: facts about the metal and its impact worldwide. Gold Standard: The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics. Facts About Gold. How Much Gold is in Fort Knox? To keep up with the country’s mounting gold reserves, the United States Bullion Depository opened at the Fort Knox U.S. What Would Happen If We Returned to the Gold Standard? Future Soldiers May Wear Bulletproof Spider Silk. Rise of the Fembots: Why Artificial Intelligence Is Often Female. Copyright - 2014 Money Map Press, LLC. 16 West Madison Street. Baltimore, MD 21201 The Money Map Press is a publishing company that does not act as a personal investment advisor for any specific individual. Everyone should see these cartoons about how society treats sexual consent. Alli Kirkham is a cartoonist from Los Angeles.

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