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Implementing-rest - Project Hosting on Google Code. This is a place for exploring aspects of implementing applications using the REST architectural style.

implementing-rest - Project Hosting on Google Code

This may include statements about existing frameworks and libraries, general discussions about the nature of the style and how it may be expressed and/or encouraged via a programming framework, etc. This can take many forms including: Pages that describe existing frameworks listing their features, strengths and drawbacks. Links to resources on the subject of frameworks and REST-ful programming. ★ Pour ne plus être en REST, comprendre cette architecture, dans rest, traduction, web semantique sur BioloGeek, l'avis d'un freelance passionné par le web et son évolution. How I Explained REST to My Wife. After receiving a number of reasonable complaints about the gender-oriented nature of this article from people I respect very much, I've decided to take it down for good.

How I Explained REST to My Wife

While the dialog was never intended as commentary on the role of gender in technology, I'm convinced that it could too easily be taken that way and am not at all comfortable with that possibility. My deepest apologies to anyone that was offended by my work. There is nothing more terrifying to me than the thought of something I created acting as a deterrent to anyone following their ambitions, or from forming them in the first place.