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Dita Von Teese on WhoSay. ADVANCED STYLE. Liggande stolen. Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors. Greta Christina's Blog: Atheists Do It Better: Why Leaving Religion Leads to Better Sex. A new study shows that religious people have as much sex as atheists, but with less sexual satisfaction and more guilt.

Greta Christina's Blog: Atheists Do It Better: Why Leaving Religion Leads to Better Sex

Do atheists have better sex? Yes. According to science, that is -- and more specifically, according to the recently released "Sex and Secularism" study. In January 2011, organizational psychologist Darrel Ray, Ed.D. (psychologist for 30 years and author of The God Virus as well as two books on psychology) and Amanda Brown (undergraduate at Kansas University, focused on sexuality and sex therapy) conducted a sex survey of over 14,500 people -- atheists, agnostics, and other people in the secular community. But if you just want to know the gist? Leaving religion improves people's sex lives. A lot.

Osama Bin Laden Dead. Science for Everyone! The Official Star Wars Blog. Earth and other unlikely worlds. The Mary Sue - A Guide To Girl Geek Culture. GeekMom. (. Butterflies and Wheels. Skepchick. The Whore of All the Earth. Greta Christina's Blog. This piece was originally published on AlterNet.

Greta Christina's Blog

Young Feminists Blogging, Organizing, Kicking Ass. Atheism, faith, culture, theology, & religion. In defense of the sanctimonious women's studies set. [Content note: a topic that’s been discussed to hell and back and yet is being discussed back to hell again because this is my blog and I get to] It’s happened again.

In defense of the sanctimonious women's studies set.

Again. It’s always going to happen, and it’s always going to spur debate: A couple brought a kid to a restaurant, the kid was noisy, there was an exchange of some level of vehemence between the restaurant owner and the parents, and everyone has flipped out. YoungFemaleScientist. Deliberatepixel. Blag Hag. Geek Feminism Blog. FemaleScienceProfessor. Home. Sandrine Ceurstemont, editor, New Scientist TV Thanks for visiting NSTV.


This is where you've been finding the best in science videos, from the mysteries of physics and mathematics explained in just 1 minute to eye-watering illusions and mind-bending time-lapses. But now it's time for video to expand throughout our great science coverage. You'll soon be seeing more video than ever on our breaking news stories and on our in-depth long-form features.

To allow us to do that, we will no longer be updating the New Scientist TV blog. A new super-slippery material is no one-trick pony. Victoria Jaggard, physical sciences news editor. Critically Skeptic. Chalmers magasin. Ewelina: Vardags bloggen med det lilla extra. Science and Technology News, Science Articles. Not Exactly Rocket Science.

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Blog Tool and Publishing Platform. Time, Attention, and Creative Work. Your First Year in Physics Grad School : Starts With A Bang. Teacher Writes on Blackboard: “The Method of Guessing”Student: “What!

Your First Year in Physics Grad School : Starts With A Bang

There’s a method???????” Teacher: “Yeah, there’s even a proof!” -overheard in a physics grad school As a physics professor, one of the challenges I face is how to advise young students nearing the end of their undergraduate career on how to succeed in graduate school in physics. The best I can do is tell them about what I’ve done myself that’s worked for me, and what pitfalls I’ve seen others fall victim to. As an undergraduate, my grades were all over the place. Dumb Little Man - Tips for Life.

Blogging Innovation » Different Thinking is Needed. We Should Develop Our Skills at Divergent and Convergent Thinking by Paul Sloane We are creatures of habit.

Blogging Innovation » Different Thinking is Needed

Each day we wake up on same side of the bed. We put on the same type of clothes we wore the previous day, we eat the same type of breakfast, we sit in the same car and we take the same route to work or school. When we get there we think in the same way as we thought the previous day. We express our thinking in words. In How to be a Brilliant Thinker we explore different kinds of thinking and other approaches to some of the mental challenges we face. Divergent thinking, on the other hand, involves moving away from the core subject in a spread of directions. Blogging Innovation. Articles by McKinsey Quarterly: Online Business Journal of McKinsey & Company. Business Management Strategy - Corporate Strategy - Global Business Strategy. Presentation Zen. The greatest presentation lessons will never be found in a book on using PowerPoint (or any other presentation tool).

Presentation Zen

Advice and lessons are found in different places. I have always said that some of the greatest advice on presenting on stage comes from the world of stand-up comedy. In the ten years of Presentation Zen, I have often pointed to the lessons from comedians. Change your life blog. The Colbert Report. Closer to Truth.

Videos about Consciousness. Videos about Cosmos.