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Apps for Academics: MIT Libraries. Apps for Librarians course - become an app expert. App Guide March 2013.

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Best Apps for Teaching & Learning. 25 Most Popular Apps Used By Librarians. Thank you for all your great feedback!

25 Most Popular Apps Used By Librarians

We updated our list to include even more great apps! Although this is the information age, one of the most common places for people to seek information is still the public library. Fortunately, modern libraries have kept up with technological advancements and have integrated computers, the internet, and other important tools as a normal part of this dynamic hub where paper media meets electronics. In fact, many people view the library as the central information center of the city, and in order to retain this title, librarians now find themselves faced with the need to utilize smartphones and tablet apps to complete their tasks and perform jobs more quickly and efficiently. There are various applications on the market for librarians, each with their own uses, and although not all are helpful in the library, you might be surprised to learn of how many do serve a literary purpose.

Check out this list of 45 of the best apps for librarians: 1. 2. 3. 4. 6. Mobile technologies for libraries. The Mobile Apps in Research Summit - University of Birmingham. The Economist Apps. iPad, Mac and web apps for academics. The 88 Best iOS Apps For Mobile Learning. Mobile learning is here to stay.

The 88 Best iOS Apps For Mobile Learning

Students and teachers alike can build entire libraries of apps and web tools that let them learn and do, well, anything. We’ve covered this just about every day and love finding new resources to share. So, if you haven’t yet, follow @edudemic on Twitter! Alright, stupid self-promotion aside, let’s get on with the useful list. Our friends at Online Universities took a recent list of top iOS apps that ran on Edudemic and turned it into a handy visualization that any teacher could refer back to in a time of need. Brain Exercises Take advantage of these games, puzzles, and other brain teasers to build general cognitive skills needed to process and retain necessary information.

Quizzes and Flashcards Whether cramming for a class, heading down the self-taught route, or playing simple games with friends, the following resources bring familiar study strategies into the digital age. Math Science. Apps in Education. The research lab in your pocket: apps and the academy. Apps created by and for the academy could turn smartphones into essential academic tools for everything from teaching and citations to social-science fieldwork.

The research lab in your pocket: apps and the academy

Sarah Cunnane reports Credit: Bruno Mallart/Getty When George MacKerron set out to investigate how people's happiness is affected by their environment, he hit upon the idea of using mobile phones. What if an application could be developed to ask study participants - at regular intervals - how they were feeling, where they were and who they were with? The research project Mappiness does just that via an app that beeps phone owners once or more a day to enquire about their state of mind while simultaneously taking a noise measurement and tracking the participant's location with global positioning system technology. "The technology was there: it seemed a no-brainer," says the PhD researcher at the London School of Economics. What took MacKerron by surprise was the scale of the response. "We cannot complain about the workload. How I use my iPhone and iPad as a college math teacher.

As a college math instructor, I am a huge advocate for technology use in the classroom and regularly use my iPhone and iPad to enhance the learning experience for my students. Between using apps on the classroom projector, enabling Guided Access for student devices during exams, and preparing content at home, my iPhone and iPad are essential tools for me as a teacher.

Email As an adjunct (part-time) instructor, I am not required to hold office hours, nor do I have a space to do so if I wanted. To make up for this, I encourage my students to contact me through email for questions and hints. So the first, and most obvious, way I use my iPhone is for emailing my students. Noteshelf. A List of Awesome Art and Drawing Apps for your iPad. Have you ever thought about teaching art through the iPad ?

A List of Awesome Art and Drawing Apps for your iPad

Well you can do it now. There are several awesome apps that can help you teach your students about art and drawing. As you probably know art is a very important element of the 21st century literacy . It not only engages students and boost up their motivation, but it also promotes their divergent as well as convergent thinking skills. Many teachers think wrongly that art is a subject that can be taught only by art teachers. Popplet. Apps for Smartphones and Tablets. 20 Must-have iPad Apps for Student Researchers and Academics. March 25, 2014 As a post-graduate student researcher I find myself spending more time using iPad for doing many of my academic related work.When I first bought iPad my goal was just have a mobile reader for my PDFs and never thought that this little machine would be of so much help to me in my studies.That being said, I want to share with you some of the important apps that every student researcher should be able to use.

20 Must-have iPad Apps for Student Researchers and Academics

I featured under each category a few options for your to choose from. Productivity apps 1- Google Drive Google Drive is one safe place for all your stuff. Upload photos, videos, documents, and other files that are important to you, then access what you need wherever you go, on any device. ToDo for iPhone and ToDo for iPad has a beautiful, simple interface and is full of features (projects, sub-tasks, due-dates, categories, etc), while remaining simple to use. Digital Editions Supported Devices « Adobe Digital Publishing.

Apps for Librarians - the book - Nicole Hennig. Use the best apps for your academic work.