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Apache NiFi

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Clustering Redesign - Apache NiFi. Goals Provide High Availability of ManagerPrimary Node Failover (HA) / Incorporate Leader Election functionalitiesDistributed State for user of extensionsRolling restarts and upgradesProvide multiple tiers of NiFi clustersDynamic node registration, support for dynamic scaling of worker nodesManagement of data partitions among nodes in the cluster to allow for data affinity and allocation of tasks Background and strategic fit Given the genesis of NiFi, clustering was designed to be extremely conservative in the interest of exactly once semantics and guarantee of avoiding data loss.

While it is important to maintain this set of functionality, it also desirable to support other use cases where speed and volume are paramount to dataflow and processing with the caveats of eventual consistency and possible data duplication. State of the art for these scenarios is typically heavily leveraging ZooKeeper through a library like Curator. Assumptions Requirements User interaction and design Questions. Apiri (Aldrin Piri) GitHub - apiri/dockerfile-apache-nifi: Apache NiFi Dockerfile. Architecture: Real Time Stream Processing - Internet of Things - Architectures. Apache NiFi. What is Apache NiFi? – Keep-It-Simple-Tech-Docs. Apache NiFi is a software application that is currently undergoing incubation within the Apache Software Foundation. NiFi is an enterprise integration and dataflow automation tool that allows a user to send, receive, route, transform, and sort data, as needed, in an automated and configurable way.

Similar tools exist, but NiFi is different because of its user-friendly drag-and-drop graphical user interface and the ease with which it can be customized on the fly for specific needs. Think of creating a simple flow chart of what you want to do with your data; that is how easy it is to create a dataflow in NIFi. It is also highly scalable and can run on something as simple as a laptop or clustered across many high-performance servers.

To give you an idea of the type of dataflow you can create in NiFi, see the concept image below. This image does not reflect how a dataflow actually looks in the NiFi User Interface, but it should give you a basic understanding of how NiFi works. Like this: Tips / Getting Started with Apache NiFi. Introduction Apache NiFi is a dataflow system that is currently under incubation at the Apache Software Foundation. NiFi is based on the concepts of flow-based programming and is highly configurable. NiFi uses a component based extension model to rapidly add capabilities to complex dataflows. Out of the box NiFi has several extensions for dealing with file-based dataflows such as FTP, SFTP, and HTTP integration as well as integration with HDFS. Build and Install Since NiFi is newly added to the incubator, it does not yet have released artifacts.

Git clone cd incubator-nifi git checkout -b develop origin/develop Now we’re ready to build the source. Cd nar-maven-plugin mvn install Once the nar-maven-plugin is built, we can safely build the rest of the project: cd .. mvn install The final step is to build a tarball that you can install on a Hadoop cluster: After installing NiFi, we can start it in the backgrand using the script: