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Flashcards - Leonor Cristina Santos on Diigo. FileStork - request files from anyone using Dropbox. Dropbox is one of those services (free) I use all the time.

FileStork - request files from anyone using Dropbox

I have my important files backed up to Dropbox and synced between my home computer and school computer. I can also access these files from any web browser and my smartphone and tablet. I was using a service ( in the past to have students send files to my Dropbox, but it shut down. Now there is a new one. FriendFeed. Fauzia's Photo's on Flickr! Brain. Podcasts. CV Fauzia-EURES. Fauzia SlideShare.

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Fauzia uses profile picture. Language Network > Home.

Fantastic place where you can learn languages...easily....efficiently and with enthusiasm! – fauzia_online

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