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Eric Anderson, Ph.D.: Is Cheating a Rational Choice? Despite the loosening of sexual restrictions in recent decades, open relationships and cheating remain highly stigmatized.

Eric Anderson, Ph.D.: Is Cheating a Rational Choice?

However, focusing on the problem of cheating distracts us from focusing on the problem of monogamy. Long term sex with just one partner leads to less sexual desire for that partner, regardless of the strength of the emotional relationship. Those entering into their first serious romantic/sexual relationship are misled into thinking that monogamy is capable of providing a lifetime of sexual fulfillment. They believe that if they truly love their partners, they would not desire sex with others. Beyond Sluts and Prudes « Love is Infinite. (Yes, I’m aware this is an interesting follow-on to ‘It’s Not All About The Sex!’

Beyond Sluts and Prudes « Love is Infinite

But hey, what the hell. Let’s talk about the sex! Or rather, let’s talk about people’s attitudes to the sex.) PolyticalPolytical. Ten Thousand. _ldep9iadk41qzdi59o1_500.png (347×700) More on raising children in a poly home. The most powerful part of last Friday's ABC "20/20" profile of an extended polyfamily network was, for me, the parents describing the benefits that their intimate community has for parenting and for the kids, and the 7-year-old saying her piece.

More on raising children in a poly home

I love watching her fall in love : polyamory. The weirdest mating habits of the animal kingdom, explained using humans. Open relationships: the people making it work. Three years ago, I met my fiance.

Open relationships: the people making it work

He was fresh out of a 15-year relationship and concluded that a single partner was not what either of us needed. The Alt.Polyamory Cultural FAQ. 1.)

The Alt.Polyamory Cultural FAQ

Poly Non-fiction For further information on books on this list, the Library of Congress is accessible on the Web at . An index of poly songs/poems/rants written by the inhabitants of alt.polyamory can be found at The links given in the listings are in association with, and provide ordering information and reviews of the materials. Key to symbols: * indicates level of poly in piece ! Return to top of FAQ 2.) Key to symbols: * indicates level of poly in piece ! 3.) Links listed are to the Internet Movie Database . People of r/polyamory, I have but one question... Why? : polyamory. Three's company. John, Louise and Eric have a family that is a little complicated.

Three's company

Cecilia Bartoli - "Se tu m'ami" Polyamory and its surprisingly woman-friendly roots. Illustration by Mark Alan Stamaty.

Polyamory and its surprisingly woman-friendly roots

Recently I wrote about the many problems polygamy tends to cause across the world, including high crime rates resulting from young men confined to singledom because older men are hoarding wives, and the subjugation of teenage girls forced to marry because there simply aren’t enough women to go around. With few exceptions, such as among India’s Toda people, a pastoral tribe in which one woman sometimes married several brothers, polygamy almost always expresses itself as the marriage of one man to several women. In America, polygamy is associated with fundamentalist Mormon culture, and more specifically with its domineering leader Warren Jeffs and his sexual abuse of underage girls. Challenging Challenges (part 1) We polyamorous and other ethically non-monogamous folks are used to being criticised, challenged and questioned about our love styles.

Challenging Challenges (part 1)

It’s an inevitable part of being a member of a minority group, especially one which has had so little publicity until very recently. The majority of the population doesn’t understand the way we behave, nor the philosophies behind it. Gj2vp.jpg (720×540) Polyamory.jpg (500×625) The story of a woman raised by 4 moms. hGRG1.jpg (600×461) Samiasma comics. Jealousy and polyamory « Atheist, polyamorous, skeptics. Posted by shaunphilly in Culture and Society, Polyamory.

Jealousy and polyamory « Atheist, polyamorous, skeptics

Tags: compersion, envy, frubble, jealousy, monogamy, relationships trackback. Nonmonogamy2.5.gif (1500×1186) High Functioning Polyamory « Atheist, polyamorous, skeptics. Posted by Gina in Polyamory.

High Functioning Polyamory « Atheist, polyamorous, skeptics

Trackback Three years ago, before Wes and I were officially engaged (though we had been planning on getting married for most of the time we had been together), we went to an Outback Steakhouse and ended up having a very interesting conversation. Polyamory, Fidelity and Faithfulness By Jimmy Holloway @YoungMrHolloway. Poly-Baiting: Why We Need a More Inclusive LGBTQ Movement. Does marriage really make people happier? Study finds few well-being advantages to marriage over cohabitation. A new study, published in the Journal of Marriage and Family reveals that married couples experience few advantages for psychological well-being, health, or social ties compared to unmarried couples who live together.

While both marriage and cohabitation provide benefits over being single, these reduce over time following a honeymoon period. "Marriage has long been an important social institution, but in recent decades western societies have experienced increases in cohabitation, before or instead of marriage, and increases in children born outside of marriage," said Dr Kelly Musick, Associate Professor of policy analysis and management at Cornell University's College of Human Ecology. "These changes have blurred the boundaries of marriage, leading to questions about what difference marriage makes in comparison to alternatives.

" Marriage and cohabitation both resulted in less contact with parents and friends compared to remaining single, and these effects appeared to persist over time. Newt Gingrich case prompts (some) excellent non-monogamy coverage. The Newt Gingrich open-marriage story is creating a huge public opportunity to talk about, in pointed contrast, ethical and successful non-monogamy. The Polyamory Leadership Network (PLN) is buzzing right now about all the coverage and opportunities. For instance, Sarah Taub and Michael Rios got themselves into a press release put out by the Institute for Public Accuracy, which promises reporters "reliable independent sources for breaking news": Voters Prefer Newt Gingrich's Adultery to Open Marriage - Room for Debate. My favorite moment in Thursday night's G.O.P. debate: Newt Gingrich angrily denying his second ex-wife’s account of the end of their marriage — “Let me be quite clear: The story is false!” — and the socially conservative South Carolinians in the hall rewarding the former speaker of the House with sustained applause.

Marianne Gingrich's accusation shows that an honest open relationship is more scandalous than a dishonest adulterous relationship. Let me be quite clear: Newt Gingrich wasn't denying that he had a six-year-long adulterous relationship with a Congressional staffer, a woman 20 years his junior, an affair that he conducted while overseeing the impeachment of Bill Clinton after his affair with a White House intern. Our successful open marriage - Coupling. How not to do non-monogamy. Why I'm on the Poly Soapbox. Conservative fear: "The Mainstreaming of Polyamory" The American Conservative, and elsewhere. My wife has a crush on her MOH (UPDATE) : polyamory. _lu1rh3q6a21r5iiilo1_500.jpg (499×700) KfUim.png (651×2161) Polyamorous woman Jaiya Ma has baby with lover while living with boyfriend. By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 05:05 GMT, 7 December 2011. Sex by Numbers.